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Pyro Enterprises
Well, welcome to Pokémon Anima, a fangame made by me, Pyrostar.

Please do not edit it without my permission, but you are welcome to comment or talk to me on my userpage. Oh, and try to spot the over 9000 reference hidden within the text!

Pokémon Anima
Developer(s) Pyro Enterprises
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Pyrohedron
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s)
November 12th, 2025
1-2 players simultaneous
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Pyrohedron cartridge

Pokémon Anima is a Pokémon game developed by Pyro Enterprizes, meant to be a semi-reboot of the series and a reimagining of it from the director's point of view. It introduces approximately 75 new Pokémon, and introduces new mechanics while changing and rebalancing old ones such as Z-Moves.

Its mascots have not been revealed yet, but due to the fact that the game does not possess multiple versions like other Pokémon games, it is entirely possible that there may only be one legendary mascot.


The story begins with your character customizing the settings on their recently obtained PokéTek Data Storage Device, the game's variant on the Pokétch. This is where the player may enter the character's name, gender, and base customization option such as hair color and skin tone.

Upon the customization being completed, the player character puts the PokéTek away, revealing them to be travelling somewhere via train. As the train slows down and finally stops, they get up and exit into a large train station, plenty of people milling about. Looking through the crowd, they eventually spot a woman wearing a yellow dress waving to them, and the two rush together and share a hug before the woman leads them out of the station. The scene cuts to them inside a mid-sized house, reminiscent of traditional Mexican architecture.

I can't believe you're finally back home after those four years studying abroad in Unova! We all missed you, and we're all proud of your hard work and graduation! But above all else, I'm just glad you've come home to Nazhico, Gabe/Sarah. I know that with everything you've learned, you'll be an important person some day.

The player is given time to settle in and unpack before they receive a call on their PokéTek. The number is unfamiliar, but they open the call anyways; it's the regional Pokémon professor, Professor Mesquite.

Hey there, Gabe/Sarah! How's it been? Listen, I know you just got back, but... The wife and son are gone again. Sage and Alex. Probably doing field research without telling me. Those two are way more adventurous than I'll ever be... Anyways, can you tell them to come over? I've got some important findings I need to show them.
Prof. Mesquite

After dropping some of their things off in their room, the player runs from the house and is introduced to the starting town, Corazo Town. The player exits town, doing down a nearby dirt road and eventually finds a teen in red and orange clothes alongside a woman with a lab coat and light blue dress, talking with a black and red dragon-like Pokémon. As the Pokémon flies off, the two turn around to address the player, with the woman giving them a hug.

Professor Sage:Gabe/Sarah! I can't believe it! It's been so long!
Alex:Welcome back! Wow, it's been like four years since you went off to Unova! How was it? You happy to be home?
Professor Sage:Well, you can tell that Alejandro missed you. Now come on, tell us what's up.
Professor Sage:What's that? Rico wants us back? Well, if he's worried, there's no use keeping him waiting... C'mon, Alejandro. Let's head back home.
Alex:Alright, mom. Just you wait, Gabe/Sarah! Tonight, we'll throw the biggest fiesta the town's ever seen!


Name Description
The playable protagonists of Anima. After four years of college in the Unova region, they return to their home of Nazhico to begin their own Pokémon adventure. Much like past protagonist characters, they seem to be little more than a blank shell to let the player slip into their role. This time, however, they seem to possess more personality and will of their own. Gabe is the male option, and Sarah is the female option, though in a first for the series their sexual orientations are left ambiguous as they are typically only referred to with neutral pronouns, leaving the player to decide.
Charity The single mother of Gabe/Sarah, a strong and loving woman who cares deeply for their child. Charity is more active in the affairs of their child than past mothers in the series, being incredibly concerned for their well being and showing up across the region during her own travels. It is unknown how her husband died.
Professor Rico Mesquite One of the two professors of the Nazhico region. Mesquite is a timid and scatterbrained man who gets incredibly involved in his field of research; the bond between humans and Pokémon and seeing how the two are intertwined in society. Mesquite's a nice guy and an old friend of the family, but he's a coward and a bit neurotic. Has a loving relationship with his wife, fellow professor Sage.
Professor Angela Sage One of the two professors of the Nazhico region. Sage is a rambunctious and adventurous woman, though her loud, brash nature can sometimes intimidate people. While her husband (who it is rumored she made the first move to) researches the emotional bonds between humans and Pokémon, Sage is more blunt, being a biologist who studies the finer details of Pokémon anatomy and physiology in the field. Like Mesquite, she's an old friend of the family.
Alex Full name Alejandro Mesquite, the son of Professors Mesquite and Sage. A happy-go-lucky young boy and childhood friend of Gabe/Sarah, he is determined to follow in his parents' footsteps and become a Pokémon researcher. He seems a bit sheltered by his parents and has a hard time in a social setting, though he has no trouble with the player character. He utilizes the starter Pokémon weak to the player's.


No Area

Name Description Location Pokédex Entry
The Pepper Pokémon

Ability: Overgrow
Hidden Ability: Blaze
N/A (Starter) Spizard is a prey animal for many carnivorous creatures, and has developed a natural defense in the form of its oil excretions. Its scaly skin secretes a transparent oil similar to that of a pepper, which burns and irritates on contact with skin. Handle this Pokémon with caution, and be sure to either wear gloves or wash thoroughly before touching your face or eyes.
The Smoky Pokémon

Ability: Blaze
Hidden Ability: Torrent
N/A (Starter) Constantly generates heat from a water-filled organ near its heart. This consistent heat makes it on edge and irritable at almost all times, and it can be seen as cranky or grumpy by those who aren't familiar with its biology. In order to vent this heat, it stomps the ground and emits clouds of smoke. Cuddly and soft, but hate being hugged; it only makes them warmer.
The Aquahorse Pokémon

Ability: Torrent
Hidden Ability: Overgrow
N/A (Starter) Kelponi like to make their homes and breed in the oceanic regions of Nazhico. Babies of the species are remarkable excitable, and have strong enough muscles to the point where they are able to stand and even walk before they have even opened their eyes. They carry sea plants such as kelp and seaweed on their backs as a portable water source over long distances.

North Nazhico

Name Description Location Pokédex Entry

South Nazhico

Name Description Location Pokédex Entry

Anima Guardians

The Anima Guardians are Anima's replacement for the typical Gym Leader. Each of the 12 Guardians is a person who has been chosen to protect the secrets of the region with their lives. The Anima Guardians act as a fusion between Gym Leaders and Trial Captains; they each possess a unique trial and battle with a Totem Pokémon, but also culminate with a battle against the Guardian themselves.

Name Description Team TM Recieved




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