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Pyro Enterprises
Well, welcome to Pokémon Anima, a fangame made by me, Pyrostar.

Please do not edit it without my permission, but you are welcome to comment or talk to me on my userpage. Oh, and try to spot the over 9000 reference hidden within the text!

Pokémon Anima
Developer(s) Pyro Enterprises
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Pyrohedron
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s)
November 12th, 2025
1-2 players simultaneous
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Pyrohedron cartridge

Pokémon Anima is a Pokémon game developed by Pyro Enterprizes, meant to be a semi-reboot of the series and a reimagining of it from the director's point of view. It introduces a large amount of all-new Pokémon, and introduces new mechanics while changing and rebalancing old ones such as Z-Moves.

Its mascots have not been revealed yet, but due to the fact that the game does not possess multiple versions like other Pokémon games, it is entirely possible that there may only be one legendary mascot.


Gameplay in Pokémon Anima is similar to the Generation 7 entries of Sun and Moon. The game remains on a full 3D plane of control, and running can be achieved at the start of the game simply by holding B. Running is more important in this installment, as it allows the user to perform limited parkour and is governed by a Stamina Meter similar to that of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Other actions, such as swimming without an aquatic Ride Pokémon, pulling heavy objects, or climbing drain the gauge as well. The gauge can be extended by consuming a Nirvana Fruit, obtained after certin intervals in the story and allowing the player to access more things.

Battle gameplay is largely unchanged from past entries, save a UI update. The Fight button has been completely removed from the equation, all four moves that a Pokémon possesses being displayed alongside the Tactics (containing the Switch and Run tabs from previous titles) and Items tabs. As in Sun and Moon, you can tap a Pokémon on either team to view their Ability (if it has been shown) and their stat increases or decreases.

There are many small elements changed in terms of how moves and abilities function, but the largest change to battle is the addition of Anima Shards, special Nazhican relics obtained throughout the story. There are approximately 42 Anima Shards in total, and unlike Z-Crystals and Mega Evolutions, are equipped to the player rather than the Pokémon in their party. Each Anima Shard radiates a passive buff over the entire party, such as a percentile stat increase, immunity to certain statuses, or other stranger effects.

Z-Moves have been reworked and balanced via the addition of Z-Charge. All Z-Moves require 1000 units of Z-Charge, which is generated by utilizing normal attacks. The algorithm for Z-Charge generation is as follows:

Charge Generated = (200 - Move Base Power) X 1.2 if Same-Type Attack Bonus

This rework means that Z-Moves will no longer auto-regenerate after battle like in their debut, but also means that if weak enough moves are used that multiple Z-moves can be used per battle. As in previous games, a Pokémon must be holding a Z-Crystal of a specific type to use that Z-Move.

Mega Evolution has been completely removed, having been replaced with the Synergium Z Z-Crystal. This unique Z-Crystal is compatible with any Pokémon and overwrites any and all moves with the Z-Evolution Z-Move. Z-Evolution gives the user Pokémon a BST stat boost comparable to that of a Mega Evolution, adding 120 points evenly to their stat total.


The latest device from Agate Works, the PokéTek functions as Anima's replacement for the PokéGear or Pokétch from previous generations. It possesses multiple apps which can be displayed on the Pyrohedron's touch screen, and more unlock as the game goes onward.

The list of PokéTek apps are as follows:

  • Party Monitor: View the current status of the party at a glance. Default.
  • Pokemon Refresh: Identical to the version found within Pokémon Sun and Moon, but can be utilized while still moving in the overworld. Default.
  • PlayNet: Similarly to the PSS of Gen VI, the PlayNet application allows players to battle or trade with people across the world at the touch of a button. Default.
  • Town Map: Gain an overhead view of the current area. Default.
  • Xtransceiver: Contact players on your Friend List or important NPCs at the press of a button. Default.
  • IV Analyzer: View and analyse the Individual Values and Effort Values of your team at a glance. Obtained by talking to the Egg Maniac.
  • Breeding Calculator: Select two compatible Pokémon in the user's PC and see what offspring they could hypothetically have, including hidden abilities and Egg Moves. Obtained by visiting the Pokémon Nursery.
  • Base Finder: Grants the user a radar allowing them to locate Secret Bases in the overworld. It also has access to a shop enabling users to purchase decorations for their base, as well as notifying the user of the bases of other players. Obtained after first meeting Aarune.

Changes from Past Entries


  • Offensive
    • Electric moves now deal super effective damage to Bug and Steel-types.
    • Bug moves now deal neutral damage to Poison and Fairy-types.
    • Bug moves now deal super effective damage to Fighting-types.
    • Ice moves now deal super effective damage to Water-types.
    • Poison moves now deal super effective damage to Water-types.
    • Ghost moves now deal super effective damage to Fairy-types.
    • Fairy moves now deal super effective damage to Ghost-types.
  • Defensive
    • Bug-type Pokémon now resist Fighting-type moves.
    • Ice-type Pokémon now resist Water, Grass, and Ground-type moves.
    • Poison-type Pokémon now resist Water-type moves.
    • Steel-type Pokémon now take normal damage from Ice-type moves.


  • Tailwind now lowers the opposing party's Speed stat as well as raising the user's party's Speed.



  • Pokémon who previously evolved via the use of evolutionary stones now no longer need them. Instead, these Pokémon may evolved by being brought to Chambers named after the corresponding evolutionary stone.
  • Stunfisk's Abilities have changed from Static and Limber to Static and Poison Heal.
  • Nihilego's Ability has changed from Beast Boost to Ultra Mutation, and it has also learned Stone Edge, Gunk Shot, Acid Spray, and Neurotoxin.
  • Buzzwole's Ability has changed from Beast Boost to Compound Eyes, and it has learned Strength Sap.
  • Pheromosa's Ability has changed from Beast Boost to Queenly Majesty, and it has also learned Omni Attract.
  • Xurkitree's Ability has changed from Beast Boost to Lightningrod, and it has learned Psychic and Solar Blade.
  • Kartana's Ability has changed from Beast Boost to Retaliation, and it has also learned Bullet Punch, Metal Claw, and Steel Wing.
  • Celesteela's Ability has changed from Beast Boost to Impact Force, and it has also learned Hyper Beam and Liftoff.
  • Guzzlord's Ability has changed from Beast Boost to Lifetaker, and it has also learned Recover, Dragon Pulse, and Dragon Claw.


The story begins with your character customizing the settings on their recently obtained PokéTek Data Storage Device, the game's variant on the Pokétch. This is where the player may enter the character's name, gender, and base customization option such as hair color and skin tone.

Upon the customization being completed, the player character puts the PokéTek away, revealing them to be travelling somewhere via train. As the train slows down and finally stops, they get up and exit into a large train station, plenty of people milling about. Looking through the crowd, they eventually spot a woman wearing a yellow dress waving to them, and the two rush together and share a hug before the woman leads them out of the station. The scene cuts to them inside a mid-sized house, reminiscent of traditional Mexican architecture.

I can't believe you're finally back home after those four years studying abroad in Unova! We all missed you, and we're all proud of your hard work and graduation! But above all else, I'm just glad you've come home to Nazhico, Gabe/Sarah. I know that with everything you've learned, you'll be an important person some day.

The player is given time to settle in and unpack before they receive a call on their PokéTek. The number is unfamiliar, but they open the call anyways; it's the regional Pokémon professor, Professor Mesquite.

Hey there, Gabe/Sarah! How's it been? Listen, I know you just got back, but... The wife and son are gone again. Sage and Alex. Probably doing field research without telling me. Those two are way more adventurous than I'll ever be... Anyways, can you tell them to come over? I've got some important findings I need to show them.
Prof. Mesquite

After dropping some of their things off in their room, the player runs from the house and is introduced to the starting town, Corazo Town. The player exits town, doing down a nearby dirt road and eventually finds a teen in red and orange clothes alongside a woman with a lab coat and light blue dress, talking with a black and red dragon-like Pokémon. As the Pokémon flies off, the two turn around to address the player, with the woman giving them a hug.

Professor Sage:Gabe/Sarah! I can't believe it! It's been so long!
Alex:Welcome back! Wow, it's been like four years since you went off to Unova! How was it? You happy to be home?
Professor Sage:Well, you can tell that Alejandro missed you. Now come on, tell us what's up.
Professor Sage:What's that? Rico wants us back? Well, if he's worried, there's no use keeping him waiting... C'mon, Alejandro. Let's head back home.
Alex:Alright, mom. Just you wait, Gabe/Sarah! Tonight, we'll throw the biggest fiesta the town's ever seen!

Time passes as the player spends time with their mother, reminiscing about the former's childhood and what had happened over the past few years. Charity almost breaks into tears thinking of what her child will grow up to be, and she embraces them in a big hug, welcoming them back to Nazhico. On that note, Mesquite, Sage, and Alex enter the house, showing that the town's been decorated in celebration of the player's return. After a few hours of partying, celebration, and food, Mesquite comes to a realization: the player never received a Nazhican starter. Considering it a "welcome home" gift, the professor throws out three Pokéballs, each containing one of the regional starters.

Once the player has selected a starter, Alex prepares to challenge his friend in a battle using one of the other starters, eager to battle them after not seeing them in so long. At first, his parents deny it, but he eventually convinces them to allow it, and he takes the starter weak to the player's.

After the battle, Alex congratulates the player for a battle well fought, and the party wraps up as the town retires to bed. However, while everyone else seems to be sleeping soundly, the player character is having issues getting to sleep, hearing some strange, eldritch noise in their head. While they attempt to get it out, they slowly open their eyes and notice a bright blue flame hovering over their head, which blinks out shortly thereafter. The noise subsided, the player returns to bed, curious as to what they've just witnessed.

When the player wakes up in the morning, they inform their bright-eyed mother about what transpired in their room last night. She simply brushes it off as stress, telling them to relax and rest after both the trip back and staying up late for the party. The player is still convinced something strange is going on, so after breakfast, they make their way towards the town's lab to ask Alex and his parents what had happened. When they entered the house, Alex wasn't there, and Mesquite and Sage were arguing about something; the argument ended when the two saw the guest enter their home. The player explains to them what happened the night before.

Prof. Sage:So... you say some blue flame just showed up out of nowhere and hovered around you? Are you certain this wasn't just a Litwick? After all, you were in Unova for four years.
Prof. Mesquite:Honey, this doesn't sound like the behavior of any Litwick we've seen before. It very well could be...
Prof. Sage:...Are you saying that it's... OK, as wild and ludicrous as it seems, we as scientists cannot rule out the possibility. Gabe/Sarah, it seems we're going to need you to do something for us.
Prof. Mesquite:We believe we may have a clue as to what's going on, but we will need you to go on a bit of a... pilgrimage. Take this Pokedex and-
Charity:And just what are you two doing?

The professors explain to Charity what they were talking about; they are convinced that whatever the player was discussing means that they would have to take a bit of a journey across the region of Nazhico. Unfortunately, Charity seemed incredibly against the idea: she pointed out that they had literally just returned home the day before, and that as their mother, there was no way they were going to let them head out on some huge country-trotting journey. The two professors simply stammered for a bit before shutting up, but the player simply stands firm, a look of determination in their eye. Charity looks exasperated for a second before sighing and saying that the player "was always a stubborn one", handing them a stack of cash worth about 5,000 P. Giving the player her blessing, Charity tells the two professors to take care of their child before walking away.

Before the player heads out, Mesquite gives them their mission: head around the region and search for a person called an "Anima Guardian". Only twelve exist in the entire region, and they would likely be the only ones to know what the player's vision meant. The player is told to visit Canela Town to the north of Corazo, as somebody who knows the whereabouts of the Anima Guardians will likely be there.

After a farewell to Charity and the professors, the player sets off on Route 1: Hearth Road. Along the way, Alex catches up to them, seemingly confused as to why nobody bothered to tell him about their friend leaving. The player explains the situation and the journey they plan to undertake to Alex, who then decides it's in both of their best interests for him to come along. The two continue down the winding path of Hearth Road until they reach Canela Town, a small settlement known for its crop exports. While Alex settles in the Pokémon Center to heal up his Pokémon, the player looks for anybody who could know the location of the Anima Guardians.

After exploring the town, the player encounters a young girl wearing a purple sweater talking to an old woman.

Girl:...So this is legit, right? This shard or whatever... It can help me find the Anima Guardians?
Old woman:Indeed. This Resonator was constructed from the Odd Keystone of a Nazhican Spiritomb, in tune with the Anima Shards wielded by the Guardians. However, it's not just something anybody can pick up and use.
Girl:...As evidenced by its lack of "resonation", as it were. This item seems to be a scam.
Old woman:Fufufufufu... It's real, alright. Why would I scam people with free things? It's counter-intuitive.
Girl:Hmph... Alright, then. I would like to purchase this device for a starting price of 10,000,000 P. I am prepared to go higher if necessary.
Old woman:Who are you really, girl?
Girl:I am here on behalf of Agate Works. We are very much interested in leads connected to the Anima Guardians. Now, if you;ll just-
Old woman:It ain't for sale, girlie. If it doesn't work for you, then quite clearly you don't deserve it.

