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Pyro Enterprises
Well, welcome to Pokémon Anima, a fangame made by me, Pyrostar.

Please do not edit it without my permission, but you are welcome to comment or talk to me on my userpage. Oh, and try to spot the over 9000 reference hidden within the text!

Pokémon Anima
Developer(s) Pyro Enterprises
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Pyrohedron
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s)
November 12th, 2025
1-2 players simultaneous
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Pyrohedron cartridge

Pokémon Anima is a Pokémon game developed by Pyro Enterprizes, meant to be a semi-reboot of the series and a reimagining of it from the director's point of view. It introduces approximately 120 new Pokémon, and introduces new mechanics while changing and rebalancing old ones such as Z-Moves.

Its mascots have not been revealed yet, but due to the fact that the game does not possess multiple versions like other Pokémon games, it is entirely possible that there may only be one legendary mascot.


Gameplay in Pokémon Anima is similar to the Generation 7 entries of Sun and Moon. The game remains on a full 3D plane of control, and running can be achieved at the start of the game simply by holding B. Running is more important in this installment, as it allows the user to perform limited parkour and is governed by a Stamina Meter similar to that of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Other actions, such as swimming without an aquatic Ride Pokémon, pulling heavy objects, or climbing drain the gauge as well. The gauge can be extended by consuming a Nirvana Fruit, obtained after certin intervals in the story and allowing the player to access more things.

Battle gameplay is largely unchanged from past entries, save a UI update. The Fight button has been completely removed from the equation, all four moves that a Pokémon possesses being displayed alongside the Tactics (containing the Switch and Run tabs from previous titles) and Items tabs. As in Sun and Moon, you can tap a Pokémon on either team to view their Ability (if it has been shown) and their stat increases or decreases.

There are many small elements changed in terms of how moves and abilities function, but the largest change to battle is the addition of Anima Shards, special Nazhican relics obtained throughout the story. There are approximately 42 Anima Shards in total, and unlike Z-Crystals and Mega Evolutions, are equipped to the player rather than the Pokémon in their party. Each Anima Shard radiates a passive buff over the entire party, such as a percentile stat increase, immunity to certain statuses, or other stranger effects.

Z-Moves have been reworked and balanced via the addition of Z-Charge. All Z-Moves require 1000 units of Z-Charge, which is generated by utilizing normal attacks. The algorithm for Z-Charge generation is as follows:

Charge Generated = (200 - Move Base Power) X 1.2 if Same-Type Attack Bonus

This rework means that Z-Moves will no longer auto-regenerate after battle like in their debut, but also means that if weak enough moves are used that multiple Z-moves can be used per battle. As in previous games, a Pokémon must be holding a Z-Crystal of a specific type to use that Z-Move.

Mega Evolution has been completely removed, having been replaced with the Synergium Z Z-Crystal. This unique Z-Crystal is compatible with any Pokémon and overwrites any and all moves with the Z-Evolution Z-Move. Z-Evolution gives the user Pokémon a BST stat boost comparable to that of a Mega Evolution, adding 120 points evenly to their stat total.

Changes from Past Entries




  • Nihilego's Ability has changed from Beast Boost to Ultra Mutation, and it has also learned Stone Edge, Gunk Shot, Acid Spray, and Neurotoxin.
  • Buzzwole's Ability has changed from Beast Boost to Compound Eyes, and it has learned Strength Sap.
  • Pheromosa's Ability has changed from Beast Boost to Queenly Majesty, and it has also learned Omni Attract.
  • Xurkitree's Ability has changed from Beast Boost to Lightning Rod, and it has learned Psychic and Solar Blade.
  • Kartana's Ability has changed from Beast Boost to Retaliation, and it has also learned Bullet Punch, Metal Claw, and Steel Wing.
  • Celesteela's Ability has changed from Beast Boost to Impact Force, and it has also learned Hyper Beam and Liftoff.
  • Guzzlord's Ability has changed from Beast Boost to Lifetaker, and it has also learned Recover, Dragon Pulse, and Dragon Claw.


The story begins with your character customizing the settings on their recently obtained PokéTek Data Storage Device, the game's variant on the Pokétch. This is where the player may enter the character's name, gender, and base customization option such as hair color and skin tone.

Upon the customization being completed, the player character puts the PokéTek away, revealing them to be travelling somewhere via train. As the train slows down and finally stops, they get up and exit into a large train station, plenty of people milling about. Looking through the crowd, they eventually spot a woman wearing a yellow dress waving to them, and the two rush together and share a hug before the woman leads them out of the station. The scene cuts to them inside a mid-sized house, reminiscent of traditional Mexican architecture.