On that remark, the girl remained silent for a second before running off holding the Resonator. As the old woman protested and alled for help, the player decided to run after her, certain that the Resonator would be important. Following them into the nearby Canela Forest, they pursued her until she was eventually cornered, and the girl found herself questioned by the player. While she introduced herself as Opal, she also seemed quite determined to keep the Resonator, saying it was "important". With no way out, she challenged the player to a Pokémon battle.

After defeating Opal, she dropped the Resonator, and the player immediately grabbed it in order to return it to the old woman. However, upon contacting it, the item began glowing, humming with a strange vibration. Opal realized that the old woman may have been correct, and that the player may have actually been destined for something involving the Resonator. She ran off, vowing to encounter the player again. The player returned to Canela Town, hoping to return the item to the old woman; however, she was gone.

Alex emerged from the Pokémon Center, having fully healed his team up after a surprising wait. He mentioned something about the nurse operating the center going into a back room for some reason, something he had never seen them do before, and it took a long time for her to come out and heal his Pokémon. On that note, he tagged along with the player again, saying that they were still going on their journey and that he'd be supporting them along the way. The player decided it would be best to keep searching for the old woman.

After a short time searching, the player finds the old woman in a house, being confronted by a man and a woman wearing dark yellow trenchcoats. They brought up the resonator again, demanding that the old woman hand it over lest she come to harm. Suddenly, the two noticed the player had entered the building, carrying the Resonator with them. Pulling out their Pokéballs, the assailants demanded that they hand over the Resonator. Unbeknownst to them, the old woman pulled out her own Pokéball, summoning a large spirit-like Pokémon that knocked the two over. As they fled the house, they vowed to get their hands on the resonator someday soon.

Finally alone, the old woman introduced herself to the players as Lima, a protector of the relic known as the Resonator. Seeing that the shard was glowing in the player's hand, Lima determined that the player was the first in a long time to be ready for the quest they were about to embark on, and gave them information. The twelve Anima Guardians, scattered across the region and chosen in secret every generation, guarded a secret of massive power, and only a chosen warrior would supposedly be able to unlock it. The Resonator would be their tool of choice, allowing the warrior to track down the Guardians and challenge them to trials meant to test the strength of both them and their Pokémon. That said, Lima handed two items to the player, a ceramic shard she called an Anima Shard and a mysterious white diamond-shaped crystal, and told them to go anywhere in Nazhico they wanted to find the Guardians.

The journey was on.

Pokémon Anima allows you to battle the Anima Guardians in any order you wish.
The order the Guardians are battled on this page is randomly chosen and not indicative of actual gameplay or story.

Jouliette, Guardian of Electricity

The player decided to head off to the nearest major city in search of an Anima Guardian: Azafran City. The trek down the route was simple and uneventful, but things became immediately more interesting as soon as they arrived. All the windows were blacked out, and all the heavy machinery seemed to be completely inactive. As Alex caught up with the player, he questioned how a blackout had happened so suddenly, stating that his PokéTek should have informed him Azafran had suffered a blackout. As Alex went to the authorities to ask what had happened, the player pulled the Resonator from their pocket, trying to find a Guardian.

Scanning the city eventually lead the player to the Trainer's College, which had also suffered from the blackout. Almost immediately upon entering, they encountered the principal talking to the few students there, assuring them that everything was alright. As they walked off, the students began talking to each other, their voices carrying a worried tone. One girl didn't seem very worried, instead walking up to the player and introducing herself.

Well, nice to see a fresh face on campus! Sorry about the blackout, by the way. We don't know what happened, but rest assured, it's not always like this. Now, is there anything I can do for... Wait, you say you're a college graduate already? Well, even if you aren't attending, let me just say thanks for coming! My name's Jouliette, head of the cheer squad. In my senior year myself, actually. Hey, if there's anything you need help with, just ask, alright? Now if you'll excuse me... I feel like I should check the generator room.

She walked off to try to check to see what had happened with the power; as she left, the player's pocket began vibrating. The Resonator was picking something up from Jouliette.

The player decided to follow Jouliette down the hall, where she snuck through a door labelled "Generator Room: Off Limits", with a stamp resembling an O marking it as official. Seeing no choice, they followed her down into the generator room below the school, and after wandering around for a little bit, met back up with Jouliette, who found herself confronted by two people dressed similarly to the people who had been talking to Lima before.

Jouliette:Wha- What's going on down here? Who are you?
Mysterious Man:Nothing going on down here is of importance. You will return upstairs and discuss none of what you see here.
Jouliette:No, you tell me what's going on here! What are those Joltik doing on the generator?
Mysterious Woman:Feeding on electricity, as is normal for the species. We will not ask any further questions.
Jouliette:You... You people are sabotaging the generators! You're to blame for the blackouts, aren't you?!
Mysterious Man:If you will not comply, we will be forced to eliminate you.
Jouliette:No! It's my job as cheer captain to help this school out, and if it means battling you people, I'll do it! Gabe/Sarah! You take one, I'll take the other!

As the mysterious people were defeated, they ran off, not a word to be said. Jouliette didn't look happy yet, however: the Joltik were still feeding off of and damaging the generator. She sent out her own Pokémon, a Hanorobo, to scare them away before turning back to the player. She expressed thanks for their help, but realized that now she needed to go to the city's power plant, as the mysterious people had likely sabotaged that one too. Heading up the stairs and telling the player to meet them as Azafran Caverns, Jouliette didn't leave in time to avoid their question; what did they know about the Anima Guardians?

Sigh... Is that what you're here for? Well, considering only people trying to undertake the trial would know... I'm actually a Guardian. The Guardian of Electricity, to be precise. It apparently happened when I was still an infant. Some... old woman told my parents I was destined for some "great purpose"... That I would lead some hero to discover their destiny. I didn't believe what my parents told me she said, but seeing as you're here... Wait a minute! That's it! As Guardian, I'm supposed to subject you to some kind of trial to prove your worth. Well, now your trial is helping me fix this power crisis! C'mon, hero! Let's do this!

The player and Jouliette left the school, heading out to the nearby Azafran Caverns and taking a shortcut to the city's Power Plant. Along the way, they met up with Alex again, who seemed to find Jouliette attractive and sheepishly said hello to her. When informed that they were heading out to the power plant to help restore it, Alex figured he could take a break from catching Pokémon and joined alongside them.

Upon arriving at the Power Plant, the group realized that the mysterious people had already struck, as Joltik were hanging from all the generators, draining their power. As Alex ran off to get help, Jouliette turned to the player and told them that their trial had begun; their mission was to head down to the main control consoles and start the emergency reset protocols, while she used her Pokémon to scare off and defeat the Joltik. Their task clear, the player leaped down the railings, landing in the middle of the control consoles.

After solving the passcodes on each of the consoles and resetting the entire system, the lights went back on; the player and Jouliette had saved Azafran City from whatever the mysterious people were doing. Just in the nick of time, Alex arrived with two policemen, who were confused as to why two teenagers were inside a restricted area. Jouliette told them the whole story about what happened; the cops didn't fully believe her, especially the part about the mysterious people, but thanked them for their service anyway. As Alex left with the cops, Jouliette turned to the player for one last favor. It was seemingly part of her destiny as Anima Guardian to challenge the "hero" to a Pokémon battle, something to prove their strength and ensure they were a strong enough trainer to survive the trials ahead. With one last cheerful smile, she pulled out her Pokéball and began to fight.

⚡ VS. Guardian of Electricity Jouliette ⚡

After the battle was won, Jouliette simply smiled and cheered for the player's success.

Ha ha! Even if you aren't the hero, you're really good at battling! I've studied Pokémon battling and electrical engineering for as long as I've been at college, and I've never seen anybody as good at it as you! I'm proud to have been able to call you a friend... Even if it was for just a short time. Now, we should probably be going... But first! I've been told to keep these on me at all times- to give to the hero. If it's not you, then I'd be shocked!

Jouliette handed the player three items: a TM, a strange yellow crystal, and another strange-looking ceramic shard. The Resonator's vibrations peaked for a second, then stopped: the Trial of Electricity had been bested.

Jouliette took the player back through the caverns, healing up their Pokémon "on the house". She expressed that there was somebody she was heading off to contact- somebody she was dating online- and expressed thanks for helping her fix the power plant issue and realize her "destiny" was actually true the entire time: even if it wasn't, she still loved every second of the times they had. With a word of caution stating to keep a eye out for more of those mysterious people, the cheer captain and Guardian of Electricity ran back to her dorm room, a big smile on her face.

Kira, Guardian of Flight

The player found themselves in Cacaouna City next; though far away from their last destination, they simply decided to follow the instructions given to them by the Resonator. As such, they had found themselves in the chilly town set at the base of Mount Orizama, the highest peak in the region. Despite the relative cold weather, everybody was outside, enjoying themselves and having fun. As much as the player wanted to explore, however, it seemed as though they had some unwelcome company; Opal was in town, talking to a muscular girl in a leotard.

Opal:Please, Kira. You have to give me this information. it's extremely-
Kira:No. I told you, the Anima Guardians aren't real. It's just some legend passed down by old people to trick kids into thinking that anybody can be "the hero".
Kira:They don't exist, Opal. The only way real heroes are born is if they push themselves to the limits, if THEY make themselves heroes. I'm no Guardian, because those don't exist. I'm just trying to help people one day.
Opal:Standing around on the top of a mountain in armor playing with pointy sticks and your Pokémon isn't being a hero. That's just being crazy. That aside, people's lives are at stake. I need anything that could point me to-
Kira:Sister, I love you with all my heart, but I refuse to take up this conversation any longer. Forget these childish fantasies. I know you're better than this.
Kira:...Come talk to me later, Opal. You seem in need of guidance.

As Kira walked off, the player approached Opal in hopes of comforting her. When they realized it was the person she had met back in Canela Forest, she immediately got agitated, stating that ever since they had taken the Resonator, everything that she had tried to do just failed miserably. The player asked what was going on with Kira; Opal said that she was her sister, and had been studying Nazhican folklore and the legend of the Anima Guardians for years. Now that she couldn't utilize the Resonator, she had hoped to talk to someone much more knowledgeable in these matters than her, but no luck; Kira rejected her pleas for help under the argument that the Anima Guardians didn't exist.

In hopes of cheering Opal up, the player decided to treat her to a nearby Champurrado stand, getting her something warm to drink. She protested at first, saying she had more than enough money to get it herself, but as they purchased the two drinks, she quieted down and just started sipping her chocolate drink. Trying to start conversation, the player wanted to ask Opal why she was so desperate to find the Anima Guardians, but they noticed something else out the window; Kira arguing with two of the yellow-coated people.

The player ran outside along with Opal, desperate to know what was happening. By the time they had arrived, things had already gotten nasty; both parties had brought out their Pokémon and Kira had kicked one of the two in the stomach. The two ran over to help break up the fight and see what was going on.

Opal:Kira! What's happening here?
Kira:Sister, you should back off. These goons mean business.
Mysterious Man 1:Pant... pant... Give up the location of the Anima Guardian... Before we... Ughhh, this woman has a mean kick.
Kira:Well, that's what you get for excerising and training for three years straight on the coldest peak in Nazhico. And even if I did believe in your stupid fairy tales, why would I ever tell you?!
Mysterious Man 2:Because if you do not, we will be forced to get the information yout of you... the hard way.
Opal:Kira, who are these people?
Kira:Heh... Old friends of mine. You know what? You two. Take care of them!

After defeating the mysterious assailants, they ran off, vowing to get the information one way or another. Opal screamed at Kira, her calm composure finally breaking, and demanded to know what was going on. Kira simply remained silent and told her sister to leave; she needed time alone to talk with the player. Opal ran off, confused and angry.

Sigh... I hate making my sister sad. She really does deserve better... Regardless, my worst fears have been confirmed. Somebody is hunting down the Anima Guardians. And no, they aren't legends. I've just been telling that to Opal to keep her safe. The truth is I AM one. The Guardian of Flight, to be precise. Ever since I was a child, some old woman had told my father it was my destiny. I've always been trying to avoid that fate, if only because I didn't like the idea of my life being under the control of some old crone. So I trained. I trained to become the hero the Anima Guardians were meant to help. But that strength of yours- and the fact that you have the resonator... You're the hero. And now I need to challenge you to a trial to prove your strength. Is it bad if I'm both angry and relieved that you showed up?

Kira lead the player to the base of Mount Orizama, the snowy peak that was the highest mountain in the region. Unfortunately, before they arrived, they heard a massive explosion. Rushing to the base, they discovered that somebody, likely the mysterious people from before, had set off explosives, causing an avalanche that blocked Kira's normal path to the peak. Kira just sighed, explaining that she had always dreamed of having her trial be combat with her favored weapon, the spear. Noticing the player's nervous sweat, she simply laughed and said that her mind had changed; her trial was now to race to the top of the peak. If they made it before her, the trial would be cleared.

The player finally arrived at the very peak of the mountain, finding themselves in a battle arena seemingly constructed by Kira. Wondering where she had gone, she walked up behind them, now dressed in full armor and wielding a spear with another one of the ceramic shards tied to the end. When asked about her choice of attire, Kira simply said it had been her training outfit for the past few years; now that her training was technically over, she decided it would be the right thing to wear it to her duel with the hero. Her weapon and Pokéball drawn, the battle begun.

⬆ VS. Guardian of Flight Kira ⬆

The duel over, Kira stood there stunned; her years of training had amounted to her being bested by the hero she had sought to become. A hint of both anger and relief in her voice, she congratulated the player, saying that both their skills and that of their Pokémon had managed to clear the trials and tribulations she had set upon them. She handed them their rewards- a TM, another ceramic shard, and a sky-blue crystal- and decided to lead them back down off the mountain and back to town.

When the two returned, Opal arrived to greet them; her rage had settled back down to her typical emotionless, snarky tone. She reluctantly apologized to her older sister, saying she was just trying to show concern for both her and the region at large. When Kira smiled and said she knew what was going on, Opal seemed to perk up a bit. The armored Guardian simply told her to chin up; maybe there really were Anima Guardians out there. On that note, she left, saying she had important things to attend to. Opal simply turned to the player, a small smile creeping across her face for a second.

Interlude 1

Before the player could head out to find the next Anima Guardian, they received a call on their PokéTek. It was their mother, checking in to see how things were going.

Hello there, honey! How've you been? You know, I was worried about you going on this trip at first. After all, it's been years since you lived in Nazhico, and there are plenty of dangerous Pokémon out there... But you seem to be doing really well! I knew my child would do well on their own! There was something else I wanted to tell you... Ah, right! Rico and Angela called up a friend for you back in Corazo Town, and he came all the way from the Alola region just to bring you something! I really wish those two would tell me what you were up to... Anyways, call you later! Love you!

Unfortunately, the player had made their way across a large part of the region; it'd be near impossible to return home without a long, difficult trek. As they set out to leave town, they accidentally ran into a woman in a lab coat and pink pajamas, who seemed to be wandering about looking for directions. As the player helped her up, she sheepishly apologized for her nearsightedness, introducing herself as Fennel and stating that she was looking for a location somewhere in the region: Corazo Town.

I-I'm sorry, it's just... I got called here from Unova on behalf of a group known as the Aether Foundation. Very powerful, v-very prestigious... I don't know why they wanted me. All I do is research dreams... Wait, you know where Corazo Town is? Perfect! Lucky for you, I... I have a means of transportation! Here, t-take this! On the house!

373MSSalamence was registered to your Ride Pager!373MS

Utilizing their newly obtained Salamence to fly over to Corazo Town in a near instantaneous trip, Fennel thanked the player for their help wand walked off somewhere, still seemingly tired. The player was immediately given a loving hug by Charity, who began asking them how their "little adventure" had gone so far, and how they were feeling. The talk continued for a while, and eventually Professors Mesquite and Sage arrived to greet them, along with an older man who seemed to not be wearing a shirt, a fact that confused Charity.

Sage:Well, here's the person who wanted to meet you, Gabe/Sarah. This is Professor Kukui, from the Alola region. We called him here because we wanted you to-
Kukui:Woo! Nice to meet you, kid! What Angela said, name's Kukui. Oh, and nice to meet you too, Charity.
Mesquite:C'mon, let's not get off on the wrong foot here. Anyways, Kukui was heading to Nazhico for... research purposes of his own, but we decided to ask him to get you a little present.
Kukui:Bam! Straight from the Alola region... One hand-crafted, built for perfection Z-Ring! These two told me that on your adventure, you'd be finding little crystals, yeah? Those are Z-Crystals! Using this Z-Ring, you can power up your Pokémon's moves to extreme levels of power- Z-Moves!
Charity:Z-Crystals? I thought that only the Anima Guardians of legend had those. Well, in Nazhico, that is. Who knows how many of those things are in Alola alone? Still, though, this makes me wonder if the Anima Guardians really are... real...
Kukui:Forget that! C'mon, Gabe/Sarah! Let's put your newfound Z-Powers to use!

After a quick tutorial from Professor Kukui on how to utilize the Z-Moves, the group began relaxing as the Alolan professor explained that he had arrived in Nazhico on commission from Agate Works, who had asked him to help them in a study on his homeland's guardian deities. As the group of adults discussed this business venture, the player left, distracted by something moving around in the night outside their house. Following the movement to an alleyway in the corner of the town, they walked into a young woman with a dark yellow dress and sunglasses. When asked for her identity, she had nothing to reply, only sending out her Pokémon... and ordering it to use Sleep Powder on the player. Before they could even let out a cry for help, they drifted into unconsciousness...

When the player awoke, they were in a cell inside some cold industrial compound. Their bag, their PokéTek, their Pokéballs... All of them were gone. Unfortunately, they weren't alone within the cell; two people were standing there, facing them and seemingly waiting for them to wake up. One was a tall, slender man in a pale yellow lab coat, his face obscured by spiked glasses and a tall collar; the other was the woman from the alleyway, her clothes changed to a similar-looking lab coat and strange goggles. The pair approached, likely with sinister intentions.

Feldspar:Greetings, child. Do not be alarmed. Your Pokémon are not in danger of physical or emotional trauma. Neither are the people who were with you back in Corazo Town... Of course, they are likely worried and searching for you. After all, you have been unconscious for multiple days now. At any rate, my name is Feldspar. This woman is your captor, my colleague Citrine.
Citrine:Salutations, Gabe/Sarah. We are here on behalf of our organization, one that it is likely you have not heard of. We are known as Oculus, and we control this region.
Feldspar:Oculus was founded to maintain order across the region of Nazhico, though any means necessary. We control everything, from the police force to criminal activities to even the Pokémon Center program. Everything Oculus does is to protect Nazhico and its people.
Citrine:Until now. Gabe/Sarah, we have determined both you and these "Anima Guardians" to be threats to regional order and stability. Oculus will hunt them down, capture them, and try them for their crimes. And now, we order you... Give us the location of the Anima Guardians. We have confiscated your "Resonator", but are unable to operate it.
Citrine:Your silence has been taken as resistance. Therefore, we have no choice but to leave you in this cell until you comply. Come, Feldspar. We will simply need to obtain another suspect... Perhaps one of their close friends will suffice?

The player sat in their cell, never once receiving food or water throughout their stay, one which they determined lasted at least a day. They began to think all hope was lost... Suddenly, the blue flame from what they believed was their dream appeared. Wiping their eyes, the flame vanished, only to be replaced by a Pokéball. They finally had one of their Pokémon back; they could do this. *

After using their Pokémon to break out of the cell, they made their way down various corridors of the Oculus base until they reached a side room, where their bag and the Resonator were stored, but most importantly, their Pokéballs. After retrieving their team, however, they were caught in the act by Citrine, who seemingly had discovered they had escaped their cell and was now ready to end their escape attempt.

⬡ VS. Oculus Enforcer Citrine ⬡

After the player managed to beat Citrine's team, they tried to make their escape, but the Oculus Enforcer simply pinned them to the wall, holding them still so she could draw her weapon and simply beat them back into submission. Before she could do so however, she was struck from behind by something and fell down to the ground, stunned and dazed. When the player looked up, Opal had arrived, and her Azlem had apparently rammed into Citrine and knocked her down. Helping the player to their feet, the two ran out of the Oculus base, Resonator back in their possession.

The player quickly pulled out their Ride Pager as soon as they left the building, not bothering to notice their surroundings before taking off. As soon as Salamence had taken off, the player thanked Opal for her help, and asked how she had managed to find them.

It's a long story, but... That Resonator? That thing you've been using to track down the Anima Guardians? Well, the reason I wanted it was for Agate Works. My family runs it, and it's the biggest corporation in Nazhico. Rivals the likes of Devon. My grandfather built the company up with his bare hands, and now my father and mother are in charge. I... I've always felt like I was a disappointment to them. Not like Kira. When she was younger, she was their little shining star. They loved her more than anybody I've ever seen. But when they look at me, behind their eyes, I see... Sadness. Disappointment. That's why I wanted the Resonator. I had learned about it during studying with my sister; if anything would make them happy, if anything would make them proud, it would be that. But that's when I realized something... For a long time now, I've been seeing those yellow-coated goons around Agate Works. I realized after I met you that... my father is working with these Oculus freaks. I don't know how deep the Buneary hole goes, but now I know how I'll make my family proud... I'm going to help the hero of legend save us all from this evil. And, judging by what's happened recently, that hero's you.

Thanks to Salamence, the two quickly landed back home in Corazo Town. Charity immediately ran out of her house and embraced her child when they arrived, tears streaming down her face. Alex soon followed, with Mesquite and Sage coming out of the house to investigate and see if they were alright. The group settled in Charity's home as the player was taken care of, with the mother continuously praising Opal for saving her child. Alex seemed the most happy to see them return; according to Sage, he was even more torn up about the kidnapping than Charity was. Mesquite didn't say much- he seemed to be concentrating on Opal for some reason.

Eventually, Opal vanished, not leaving a word to anyone. Charity, now concerned for their child's safety, begged them not to continue their journey; it took the combined effort of Mesquite, Sage, and the player in order to get her approval and assure they would be safe. With a tearful goodbye, the player pressed onward; they needed to find the Anima Guardians at all costs.

Siegfried, Guardian of Fire

Finally back on their journey, the player decided to head out to Pimentón City- Alex tagged along, saying he had always had a close connection to the city and could help show them around. The excited and energetic boy kept talking about the city the whole way there; once built as a port town by immigrants from a region near Kalos, it thrived on foreign culture and was the primary source in the region for seafood. The player tried not to be annoyed with his constant talking, but when they approached the gate, they noticed something off- two Oculus grunts were walking in.

The player and Alex entered the gate in an attempt to follow the grunts, but thye quickly lost them in the winding paths of the city. Alex decided it would be a good idea to check out the town square, and the player agreed; after all, it would be the easiest way to let the Resonator locate the nearest Anima Guardian. As they explored the market and all the various goods and services people were selling, the Resonator began reacting to a nearby restaurant... One which sounded like someone inside was yelling.

Upon entering the stylish, Kalosian-looking restaurant, the player and Alex went further in, trying to determine the source of the boistrous yelling. They found that it was coming from the place where the food was being prepared, and that it was seemingly the head chef yelling at one of his subordinates.

Head Chef:What in the name of- What is this putrid slop? You think this is fit to serve our customers?
Chef:B-But mister Siegfried... I-I followed the recipe exactly. By the book order, nothing should be wrong-
Siegfried:HA! By the book? Look at it! The sauce is almost water, the vegetables are more raw than I've ever seen, and this meat is so rare I'd halfway tempted to use a Master Ball on it! And these spices... I don't even know what these are! And you say you were following the recipe? Lies!
Chef:I-I'm sorry, sir.
Siegfried:You think I didn't spend years of my life training under the great master chef Siebold to serve this slop to my customers? Get rid of this filth and get started on a new one! Heck, give it to Cumbustard, she's the only one who'll eat it now!
Cumbustard:Buh bum! Bum!
Chef:Y-Yes, sir. Here you go, girl...
Alex:Wow, talk about picky. I mean, that dish looked fine, but to hear this guy yelling, you'd think it was rotten or something. Come on, let's talk.

As Siegfried calmed down, the player and Alex decided to talk to him and see what was wrong. Surprisingly, he didn't seem to mind the children entering the room where the food was prepared, and gave them both a hearty greeting. The Resonator was going wild- Siegfried was definitely an Anima Guardian. Alex questioned why he was throwing out perfectly good food, and the chef replied that when it came to what he decided was good for his customers, he would settle for nothing less than perfection. Mocking his subordinate even more, Siegfried joked that even the two kids would be able to make the customers happier and make better dishes than he could. The player promptly agreed to do just that; they challenged Alex and Siegfried's apprentice to a cook-off, thinking that this might impress the Anima Guardian.

After making several dishes and serving them to the customers throughout the restaurant, Siegfried decided he wanted to sample the work of all three in order to see who was the best chef out of the group. His subordinate protested, saying that there was no way two teenagers could outdo a trained chef, but Siegfried just laughed and remarked they had been outdoing him already. The three made their dishes; one by one, Siegfried sampled each of them. He enjoyed Alex's dish, and the player's was near perfect... but he took one bite of the chef's dish and began choking. Alex tried helping unclog his throat, but as the chef ran away, the player realised he wasn't choking on food... He had been poisoned.

Alex called for help and pulled out his PokéTek to inform the authorities, and the player decided to follow the chef who had run away; something about him seemed suspicious. They ran out of the restaurant and encountered the young chef again. Unfortunately, he was in the middle of talking with the two Oculus grunts they had seen before.

Chef:Pant.. Pant... I did it.
Oculus Grunt:You successfully delivered the powdered Poison Barb to the customers? Poison Barbs are rare, and it is expensive to grind them up, so if you have wasted our time and resources...
Chef:No, I couldn't, I'm sorry. I tried getting a dish out, but Siegfried made me throw it out. Then these two dumb kids came in and he had the audacity to claim that they were better cooks than I was...
Oculus Grunt:You ingrate! You fed the poison to Siegfried?! Oculus needs him alive! We need all the Anima Guardians alive!
Chef:I- I'm sorry, guys. I truly, truly am-
Oculus Grunt:This error cannot be tolerated. Prepare to meet your demise, civilian-
Chef:Wait, look! It's that kid!
Oculus Grunt:...Prime target located. We will deal with you shortly, civilian. For now, we must deal with a much greater threat to world order... Prepare for your defeat, child.

After the Oculus grunts were defeated, one of the two elbowed the chef in the neck, knocking him out instantly, before running off and leaving the player behind. Hearing police sirens, the player walked back inside the restaurant to find multiple police officers surveying the place. Alex was talking with an officer about what had transpired, and medics had arrived and seemingly successfully cleared the poison out of Siegfried's system, despite the latter still being dazed. The police cleared out and thanked the two children for their help, and Alex helped Siegfried get back on his feet as he thanked the two for saving his life. Now the player decided they simply needed to talk to him... alone.

...So, you're saying that that spineless coward tried to poison me? Cripes, I knew I should have laid him off... Oh yeah, the Anima Guardian thing. I'm one, yeah. The Guardian of Fire. I'm not even of Nazhican descent. My family comes from a long line of Kalosian nobles, and I'm extremely proud of my heritage. Even so, one day this old woman gave me a shard and told me I was "destined" to be Guardian. I'm not sure how much stock I should be putting in destiny, but I figured it could never hurt to help the old bat out. And you know what? If you really are the hero I've been told to wait for, then I guess she was right! Gwahahahaha! Listen, kids! You saved my life, and I'll never forget that. Consider your trial complete... But you're gonna have to come with me before we battle! I've been working on something big for this moment!

Siegfried led the player around below the city, leading to a waterway underneath the coastal wall. Siegfried took the player's Ride Pager, typed in a passcode, and said that he had paid for their services to allow them to use Lapras as a Ride Pokémon. Informing them that the thing he had set up was through the tunnel, he jumped on his own Lapras and rode on through.

131MSLapras was registered to your Ride Pager!131MS

After following Siegfried down the tunnel, they entered a massive steamy hot spring, a place that the chef stated was the way he kept all his ingredients fresh and ideal for use. Asking the player to continue following him down the maze of water tunnels and steam vents, they eventually arrived at an arena-like platform set up in a pool of water. Siegfried stated that he had built this battling platform deep down in the hot springs because, on the off chance that the hero was real, he wanted to impress them in the grandest battle possible. Tearing off his shirt and jumping onto the platform, he challenged the player to what he called "a battle so blazing hot, they'd feel the burns for ages to come".

⛯ VS. Guardian of Fire Siegfried ⛯

...Phew! I really do feel as though that battle got a bit heated... Then again, that may have just been the steam. Congratulations, kid! You've proved yourself a well-rounded hero- battling skill, chef's tastes, even some fine looks! Even though this battle means that I have to go back to being a chef and stop being a Guardian, I'll never forget everything leading up to this moment! Good luck on your journey too, hero, and let me give you a piece of advice. Sometimes, following the recipe doesn't always lead to perfection. That's how I got so good and being a chef. I made my own choices, and even though some didn't work out for the better, they made me who I am today! Choice is a powerful tool, kid. Keep that in mind.

Siegfried took the player back to his restaurant, where it turned out that Alex had been running the place in an attempt to keep orders flowing. The chef was impressed by the work of the young man, telling him he could have a fine career as a chef one day. Alex didn't seem to even hear Siegfried's praise, instead waiting for the player to tell them what they thought of the whole thing. With another Anima Shard collected, the player headed out, their quest continuing yet again.

Respicio, Guardian of Ice

Alex tagged along with the player yet again as they set out for New Mauville City, a massive shopping complex built into a city and made by the same company who had constructed a similar city in the distant Hoenn region. After wondering whether or not every region had its own Mauville, the two continued travelling until they reached a thick strip of desert; a sandstorm had arrived without warning. Alex decided that they would be able to brave the sands and rushed in, while the player ran after him, worried for his life.

After wandering as far as they could, the player ran out of stamina in the storm, worried that they had managed to lose Alex forever. However, they immediately heard a Flygon cry out, and somebody behind them snapped a pair of goggles onto their head without making a sound. The player turned around fearful and ready to battle, but saw Alex alongside a man wearing a fedora, flags lining his pockets.

Alex:Gabe/Sarah! Oh man, I'm sorry I left you behind! I didn't mean to make you worry... Anyways, I'm fine. This guy helped me find my way after I got lost!
Man in Hat:Ha! No problemo, young'un! I just did what any real adventurer would o! Ain't that right, Flygon?
Aarune:Anyways, nice ta meet ya! Name's Aarune, treasure hunter and Secret Base expert! I'm here exploring Nazhico to see what your Secret Bases are like... Of course, if I can find some treasure along the way, nothing wrong with that!
Alex:Sorry if this seems dumb, but... What's a Secret Base?
Aarune:Why, that's simple! A Secret Base is a special location that you dig out yourself using this handy-dandy Base Finder App! Then, you just move in, add decorations, and just generally do whatever you want! Hang out with friends, make a Gym of your own-
Alex:Odd, we don't have Gyms here. I think we stopped after the government stopped funding them for some reason... Regardless, I'd love making a Secret Base with you, Gabe/Sarah!
Aarune:Yeah, yeah, great. Anyways, see ya around, kids! I'm back on the trail of treasure, and I'm not lettin' it evade me!

After making their way through the desert, the pair finally arrived at New Mauville City. It was even more massive than any of them had previously figured, and as demonstrated by a sign, it was actually the largest city in North Nazhico. Heading inside the shopping haven, Alex immediately decided to see what the stores had to offer, and told the player that they'd meet up again at some point. The player went off to explore the mall, curious to see both their wares and the location of the Anima Guardian.

The player wandered through Mauville until coming across a small respada stall. The person running it, a scrawny man wearing a white and teal uniform with a goofy-looking Vanillite plush on top of his hat, was fast asleep, reclining in his chair. For some reason, this angered the player; they tried prodding him to awake him, but it did nothing. They then pulled their leg back, prepared to kick the counter to wake them up, but the sleeping man simply raised his hand, motioning them to stop; he wasn't asleep in the first place.

...Hey there. Welcome to Sandstone Sweets, home of vintage Castelia City ice cream and other assorted goods. Name's Respicio, and I'm here to take your order. Oh, and I wasn't sleeping. Trust me, you'd tell if I was actually sleeping. Is it really against the law to just relax... What's that? No order? Well, that's fine by me. I'm down to chat.

Respicio waited for the player to respond, but they were merely awestruck with the lack of tact the man displayed. There was an odd charm about him, to be sure, but his extreme laziness and seeming disconnect from everything around him was throwing them off. They were about to walk off when a girl dressed in extremely expensive-looking Kalosian clothes walked over, saying hi to Respicio and giving him a quick kiss before asking how his day was going. The player asked him who the girl was; she introduced herself as Delila, the daughter of the man who ran and owned New Mauville and Respicio's girlfriend. The two shared some talk about it being their six-month anniversary and Delila walked off, telling "Ressie" to meet her in her upstairs apartment later.

Respicio went back into his half-concious state, with Alex running up to the player carrying tons of various gadgetry, plushes, and food. A big smile on his face, he told the player that he was really enjoying having all this time to roam around in the mall with a friend, and that his parents had never really let him do anything like this in the past. Scarfing down a box of chocolate-covered Berries, he told the player to follow him to a nearby arena, situated near the middle of the mall.

After watching a few rounds of the mall's Battle Royal challenge, the player noticed Respicio and Delila walking down a hallway and heading into a back room. They left Alex to watch the fights, but he noticed them trying to slip away and begun complaining that they had barely gotten to spend any time together since they had returned; they had been on their adventure the entire time, and had barely even stopped to relax after they were kidnapped. The player explained that they had more important things to do, and tried running off to meet up with Respicio. Alex halted them in their tracks, challenging them to a Pokémon battle; he wasn't going to let them just abandon him again.

The player managed to defeat Alex in the battle, to which he reacted at first with shock before running off angrily. The player didn't question it, and went into the back room where they had seen Respicio and Delila go. Climbing up a flight of stairs, they entered the residential district of New Mauville, and found the two standing in an open room alongside a plump man in a business suit.

Businessman:Harrumph! Who are you, and what are you doing here? This is a private talk between-
Delila:Don't worry, daddy. It's just a friend of Ressie's. I saw them talking to him when I came down to get him.
Respicio:Yeah, I can vouch for 'em, Mr. Tanza. They're cool.
Mr. Tanza:Well, if you insist... I don't want to hurt my daughter's feelings. Welcome, stranger. Have you been enjoying New Mauville? It's my life's work!
Delila:Daddy, wasn't there something you wanted-
Mr. Tanza:Ooh, yes! Respicio, there've been reports of odd goings-on in Cold Storage, underneath the city. You know that place better than anybody, so I figure you'd be the best one to check it out. Just head down there real quick and tell me what's going on.
Respicio:But... why me? You said it yourself, I'm a lazy bum. Shouldn't you be giving this to a trained guard or something?
Mr. Tanza:...Well, Delila insisted.
Delila:*giggles* I know you can do it, honey. You're great in the cold.

The player decided to tag along with Respicio, and Tanza decided that it would be alright to allow it. The two followed the plump man down to a large door, frosted over with almost two inches of pure ice. The doors slide open with the ear-splitting sound of ice cracking, and the player walked into the frozen expanse beyond. The Cold Storage was almost a maze, a massive labyrinth of frozen goods kept in storage. Eventually, the two had been in there for what felt like over an hour; the player was freezing, but Respicio seemed to barely notice it. He did, however, being to question why barely anything seemed off... and then the Oculus grunts appeared.

Respicio:...I take it these aren't friends of yours.
Oculus Grunt:Stand down. You two are to return to headquarters for interrogation and rehabilitation. Any movement will be taken as hostility.
Respicio:You guys, hold the phone. Don't I need to be read my rights or something? I mean, why are you even in here?
Delila:Because I lured you in here, Anima Guardian.
Respicio:De- Delila? What's going on?
Delila:My orders far surpass that of any emotional bonds, criminal. I am willing to destroy you in order to protect the peace you threaten. I have seen the light... I am Oculus. My prime directive is your apprehension.
Respicio:...I know she'd never say that. You guys have hypnotized her, haven't you? You hurt her so you could just get closer to me...
Oculus Grunt:She has been enlightened. Do not threaten us.
Respicio:...Nobody hurts my girlfriend. Kiddo, you and me, let's do this. We're taking them down.

Postgame: The Ultra Offensive

Postgame: La Canción de la Misteriosa Doncella



The protagonists of this story, and the people the player guides along their journey.

Name Description
The playable protagonists of Anima. After four years of college in the Unova region, they return to their home of Nazhico to begin their own Pokémon adventure. Much like past protagonist characters, they seem to be little more than a blank shell to let the player slip into their role. This time, however, they seem to possess more personality and will of their own. Gabe is the male option, and Sarah is the female option, though in a first for the series their sexual orientations are left ambiguous as they are typically only referred to with neutral pronouns, leaving the player to decide.


Classic Pokémon rivals; these characters follow you along on your journey, periodically testing your skills by challenging you to Pokémon battles. Just because they're "rivals" doesn't mean they're bad guys, though.

Name Description
Full name Alejandro Mesquite, the son of Professors Mesquite and Sage. A happy-go-lucky young boy and childhood friend of Gabe/Sarah, he is determined to follow in his parents' footsteps and become a Pokémon researcher. He seems a bit sheltered by his parents and has a hard time in a social setting, though he has no trouble with the player character. He utilizes the starter Pokémon weak to the player's.
Full name Opal Agate, daughter of the president of Agate Works. She's extremely anti-social and prides herself on her strength as a Pokémon trainer, to the point of her opinion of others being based on their strength. It's unknown what her relationship with her parents are, but given her nature towards the company, it seems as though she desperately wants to make them proud. She does not use a starter Pokémon, but utilizes an Azlem (or Golezuma in later areas of the story) equipped to be a type superior to the player's starter.


Characters allied with the player; they don't have as much of a role as the rivals and act as good guys.

Name Description
Charity The single mother of Gabe/Sarah, a strong and loving woman who cares deeply for their child. Charity is more active in the affairs of their child than past mothers in the series, being incredibly concerned for their well being and showing up across the region during her own travels. It is unknown how her husband died.
Professor Rico Mesquite One of the two professors of the Nazhico region. Mesquite is a timid and scatterbrained man who gets incredibly involved in his field of research; the bond between humans and Pokémon and seeing how the two are intertwined in society. Mesquite's a nice guy and an old friend of the family, but he's a coward and a bit neurotic. Has a loving relationship with his wife, fellow professor Sage.
Professor Angela Sage One of the two professors of the Nazhico region. Sage is a rambunctious and adventurous woman, though her loud, brash nature can sometimes intimidate people. While her husband (who it is rumored she made the first move to) researches the emotional bonds between humans and Pokémon, Sage is more blunt, being a biologist who studies the finer details of Pokémon anatomy and physiology in the field. Like Mesquite, she's an old friend of the family.

Oculus Organization

Oculus is a watchful, ever-present organization who control everything that goes on in the region of Nazhico. Everything they do is meant to keep order and peace, even if that means they have to resort to the death of free will and choice.

Name Description
Feldspar Oculus Administrator and extremely intelligent scientist, Feldspar is one of the two Commanders of the organization known as Oculus. Once in training to become the regional professor of Unova, his field of study- the genetic connections between humans and Pokémon- lead to his position being lost and him being sued for malpractice after multiple failed surgeries on both humans and Pokémon. He still practices his craft, making genetic experiments from both human and Pokémon DNA, the only successful result being his signature Pokémon Kymera. He is cold, unfeeling, and only seems to take delight in inflicting pain.
Citrine Oculus Enforcer and trained assassin, Citrine is one of the two Commanders of the organization known as Oculus. Her lifelong dream of becoming the champion of Nazhico, her home region, was crushed after the death of her beloved starter; following the incident, she became an emotionless killer, and has been performed various assassinations in service of Oculus. Citrine shows almost no emotion and only responds to primal, instinctual feelings if provoked, leading some to wonder if she is suppressing them or if she has truly lost them.

Anima Guardians

The mystical Anima Guardians are the targets of the player's quest; their goal is to find them all and defeat them, claiming their Anima Shard. They are also allies to the player and assist them in various things.

Name Description
The head cheerleader on the team at the Nazhican Trainer's College, a perky young girl with plenty of team spirit. She gets along with others extremely well, especially the player, and she's supposedly a social powerhouse with friends in high places. She is the Guardian of Electricity, and guides the player through the Azafran Power Plant in order to restore energy to the city.
A strong and dependable woman training herself and her Pokémon to become the heroes fabled in legend across the region. She considers herself a knight in shining armor, a claim she takes literally by donning her own specially crafted aerodynamic suit of armor. Kira is stoic and a bit cold, but cares for others deeply in her quest to protect them... especially her sister. She is the Guardian of Flight, despite training for years in order to become the hero and escape her destiny.
A loud, powerful, and fiery-tempered chef who runs a restaurant in Pimentón City, making dishes inspired by Nazhican culture and his own Kalosian roots. He's rarely satisfied with anything, always pushing himself and those around him to do better, and will settle for nothing less than perfection... though he is trying to calm his temper down to become more sociable.
More TBA.


Characters with varying roles. Many of these are characters from past games in the franchise.

Name Description
Lima A mysterious old woman with a link to the Anima Guardians. Being the one to possess the Anima Resonator, she is the one who technically kickstarts the player's mission to find the Guardians. She's a charming, possibly senile old woman, but her Pokémon mastery is truly a force to be reckoned with.
A lazy young man working in New Mauville selling respadas. Despite his apparent ineptitude at hard labor and his extremely lax demeanor, he is wise beyond his years and has a charm about him that usually helps him make fast friends with people.
More TBA.
Delila Daughter of the man who owns and operates New Mauville, Delilia uses her prestigious wealth to both help those in need and make herself as fashionable as possible, constantly wearing the latest Kalosian trends. She's a nice woman, if a little bratty at times, and is currently in a loving relationship with Respicio. Delila is brainwashed some time before the plot begins to be an agent of Oculus, meant to lure Respicio into a trap.
Fennel A young woman from the Unova region. A researcher of dreams and somnial energy, she was called into Nazhico on a mission from the prestigious Aether Foundation. She's very nervous and over-apologetic, likely stemming from accidents due to her nearsightedness and general lack of sleep.
Professor Kukui The professor of the Alola region, arriving in Nazhico to work alongside Agate Works in a study of Z-power and the Tapus that reside in the Alola region. He's an eccentric, powerful trainer who studies the science behind Pokémon moves, and is crazy enough to be a willing target to a lot of them. Kukui is the one who give the player their Z-Ring, as a favor for Mesquite and Sage.
Aarune A Unovan adventurer who seeks treasure, glory, and fame, travelling the world with his Flygon to hunt down riches beyond compare. He's currently in Nazhico looking for the fabled "Lost City", a massive complex of ancient buildings said to hide a massive fortune. He's an expert in Secret Bases, and assists the player in constructing their own.


No Area

Name Description Location Pokédex Entry
The Pepper Pokémon

Ability: Overgrow
Hidden Ability: Blaze
N/A (Starter) Spizard is a prey animal for many carnivorous creatures, and has developed a natural defense in the form of its oil excretions. Its scaly skin secretes a transparent oil similar to that of a pepper, which burns and irritates on contact with skin. Handle this Pokémon with caution, and be sure to either wear gloves or wash thoroughly before touching your face or eyes.
The Smoky Pokémon

Ability: Blaze
Hidden Ability: Torrent
N/A (Starter) Constantly generates heat from a water-filled organ near its heart. This consistent heat makes it on edge and irritable at almost all times, and it can be seen as cranky or grumpy by those who aren't familiar with its biology. In order to vent this heat, it stomps the ground and emits clouds of smoke. Cuddly and soft, but hate being hugged; it only makes them warmer.
The Aquahorse Pokémon

Ability: Torrent
Hidden Ability: Overgrow
N/A (Starter) Kelponi like to make their homes and breed in the oceanic regions of Nazhico. Babies of the species are remarkable excitable, and have strong enough muscles to the point where they are able to stand and even walk before they have even opened their eyes. They carry sea plants such as kelp and seaweed on their backs as a portable water source over long distances.
The Costume Pokémon
(changes between costume)

Ability: (changes between costume)
Hidden Ability: None
N/A (Given to the player) A rare Pokémon bred by actors and actresses as a natural diva. Its multi-lobed mind has been bred to be able to switch roles at a moment's notice, giving it a sort of controlled multiple-personality disorder. It changes its form via various costumes upon the whim of its trainer; this loyal Pokémon is so committed to the role that it can change its typing to match.
The Icy Fusion Pokémon

Ability: Hyperfreeze
Hidden Ability: None
N/A (Given to the player) Created as an experiment by Oculus Administrator Feldspar, Kymera is an attempt to recreate the fabled "original dragon" of Unova, starting from its base component of Kyurem. Its biology appears to be a fusion of various Pokémon species, and its sheer existence seems to cause it pain, only dulled by the ice it generates. Functionality with the Team Plasma-developed DNA Splicers is unknown.
The Life Dove Pokémon

Ability: Serene Grace
Hidden Ability: None
The Adventure Begins event A Mythical Pokémon that is said to live in an orange grove, providing life to the region with its mystical life-giving powers. Legends state that Dovadine was once the beautiful wife of a Mazin prince, but was changed into a Pokémon by an evil witch. The golden pin it carries boosts the strength of its magical abilities, and is said to be a trinket of its time as a princess.

North Nazhico

Name Description Location Pokédex Entry
The Sereque Pokémon

Ability: Pickup/Frisk
Hidden Ability: Pickpocket
Route 1: Hearth Road This small rodent-like Pokémon loves taking and hiding small objects, storing them for later. While the most common thing for an Agoutine to take is small fruits and nuts, they have been known to steal jewelry as well. Studies have shown that the females are highly protective of its offspring; for the first few weeks after birth, they will even bar males from entry to the nest.
The Thievery Pokémon

Ability: Pickup/Frisk
Hidden Ability: Pickpocket
Evolve Agoutine (Lv. 23) Serekeep are thieves by trade and by nature, and their tendency to steal anything shiny has been linked to the mental condition of magpie syndrome. They bury their findings in the dirt, storing them to trade with other Serekeep. It is unknown why they do this. Serekeep are even known to steal valuables from their own Trainers; if jewelry or any form of shiny object goes missing, it is likely the work of this Pokémon.
The Roadrunner Pokémon

Ability: Immunity/Nimble
Hidden Ability: Speed Boost
Route 1: Hearth Road Though flightless, Chickoo are extremely fast runners, and their legs are muscular enough and sharp enough to deliver painful kicks in self-defense. They are known for clearing out poisonous Pokémon such as Cobrine, and as such are referred to the "snake killer" by thankful Nazhicans. Affectionate and flighty, rather scatterbrained.
The Roadrunner Pokémon

Ability: Immunity/Nimble
Hidden Ability: Speed Boost
Evolve Chickoo (Lv. 20) Crowster are fierce defenders, using their barbed legs to deliver painful blows in order to defend both their trainer and their territory from all intruders. They have developed the ability to fly in short bursts due to increased muscle mass, and have used this newfound power to develop a downward drop kick technique. The crests on the heads of males are known to attract females, with competition brewing as the Crowster fight over who has the biggest crest.
The Acceleration Pokémon

Ability: Immunity/Nimble
Hidden Ability: Speed Boost
Evolve Crowster (Thunder Chamber) Veloxikoo are some of the fastest Pokémon in the entire Nazhico region, able to go from a standstill to nearly 60 miles per hour in an instant. Its unique X-shaped tracks often confuse predators and prey as to which direction it has traveled, and it uses this ti help hunt by running in circles. When the strange conductive material in its feathers recieves sufficient friction, Veloxikoo begins to generate electricity.
The Jewel Pokémon

Ability: Swarm/Reflective
Hidden Ability: Dazzling
Route 1: Hearth Road The crystalline barrier around a Dazzelda is actually a gelatinous barrier it creates to protect itself. It is high in carbon, which may explain why it hardens into a brittle, diamond-like substance when separated from the Pokémon's gooey body. This "fool's diamond" is highly sought by poachers and money grubbers, so Dazzelda is consistently on the Nazhican watch list.
The Glass Shield Pokémon

Ability: Swarm/Reflective
Hidden Ability: Dazzling
Evolve Dazzleda (Lv. 19) Upon evolution, Dazzelda's gooey barrier shrivels up into a dry, stained glass-like barrier around it, and the Pokémon itself shrinks down inside it in order to pupate. In essence, Crystalis resembles a ball with a small nut inside of it, and unfortunately, children enjoy shaking this Pokémon similarly to a rattle. It is extremely patient and forgiving of this, and its hard shell as well as the glass barrier protect it from much harm.
The Fiberglass Pokémon

Ability: Swarm/Reflective
Hidden Ability: Dazzling
Evolve Crystalis (Lv. 32) Flyberopix's wings are made out of what appears to be fiberglass, but in fact are constructed from its "fool's diamond", now in string form. The low weight of these strings makes them extremely light, so they fly nearly effortlessly. Occasionally, a Flyberopix may generate small chunks of actual diamond from tangles in their fur. They use their threads to bidn and possibly strangle smaller Bug-type Pokémon for food.
The Liquid Venom Pokémon

Ability: Lethal Poison/Dry Skin
Hidden Ability: Merciless
Route 1: Hearth Road The venom of a Cobrine is rather harmless compared to most toxins, but also contains high amounts of draculin, a compound that stops blood from clotting. Death is more likely to occur from bleeding out than the poison itself. Highly territorial and constantly seeking to expand its turf, Cobrine are feared the region over and Chickoo are bred to prey on them for safety.
The Liquid Venom Pokémon

Ability: Lethal Poison/Dry Skin
Hidden Ability: Merciless
Evolve Cobrine (Lv. 30) Sarinaja's venom has liquefying properties similar to that of spider venom, but much deadlier and on a larger scale. To those who do not know the biology of the Pokémon, this makes it appear as if the bite wound is turning the area around it into water. It can spit its venom a range of 15 feet. Sarinaja are so fierce that armed teams have been dispatched in order to drive them away from populated areas.
The Sewing Pokémon

Ability: Swarm/Chlorophyll
Hidden Ability: Overcoat
Canela Forest Sewaddle are beloved for their plentiful amounts of silk, which the Pokémon uses to create "clothes" for itself. Humans have taken to dying Sewaddle silk and making clothes by hand instead of via machine. As Nazhico features more predatory Pokémon than Unova does, Sewaddles have developed a more aggressive regional evolution.
The Leaf-Wrapped Pokémon

Ability: Autumn Guard
Hidden Ability: Overcoat
Evolve Sewaddle (Lv. 20) * More threatened in Nazhico than any other environment, Swadloon have developed a fear of most Pokémon as well as humans. Wrapping itself in clothes made of brown, dead leaves, it has developed an affinity for dead plant life and has developed the ability to channel spectral energies. It is theorized that Nazhican Swadloon use their leaves to dye their threads, unlike normal Swadloon.
The Nurturing Pokémon

Ability: Autumn Guard
Hidden Ability: Overcoat
Evolve Swadloon (Max happiness) * After being so in touch with the spirit realm before its evolution, Leavanny has now become a shaman-like Pokémon, channeling and communicating with spirits much like human priests and priestesses. Their motherly instincts remain, as it is said that Nazhican Leavanny help guide spirits to the afterlife. They continue to sew their own clothing, though now their style has changed to a simpler, more religious look.
The Burning Pokémon

Ability: Swarm/Flame Touch
Hidden Ability: Flame Body
Canela Forest Typically docile, Cindant attack in swarms if their nests are disturbed. Their jaws can ignite with small flames triggered by flammable oil produced in their glandular systems. Cindant swarms can take down targets infinitely bigger than them; unfortunately, it is extremely hard to keep their population in check without resorting to more deadly means.
The Wildfire Pokémon

Ability: Swarm/Flame Touch
Hidden Ability: Flame Body
Evolve Cindant (Level up knowing Fire Fang) Scoridant's abdomen is transparent, and filled with a highly flammable compound that it uses to fuel its fire-based abilities. If it is at risk of being defeated, wild Scoridant may let loose all their oil in a last ditch-effort attack, setting a massive blaze that also alerts other Scoridant. Females of the species possess wings and can fly, while males instead possess larger mandibles; the males will protect the females and their offspring no matter the foe.
The Honey Bear Pokémon

Ability: Static/Motor Drive
Hidden Ability: Thunderdance
Canela Forest Hanorobos are tree-climbing Pokémon, attacking the nests of Vibree and Combee to collect the sweet nectars within. It becomes quickly attached to those who feed it honey. Bizarrely, its ribcage possesses piston-like muscles that pump like an engine to generate electricity, and it uses this to dash at high speeds.
The Pitaya Pokémon

Ability: Leaf Guard/Rough Skin
Hidden Ability: Mold Breaker
Canela Forest Often referred to as "dragon's pearls" due to their typing and the seeds under their skirt-like spines, Perceria are sweet, innocent Pokémon. They possess extremely dense skin or rind, but their pale white innards are very sensitive and vulnerable. True to their sweet demeanor, they emit a mild yet sweet aroma, seemingly excreted from their seeds.
The Ritual Dance Pokémon

Ability: Leaf Guard/Rough Skin
Hidden Ability: Mold Breaker
Evolve Perceria (Level up knowing Dragon Dance) A beauteous Pokémon said to be tied to the Mazin culture and rituals pertaining to the gods. The sweet scent it emits invigorates the mind and body of those who inhale it, giving them a rush of energy. Capomarona is renowned for its graceful dancing, but it has also developed a style of martial art based off of these dances, augmented by the sharp, blade-like spines along its body.
The Hearing Pokémon

Ability: Healer/Regenerator
Hidden Ability: Klutz
Everywhere Audino is a very migratory Pokémon, found across the continent in rare numbers. Its antennae possess the ability to sense emotions such as pain and fear over long distances via limited empathic abilities, and it does its best to heal the injured party. Unfortunately, their unique properties of granting large amounts of experience has lead to them being actively hunted down.
The Carbon Pokémon

Ability: Dormant
Hidden Ability: Slow Start
Azafran Caverns Covered in a black rocky coating that leaves black markings on things it contacts, this Pokémon is made out of pure carbon. It seems to be subjecting itself to high amounts of pressure within its black shell, and as such is very, very dense for its size. It is idle, simply standing around and consuming moss and other plantlife, saving its energy to compress itself further.
The Compress Pokémon

Ability: Dormant
Hidden Ability: Slow Start
Evolve Carbite (Lv. 28) Pressaur is somehow even smaller than its pre-evolution stage of Carbite, as it is expending tremendous amounts of energy to compress itself with as much force as is physically possible. Interestingly enough, it is exerting so much force on its insides that it generates its own small gravity field, and can occasionally hover above the ground. Nearly nothing can penetrate its thick, carbon-heavy shell.
The Diamond Lord Pokémon

Ability: Magic Bounce
Hidden Ability: Magic Guard
Evolve Pressaur (Lv. 40) After being subjected to near-impossible levels of pressure during evolution, Kaimonace's true power has emerged, becoming a massive beast made of pure diamond. Kaimonace's hyper-dense body allows it to withstand massive amounts of damage, and by refracting light within its body, it can fire massive laser beams made of pure light. The sheer power of this Pokémon is believed to be on par with powerful Pokémon of legend, and only follows a trainer who has believed in it as it has grown.
The Rock Pokémon

Ability: Magnet Pull/Sturdy
Hidden Ability: Galvanize
Azafran Caverns A regional variant of Geodude found in the Alola region, immigrated through some trainer bringing them between regions. Constructed of highly magnetic iron as opposed to the granite of their Kantonian counterparts. Alolan Geodude consistently emit low-frequency magnetism that has a soothing effect on the body, and are not strong enough to damage electronics.
The Rock Pokémon

Ability: Magnet Pull/Sturdy
Hidden Ability: Galvanize
Evolve Alolan Geodude (Lv. 25) Graveler's favorite food is dravite, a dark mineral that erupts from its body and causes crystals to grow on it. It possesses an internal magnetic field that allows it to control and shift its body in ways atypical of normal Graveler, and often rolls itself into enemies as projectiles. Trainers are encouraged to not let this Pokémon touch electronic devices, as it may damage them.
The Mantle Pokémon

Ability: Sturdy
Hidden Ability: Sand Force
Azafran Caverns Roggenrola can be described as round rocks with feet and a single sensory organ in the middle of its "face". This sensory organ actually utilizes chime-like crystals deep within the Pokémon's core, and it uses sound waves generated by their resonating to essentially utilize echolocation.
The Ore Pokémon

Ability: Sturdy
Hidden Ability: Sand Force
Evolve Roggenrola (Lv. 25) Boldore generate crystals upon evolution, and utilize light refraction to create spotlights to aid its pitiable vision in the dark tunnels where it lives. Unlike Roggenrola, it does possess eyes, but they are shriveled and tiny, and are barely visible outside of an autopsy. It no longer emits chimes, instead emitting low rumbling growls that may cause seismic activity.
The Hibernating Pokémon

Ability: Bearfoot/Hyper Cutter
Hidden Ability: Comatose
Azafran Caverns The thick fur of a Gruzlum can be best compared to a thick blanket; this natural comforting coat along with its natural tendency to hibernate during the winter months have made it a being that is almost in a half-conscious state at all times. It will defend itself if awoken while sleeping, but only to scare provokers off and return to bed.
The Hibernating Pokémon

Ability: Bearfoot/Hyper Cutter
Hidden Ability: Comatose
Evolve Gruzlum (Level up while knowing Roar) Beariar's fur is thick and knotted enough to deflect small-caliber fire as well as insulate it from almost any environmental condition. It's so thick and snug around the Pokémon that Beariar are often found sleeping standing up, as they cannot physically lay down due to the fur. Due to this, some trainers have had instances of Beariar becoming impassable blockades.
The Bat Pokémon

Ability: Unaware/Klutz
Hidden Ability: Simple
Azafran Caverns Woobat's heart-like nose is incredibly sticky due to secreting an oily substance that helps its echolocation, and it uses this to stick onto walls and ceilings in order to sleep. The heart-shaped marks it leaves due to this oil are said to be a symbol of good fortune, and the stickiness of the oil ensures it will remain in place for a long time.
The Attaching Pokémon

Ability: Compound Eyes/Unnerve
Hidden Ability: Swarm
Azafran Power Plant Joltik's legs and mandibles function much like wires, and it enables them to siphon and absorb electricity by puncturing an energy source. It utilizes the electrical energy absorbed to power its metabolism, allowing its electric pouch, similar to a stomach, to break down and digest the food it eats, which is primarily smaller Bug-type Pokémon.
The Robot Pokémon

Ability: Battery/Levitate
Hidden Ability: Steelworker
Azafran Power Plant An artificial Pokémon developed by a student at the Azafran Trainer's College, meant to study how artificial intelligence would develop in a Pokémon-filled environment. Battry-GB is not overly intelligent, but its simplistic and sturdy design as well as its general helpfulness have made it beloved by many adoring fans.
The Hummingbird Pokémon

Ability: Sap Sipper
Hidden Ability: Speed Boost
Route 2: Gardenium Pathway This Pokémon's heart beats at 500 beats per minute, and as such is full of energy. It constantly needs to eat flower nectar to keep its metabolism up so it doesn't pass out or possibly die. The species has become so dependent on the nectar that it has become a Grass type itself; this may hint at a convergent evolutionary relationship.
The Single Bloom Pokémon

Ability: Flower Veil
Hidden Ability: Symbiosis
Route 2: Gardenium Pathway Flabébé is extremely feeble and camouflages itself to resemble the inside of the flower it holds onto in order to hide from predators. However, this has caused it to be targeted by a new batch of predators: those who want to feed off of the flower. Despite being one of the smallest Pokémon on the planet, they still possess shocking power, and were one of the first examples of a Fairy-type in the world.
The Pollenating Pokémon

Ability: Poison Touch/Poison Point
Hidden Ability: Acidic
Route 2: Gardenium Pathway A predatory Pokémon that feeds on Flabébé, more specifically their flowers. They have developed a very poisonous sting in order to frighten away the poison-weak Pokémon, taking the flower they leave behind and collecting the pollen. Aside from this, it is largely docile, but the poison has unfortunately been extracted en masse by criminals for use as a weapon.
The Bud Pokémon

Ability: Natural Cure/Poison Point
Hidden Ability: Leaf Guard
Route 2: Gardenium Pathway Budew are extremely sensitive to temperature, and when cold, their buds shrivel and they cease producing energy via photosynthesis. When it's warm out, their buds bloom and Budew becomes energized, as it can produce energy once again. The pollen from its bud can result in paralysis in large enough concentrated doses, as it contains chemicals similar to that of the deadly nightshade plant.
The Feeling Pokémon

Ability: Syncronize/Trace
Hidden Ability: Telepathy
Route 2: Gardenium Pathway The red scale-like protrusions on Ralts's head are connected directly into its brain, allowing them to scan their environment to sense the emotions of others via telepathy. As such, they are easily susceptible to emotional manipulation, and often act like the trainers who catch them. If left on their own, they may fall victim to dark manipulative forces, which has been linked to their regional forms.
The Little Prince Pokémon

Ability: Clear Body
Hidden Ability: Snow Warning
Mount Orizama Snoble live on the highest part of Mount Orizama, looking upon the rest of Nazhico as if it were their kingdom. Their judgement seems clouded by their seeming opinion that they are superior to all, and that not only hinders their relationships with their trainer but with other Pokémon. The gem on their head is made of Never Melt Ice.
The Bit Freeze Pokémon

Ability: Pixilate
Hidden Ability: Refridgerate
Mount Orizama A small Pokémon that resembles a scoop of ice cream or sorbet, the unique method of freezing it uses to create its snowy shield results in perfectly square crystals. These pixel-like crystals allow it to refract light by moving them akin to spotlights. Research suggests the organism inside the snow is conserving its energy and converting heat into metabolic energy to help evolve.
The Hawk Pokémon

Ability: Keen Eye/Intimidate
Hidden Ability: Huge Armor
Mount Orizama Hawkrie's feathers are made from solid steel, and utilizing its internal electromagnetic force, it can throw them as weapons and manipulate their path midflight. It is known to strike bullies and thieves and defend the common people, and as such is known as a chivalrous and heroic Pokémon. Despite this, they are still scavengers, and enjoy eating scrap metal humans drop.
The Heroine Pokémon

Ability: Keen Eye/Intimidate
Hidden Ability: Huge Armor
Evolve Hawkrie (Lv. 36, Female only) This Pokémon is an avian humanoid, covered from head to claw in metallic down that resembles battle armor. Valkrygale not only fly due to their light weight and bone structure, but through a magnetic force they internally exert upon themselves. They act as defenders of the weak and pride themselves on their strength, with the strongest in a group acting as the leader. It takes a strong-willed and chivalrous trainer to get one to become a partner.
The Heat Monkey Pokémon

Ability: Fur Coat
Hidden Ability: Magma Armor
Mount Orizama Thermacaca spend their time creating and relaxing in hot springs atop the mountain, as even their white, thick coats do not fully protect them from the cold. They are lazy Pokémon who enjoy relaxing and easing their muscles, which also makes them rather limber and flexible. They thrive off of berries that grow in close proximity to their hot springs, and are surprisingly natural cultivators and farmers; Thermacaca-grown berries can grow to almost 2.33 times normal size.
The Mountain Lion Pokémon

Ability: Rough Skin/Stone Cold
Hidden Ability: Competitive
Mount Orizama Prowlinx are feisty, rambunctious Pokémon, often battling each other in order to assert dominance. Fortunately for the parents, it's all play-battling, and they never actually deal damage to each other. Its fur has been so exposed to the cold that it has begun to crystallize, forming small needle-like icicles instead of hair. The white scruffy fur at their neckline, though acting as insulation, is also used by mothers to carry their young.
The Rendezvous Pokémon

Ability: Swift Swim
Hidden Ability: Hydration
Route 3: Sharpedo Way Luvdisc are found all across the world, and are the only known natural source of the beautiful and near-priceless Heart Scales. These scales fall off over time and contain residual emotions from the Luvdisc, and as such scientists have been able to use Heart Scales to access a Pokémon's memories. Aside from their Heart Scales, Luvdisc are often considered pests, as their ability to sense love has them congregate by couples in swarms.
The Flame Cream Pokémon

Ability: Flambe
Hidden Ability: Flash Fire
Route 3: Sharpedo Way A sweet, gooey Pokémon that is extremely friendly. Studies have determined that Cumbustard's body is kept warm and toasty by an internal power core similar to that of a planet, radiating heat throughout its body. It develops a crispy shell over time due to this internal heat and caramelization of the sugars that make up its body. Cumbustard's internal heat source instantly melts down anything it eats, and as such is willing to eat anything.
The Builder Pokémon

Ability: Water Compaction/Shell Armor
Hidden Ability: Damp
Route 3: Sharpedo Way Crustruct are biologically related to the Dwebble line, but tend to remain close to sandy areas. Unlike their cousins, who use acid to burrow into rock and create shells, Crustruct utilize water to harden sand into various structures and lives inside the resulting compound. Many young children have taken to decorating or improving Crustruct domiciles for fun, and as such it gets along very well with children.
The Soothing Pokémon

Ability: Sitrus Cache
Hidden Ability: Triage
Route 3: Sharpedo Way Nursark are incredibly protective of smaller creatures, and acts like a mother and medic to those in need. It is intelligent enough to learn underwater cultivation, and had developed a way to grow and store Sitrus berries in order to use them to heal the injured and weak. Its whiskers utilize electricity to sense life in its vicinity, and if need be can channel energy though them to resuscitate a drowning human or Pokémon.
The Savage Pokémon

Ability: Rough Skin
Hidden Ability: Speed Boost
Route 3: Sharpedo Way Carvanha are fierce, ravenous creatures, and their appetite is almost unending. As it turns out, that is for good reason; their digestive system is extremely small, and so they must continuously keep on eating food. Their teeth are extremely hard and sharp, and can break hard materials down to let the Carvanha digest it easier. A school of Carvanha can skeletonize almost anything, given time.
The Stinging Pokémon

Ability: Poison Point/Static
Hidden Ability: Bully
Coastal Hot Springs Contact with Nematro is extremely dangerous, both for the stinging, venomous cells in their tentacles and their ability to generate electric shocks. While normally extremely docile and friendly to humans and other Pokémon, they will not hesitate to eat them if they so happen to become knocked unconscious due to either of these. When frightened, they emit a cloud of stinging toxin to deter predators.
The Water Gun Pokémon

Ability: Mega Launcher
Hidden Ability: N/A
Coastal Hot Springs Clauncher's larger claw is capable of striking so swiftly that it generates a burst of energy hotter than the surface of the sun; it uses this burst to stun its prey so it can consume it. Its shell often becomes harder and tighter in cold water, making it harder for Clauncher to maneuver. As such, it prefers spending its time in hot springs, where it can freely swim around and flex its shell.
The Microbial Pokémon

Ability: Heatproof/Water Absorb
Hidden Ability: Magic Guard
Coastal Hot Springs Famous for its unique rainbow-colored hue, Chromobe are fist-sized single-celled Pokémon, defying previous expectations of how Pokémon cellular structure worked. It is thought that the high amount of nutrients found in the water of the Coastal Hot Springs allowed this species to thrive and flourish to its current size. They absorb water simply by being in it, and become larger the more nutrients they intake.
The Statuette Pokémon

Ability: Dusty Veil/Water Bubble
Hidden Ability: Sturdy
Coastal Hot Springs Hahawa are small and hollow, filling up with water from their environment. As they are incredibly frail and thin, studies have been unable to determine where any organs or vital body parts are; it has been hypothesized that they rely on magic or perhaps psychic powers to move about. Hahawa are constantly in a good mood, dancing and gyrating to an unseen beat while sloshing about their internal water supply.
The Trapping Pokémon

Ability: Arena Trap
Hidden Ability: Magic Bounce
Route 4: Sanharo Path These massive insects burrow into the ground and form sand pits; they sit inside these pits with their jaws wide open and wait for meals to come to them. After they step in or fall in, the sandy walls often keep them trapped with Sahrandion. Their mandibles are massive, bear trap-like weapons, and have been known to sever the limbs of the people and Pokémon it catches. It has a slow metabolism, and can survive off of one meal for three months.
The Hunter Pokémon

Ability: Focus Shot/Sniper
Hidden Ability: Rough Skin
Route 4: Sanharo Path Cactito can survive without sustenance for up to nine weeks, which makes them expert trackers and hunters. Their hands have a similar structure to classic six-shooter pistols, and use these natural weapons to launch spikes filled with various toxins or chemicals in self-defense. They are excellent snipers, and possess some of the keenest sight in the world.
The Dried Pokémon

Ability: Water Absorb/Dry Skin
Hidden Ability: Storm Drain
Route 4: Sanharo Path The organic bulb hides a small plant-like being within, locked from unleashing its full potential and often gasping for water. This Pokémon's circulatory systems cannot efficiently keep water flowing through it, so trainers must consistently keep it hydrated to have it stay alive. Its bulb is rock-hard when Geofeyte is thirsty, but softens up when it has sufficient water in its system.
The Tumbleweed Pokémon

Ability: Sand Rush
Hidden Ability: Sand Stream
Route 4: Sanharo Path Tumbud grow a large barbed sphere of thin, brittle vines around it during infantry, helping defend it from predators. By the time they reach the age of 3 human years, the vines have lost all life and exist solely to protect Tumbud from the elements. Wrapped inside its bush-like cocoon, it rolls across the landscape to find water and food. The cracked remains and dust from the broken vines are hard to clean up, making Tumbud bad pets.
The Predatory Pokémon

Ability: Acidic/Status Amp
Hidden Ability: Bully
Route 4: Sanharo Path Helogila are extremely poisonous, but are very lazy cold-blooded creatures that rarely move or do anything to attack other Pokémon and humans. Its large poison-filled sac can inflate on command to make the Pokémon appear larger, but some instances of them using the sac as a cushion to rest have been reported. The orange stripes on their back get longer and more vibrant with age.
The Spirit Pokémon

Ability: Mummy
Hidden Ability: None
Sanharo Crypt A spectral presence that resides in ancient Mazin crypts; their range extends to the ancient Mazin ruins in Unova known as the Relic Castle. Yamask are said to be the spirits of ancient humans, and their masks are meant to resemble the faces of their past selves. Their spirit-like tails are grown into the mask and create a series of barbs that hijack the nervous system; putting on the mask allows Yamask to hijack one's brain.
The Undead Pokémon

Ability: Paradox/Mummy
Hidden Ability: Levitate
Sanharo Crypt Mummeow are capable of functioning without a heartbeat, and often shut off their bodily functions to become better predators. As such, they are said to be the keepers of the gate between life and death in Nazhican folklore. Their golden wrappings share similar markings to that of the Azlem line, and Mummeow are also said to be connected to a royal bloodline of sorts due to this.
The Scarab Pokémon

Ability: Flash Fire/Shield Dust
Hidden Ability: Weak Armor
Sanharo Crypt Small insects with black and gold shells. These shells are not made of pure gold as Nazhican legends would suggest, but do actually contain trace amounts of gold in them. Sacarab shells are highly valuable for this purpose, and when ground into powder becomes an effective medicine, but toxic powder can sometimes emerge when the shell is removed, which results in paralysis or even death if inhaled. Due to this, some consider these Pokémon cursed.
The Wrestling Pokémon

Ability: Limber/Unburden
Hidden Ability: Mold Breaker
Route 5: Challenger's Crevice Hawlucha are native to the Nazhico region, and base their fighting style off of the styles used by ancient warriors of the region. While they possess thin, hollow bones like most birds, their thick muscles provide protection and prevent them from being drastically injured in battle. Hawlucha is a chivalrous Pokémon, and stands up to the weak and defends them with its signature move, Flying Press.
The Superpower Pokémon

Ability: Guts/No Guard
Hidden Ability: Steadfast
Route 5: Challenger's Crevice Short yet strong humanoid Pokémon, Machop appear to have shriveled torsos and exposed ribs at first glance, making them appear frail. However, these are not ribs at all, but thick muscles, and Machop's tough body and thick skin make them highly durable. Due to the higher temperatures of Nazhico, Machop have developed a method of venting heat from their head fins via steam, which has been linked to their regional forms.
The Hopping Pokémon

Ability: Reckless/Scrappy
Hidden Ability: Regenerator
Route 5: Challenger's Crevice Jangjang do not actually possess feet, instead having a short snake-like tail. The tail is too short to slither on, so they spend most of their time hopping about; they have managed to develop this hopping into a martial arts style unique to them. Their bodies actually possess very few joints, and as such appear very stiff and zombie-like. Their jaws are massive, and they will not hesitate to bite an opponent to gain an advantage.
The Magic Fighter Pokémon

Ability: Technician/Inner Focus
Hidden Ability: Insomnia
Route 5: Challenger's Crevice A heroic Pokémon that gains lunar energy via the fins on its torso and shoulders. These fins act as solar panels that absorb moonlight, allowing Momole to charge light energy and augment its kicking attacks and fire beams of burning light from its chest crystal. They do their best to become powerful fighters but often fail in combat at first, as juvenile Momole cannot control their energy absorption and can overload easily.
The Cannoneer Pokémon

Ability: Cannonfire/Spread Shot
Hidden Ability: Shell Armor
??? Turtank are heavily territorial, and defend their deep burrows with their lives. Their heavy iron jaws consume rock and compact it, which is stored within a secondary stomach within its shell. When threatened, they launch the compacted rock cannonballs at their foes with astounding amounts of force.
The Medical Aide Pokémon

Ability: Resupply
Hidden Ability: N/A
Santa Palkia Hospital The spirit of a dearly departed medical student, who retains the goal it once had in life; being an aide to those who wished to heal the world. Its noxious, slimy body is in fact composed of a cocktail made of hundreds of antibacterial and antibiotic chemicals, ranging from triclosan to chlorine. It is often seen handling items belonging to their trainers, still aspiring to fulfill the role of nurse that it could not in life.

South Nazhico

Name Description Location Pokédex Entry
The Royal Golem Pokémon

Ability: Protean
Hidden Ability: Ancient Being
??? A small golem covered in moss and runes. Nobody is sure where Azlem came from, but it has been linked to the ancient civilization that once lived in Nazhico. It contains high amounts of energy seemingly related to evolutionary stones, and can switch its elemental type almost at will. Said to be able to sense royal bloodline.
The Ashy Pokémon

Ability: White Smoke
Hidden Ability: Drought
??? Bellava are small sentient globs of lava that aren't warm enough to remain heated in the air, and as such remain inside small dress-shaped mounds of cooled pumice. They see this shell as ugly and a damper on their own abilities, and alongside the ash that forms around it, it has become incredibly self-conscious. A Trainer who wishes to gain the trust of Bellava and make it feel happy need to love it near unconditionally.

Ultra Beasts

Name Description Location Pokédex Entry

New Abilities

Name Description
Acidic The venom of this Pokémon is so strong that it receives a boost to all its Poison-type moves.
Ancient Being This Pokémon has attained a hidden power not known by man for many decades. All stats increase by one stage every three turns.
Autumn Guard A shield of dead leaves wards away Ghost-type attacks, making the user resist them regardless of typing.
Bearfoot The Pokémon's thick fur creates a fluffy padding, which renders them immune to floor hazards. They are still affected by terrain effects.
Bully The user's attacks will deal more damage to opponents with status effects.
Cannonfire This Pokémon recieves same-type attack bonus (or STAB) boosts to its Fire-type moves.
Dormant This Pokémon has yet to reveal its true potential. Its stats are reduced to 33% normal, save for its HP.
Flambe Due to caramelization of sugars, the Pokémon gains a layer of shielding when hit with a Fire-type move, raising its Defense sharply.
Flame Touch This Pokémon may burn opponents with moves that make contact, even if they are not Fire-type.
Focus Shot The Pokémon's focused aim causes all of their attacks to be focused onto a single target. However, this amplifies the damage of previously multi-target moves by 1.5x.
Huge Armor The Defense stat of this Pokémon is doubled.
Hyperfreeze This Pokémon's moves work without reacting to the target's Ability.
Impact Force The biology and structure of the Pokémon completely nullifies the impact of recoil, instead turning it directly into more damage.
Lethal Poison The venom of this Pokémon is extremely deadly, naturally enhancing Poison-type attacks. Also causes all Poison inflicted by the user to become Toxic Poison.
Lifetaker By consuming life force from unconscious foes, the Pokémon recovers 25% of their max HP upon KOing an opponent.
Nimble Strong leg muscles give this Pokémon increased dodging skill when adrenaline gets flowing. Raises the user's evasiveness by one stage when it dodges an attack.
Paradox Upon entry into battle, the user loses one of their two types and gains a boost in power to moves of the remaining type.
Reflective The Pokémon's glistening coat creates a refractive effect. Extends the duration of screen moves such as Reflect and Light Screen.
Resupply If this Pokémon loses their held item, they will immediately take the next hold item in line from the Trainer's bag.
Retaliation The Pokémon exudes a menacing aura. Attackers receive 30% of the damage they deal to the user.
Sitrus Cache This Pokémon holds a Sitrus Berry in a special pouch. It will use this berry on an ally with low HP for free during double battles, but only once per battle.
Spread Shot This Pokémon's moves are all weakened by 40%. However, their enhanced aim allows them to strike multiple targets with even single-target moves.
Stone Cold The Pokémon's extreme climate adaptation has afforded it control over cold. Increased chance to freeze opponents.
Thunderdance This Pokémon's electromagnetic aura summons a Lightning Storm upon entry to battle.
Ultra Mutation Energy from the Ultra Wormhole enhances the Pokémon's DNA at half HP, changing their form, refilling all their HP, and changing their ability to Beast Boost.

New Moves

Name Description Type Base Power PP
Arc Lightning The user fires a bolt of lightning in an arc formation. Its unique trajectory ensures that it will strike the target.
Bizarre Room The user generates a strange aura that reverses type matchups for five turns.
Status 10
Black Shards The user spreads malicious black spikes across the opponent's side of the field. Like Stealth Rock, the damage does take types into account.
Status 10
Chemical Reaction The user throws their held item at the target. Depending on the two items thrown in a row, this move had varying effects.
??? 30
Coralhorn Striking forward with a horn made of coral, the user both attacks and scatters broken coral bits, which damage enemy Pokémon that switch in for 2 turns.
Crescent Wind Using a crescent-shaped slash of air, the user attacks everything surrounding them.
Drop Strike The user drops their guard to deliver a powerful blow. Halves the user's defense for the rest of the turn.
Flare Ribbon Using a twirling ribbon of flames, the user strikes the opponent. May lower the target's speed.
Harmonize The user begins humming to create harmony. If multiple Pokémon on the same team use this move at once, it creates a powerful attack on all opponents.
Status 15
Ignite The user ignites their body, setting themselves ablaze. Contact with the user for the next three turns will inflict Burn.
Status 15
Invigorate The user tightens their muscle fibers to become stronger and sharply raise their Attack. Can damage the user if it fails.
Status 15
Life Breeze Dovadine's signature move. A mystical calming breeze blows across the target, causing them to have their life sapped away. Heals the target instead if they are an ally.
Liftoff Celesteela's signature move. The user ascends to the air, crashing down on the target two turns later. Deals half damage to all other Pokémon on the field.
Mythical Sword Calling upon the spirits of the past, the user strikes with a blade of energy. Raises the user's Speed.
Neurotoxin Nihilego's signature move. The target is sprayed with a volatile neurotoxin. It has the chance to poison, confuse, or both.
Omni Attract Pheromosa's signature move. Pheromones infatuate the target, and are powerful enough to work regardless of the target's gender.
Status 5
Pepper Bomb The user creates a string of spicy peppers that promptly combust. This attack has a much higher chance of inflicting Burn than normal.
Psy Flash The user strikes with a bright flash of psychokinetic energy. Has a chance to lower the target's accuracy.
Robo Rush A robotically-powered flurry of punches assaults the target. Can strike the target multiple times.
30 (2-4)
Steam Strike After a quick punch, the user generates a thick steam cloud that lowers the target's accuracy.
Sweep Up Using their tail as a large brush, the user attacks the opponent by sweeping. Shifts floor hazards onto the opponent's side of the field.
Vigor Mortis The user enters a half-dead state in order to gain spiritual power. Lowers speed, but raises Special Attack and Special Defense.
Status 15
Wyvern Cannon The user envelops themselves in a draconic aura while charging a powerful attack. The user cannot move until the next turn, but contact with a charging opponent may inflict paralysis.

Anima Shards

Anima Shards are items that are equipped to the player as opposed to the Pokémon in their party, and radiate their energy over the entire party at once. Each shard has a unique passive effect that triggers when the player utilizes a Z-Move; the effect then remains on the Pokémon who used the Z-Move for the next few turns.

Some Anima Shards do not react to Z-Moves, and instead simply radiate their energy constantly.

Name Description Effect
Bond Shard
Anima en Madala
An Anima Shard found tied to the Resonator when you received it for your journey. Equips to the player. Allows EXP gained to be shared amongst the player's Pokémon. Similarly to the Exp Share of Generation 6 and 7, the Bond Shard causes all EXP earned to be split evenly amongst the party, with bigger portions going to active members. Cannot be equipped and also turned off, must be removed to deactivate.
Intellect Shard
Anima en Cerebala
An Anima Shard given by Jouliette after clearing her trial. Equips to the player. Boosts the user's Sp. Attack after a Z-Move. The Intellect Shard provides a 30% increase to the Special Attack stat of the Z-Move's user for a short duration. This boost scales as the base stat grows. Does not affect the base power of special moves.
Gale Shard
Anima en Tornadia
An Anima Shard given by Kira after clearing her trial. Equips to the player. Summons Tailwind upon using a Z-move. After using a Z-move, the Gale Shard will summon a Tailwind for free. Like the normal Tailwind, this boosts the entire party's speed for several turns while lowering the enemy party's speed.
Radiant Shard
Anima en Thermia
An Anima Shard given by Siegfried after clearing his trial. Equips to the player. Drastically increases chance to Burn the opponent after using a Z-move. After usage of a Z-Move, all moves that possess a chance of burning the opponent now have that chance doubled for a short duration. All moves gain an additional 5% chance to burn, even if it could not do so before.


Z-Crystals are crystalline objects supposedly made of raw elemental power, most known for their appearances in the Alola region. When held by a Pokémon, it enables them to upgrade their normal moves into powerful Z-moves, capable of turning the tide in battle and being powered by the new Z-charge mechanic. Z-crystals are collected throughout the story, but are not usable until Professor Kukui grants the player a Z-ring about a sixth of the way in.

Name Description
Normalium Z Given to the player by Lima upon receiving the Resonator.
Upgrades status Normal-type moves into Z-move variants.
Upgrades physical Normal-type moves to the Z-move Breakneck Blitz.
Upgrades special Normal-type moves into the Z-move Power Sphere.
Electrium Z Given to the player after defeating Jouliette.
Upgrades status Electric-type moves into Z-move variants.
Upgrades physical Electric-type moves to the Z-move Amplified Assault.
Upgrades special Electric-type moves into the Z-move Gigavolt Havoc.
Flyingium Z Given to the player after defeating Kira.
Upgrades status Flying-type moves into Z-move variants.
Upgrades physical Flying-type moves to the Z-move Supersonic Skystrike.
Upgrades special Flying-type moves into the Z-move Galeforce Gatling.
Firium Z Given to the player after defeating SIegfried.
Upgrades status Fire-type moves into Z-move variants.
Upgrades physical Fire-type moves to the Z-move Solar Strike.
Upgrades special Fire-type moves into the Z-move Inferno Overdrive.

Region Map


The region of Nazhico is based off of Central and South America, and is located on the same continent as the Unova region, introduced in Pokémon Black and White. As such, many Pokémon from Generation 5 make their return in Anima.

The region itself is separated into three parts: North Nazhico, which is more urban and industrialized and has a cooler climate, South Nazhico, which is largely desert and forest and possesses a more rural environment, and the Arinoh Archipelago, a small group of islands with an Alola-style resort complex built between them, which are located between the two larger portions of the region and are confined to the postgame.

Nazhico is known throughout the world for both its unique cultural heritage and the ruins that dominate a large area of South Nazhico. These ruins are said to be tied to an ancient culture known as the Mazin, who were wiped out by a plague centuries ago; their ruins and artifacts remain to this day. Nazhican culture as a whole is centered around the family, and the region itself is very interconnected, due to the primitive routes created by Mazin forbears and the ferry systems allowing easy access between the two primary halves of the region.

Anima Guardians

The Anima Guardians are Anima's replacement for the typical Gym Leader. Each of the 12 Guardians is a person who has been chosen to protect the secrets of the region with their lives. The Anima Guardians act as a fusion between Gym Leaders and Trial Captains; they each possess a unique trial and battle with a Totem Pokémon, but also culminate with a battle against the Guardian themselves.

Each Guardian grants the player with both a unique TM and an Anima Shard, and these challenges contain 12 out of the 42 shards obtainable in-game. The Guardians are also unique in that they are some of the few Trainers in the game to actually utilize Anima Shards themselves.

Name Description Rewards
A perky, peppy girl who's cheer captain at the Azafran Trainer's College. Her trial, as Guardian of Electricity, involves you assisting her in bringing the city's power plant back online by solving the puzzles and restarting all the control consoles. Doing this challenges the player to a version of Diamond and Pearl's Game Corner minigame, and the player must line up the slots to reset the console. The dials spin faster the farther along the player is.
As with all Anima Guardians, Jouliette's team changes depending on the point in the story you challenge her. However, she uses primarily Electric-types, and her signature Pokémon is Hanorobo. Her team relies on high Special Attack stats, compounded by the use of the powerful new Arc Lightning move and her Intellect Shard, which provides a passive Sp. Attack boost to her party.
  • TM107 - Arc Lightning
  • Intellect Shard
  • Electrium Z
A strong, fiercely determined woman who's trained to become a hero for years; she's also Opal's older sister. Her trial, as Guardian of Flight, is a race from the base to the peak of Mount Orizama, involving lots of rock climbing and running. Shortcuts can be taken along the way, but these will often result in a Pokémon battle of stronger caliber than the rest of the area. As this trial relies on player Stamina, it is recommended to have obtained at least one Nirvana Fruit before attempting.
As with all Anima Guardians, Kira's team changes depending on the point in the story you challenge her. However, she uses primarily Flying-types, and her signature Pokémon is Hawkrie (or Valkrygale if fought later on). True to her nature as an armored knight, her team is built around defense as opposed to speed; her deficiency in this department is mitigated by the use of the Gale Shard, which auto-summons Tailwind upon the start of the battle.
  • TM43 - Crescent Wind
  • Gale Shard
  • Flyingium Z
Siegfried is a famous chef, and one with an extremely brash and bold nature. He craves nothing less than perfection in everything he does, from his cooking to his Pokémon battles. Technically, his trial is attempted even before you even become aware of his position, as he sets you up at it upon meeting him in an attempt to show up his subordinate. His trial consists of making dishes using the various ingredients around the kitchen and cooking them to perfection.
As with all Anima Guardians, Siegfried's team changes depending on the point in the story you challenge him. However, he uses primarily Fire-types, and his signature Pokémon is Cumbustard (or Brulaskard if fought later on). Many of his Pokémon are strong, but lack physical defense, so he utilizes the power of his Radiant Shard to increase the chances that his Pokémon will inflict Burn. Not only will Burn deal damage over time and halve the victim's Attack, but he will also use Defense-boosting moves as well as Ignite to deter physical contact.
  • TM60 - Ignite
  • Radiant Shard
  • Firium Z

QR Events

Various event Pokémon distributed for various purposes to all players of the game. Only available for a limited time, all event Pokémon may be obtained via QR Code.

Note: All QR codes listed are fully functional.

Name Description Status QR Code
The Adventure Begins
A special Dovadine awarded to players near the launch of the game.
Event lasts from 11/21/16 to 2/13/16.
  • Ability: Serene Grace
  • Moveset:
    • Giga Drain
    • Aerial Ace
    • Life Breeze
    • Dazzling Gleam
  • Held Item: Golden Pin



  • Anima, similar to GameCube Pokémon titles Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness, lacks a secondary version, being its own self-contained story and lacking version specific Pokémon as a result.
    • However, the GTS and other trade-related features such as Wonder Trade remain, and small events in-game such as small modifications to encounter rates can be affected by the player's Trainer ID.
  • Anima is said to have a heavy focus on returning characters, attempting to have representation from all regions.


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