I can't believe you're finally back home after those four years studying abroad in Unova! We all missed you, and we're all proud of your hard work and graduation! But above all else, I'm just glad you've come home to Nazhico, Gabe/Sarah. I know that with everything you've learned, you'll be an important person some day.

The player is given time to settle in and unpack before they receive a call on their PokéTek. The number is unfamiliar, but they open the call anyways; it's the regional Pokémon professor, Professor Mesquite.

Hey there, Gabe/Sarah! How's it been? Listen, I know you just got back, but... The wife and son are gone again. Sage and Alex. Probably doing field research without telling me. Those two are way more adventurous than I'll ever be... Anyways, can you tell them to come over? I've got some important findings I need to show them.
Prof. Mesquite

After dropping some of their things off in their room, the player runs from the house and is introduced to the starting town, Corazo Town. The player exits town, doing down a nearby dirt road and eventually finds a teen in red and orange clothes alongside a woman with a lab coat and light blue dress, talking with a black and red dragon-like Pokémon. As the Pokémon flies off, the two turn around to address the player, with the woman giving them a hug.

Professor Sage:Gabe/Sarah! I can't believe it! It's been so long!
Alex:Welcome back! Wow, it's been like four years since you went off to Unova! How was it? You happy to be home?
Professor Sage:Well, you can tell that Alejandro missed you. Now come on, tell us what's up.
Professor Sage:What's that? Rico wants us back? Well, if he's worried, there's no use keeping him waiting... C'mon, Alejandro. Let's head back home.
Alex:Alright, mom. Just you wait, Gabe/Sarah! Tonight, we'll throw the biggest fiesta the town's ever seen!

Time passes as the player spends time with their mother, reminiscing about the former's childhood and what had happened over the past few years. Charity almost breaks into tears thinking of what her child will grow up to be, and she embraces them in a big hug, welcoming them back to Nazhico. On that note, Mesquite, Sage, and Alex enter the house, showing that the town's been decorated in celebration of the player's return. After a few hours of partying, celebration, and food, Mesquite comes to a realization: the player never received a Nazhican starter. Considering it a "welcome home" gift, the professor throws out three Pokéballs, each containing one of the regional starters.

Once the player has selected a starter, Alex prepares to challenge his friend in a battle using one of the other starters, eager to battle them after not seeing them in so long. At first, his parents deny it, but he eventually convinces them to allow it, and he takes the starter weak to the player's.

After the battle, Alex congratulates the player for a battle well fought, and the party wraps up as the town retires to bed. However, while everyone else seems to be sleeping soundly, the player character is having issues getting to sleep, hearing some strange, eldritch noise in their head. While they attempt to get it out, they slowly open their eyes and notice a bright blue flame hovering over their head, which blinks out shortly thereafter. The noise subsided, the player returns to bed, curious as to what they've just witnessed.

When the player wakes up in the morning, they inform their bright-eyed mother about what transpired in their room last night. She simply brushes it off as stress, telling them to relax and rest after both the trip back and staying up late for the party. The player is still convinced something strange is going on, so after breakfast, they make their way towards the town's lab to ask Alex and his parents what had happened. When they entered the house, Alex wasn't there, and Mesquite and Sage were arguing about something; the argument ended when the two saw the guest enter their home. The player explains to them what happened the night before.

Prof. Sage:So... you say some blue flame just showed up out of nowhere and hovered around you? Are you certain this wasn't just a Litwick? After all, you were in Unova for four years.
Prof. Mesquite:Honey, this doesn't sound like the behavior of any Litwick we've seen before. It very well could be...
Prof. Sage:...Are you saying that it's... OK, as wild and ludicrous as it seems, we as scientists cannot rule out the possibility. Gabe/Sarah, it seems we're going to need you to do something for us.
Prof. Mesquite:We believe we may have a clue as to what's going on, but we will need you to go on a bit of a... pilgrimage. Take this Pokedex and-
Charity:And just what are you two doing?

The professors explain to Charity what they were talking about; they are convinced that whatever the player was discussing means that they would have to take a bit of a journey across the region of Nazhico. Unfortunately, Charity seemed incredibly against the idea: she pointed out that they had literally just returned home the day before, and that as their mother, there was no way they were going to let them head out on some huge country-trotting journey. The two professors simply stammered for a bit before shutting up, but the player simply stands firm, a look of determination in their eye. Charity looks exasperated for a second before sighing and saying that the player "was always a stubborn one", handing them a stack of cash worth about 5,000 P. Giving the player her blessing, Charity tells the two professors to take care of their child before walking away.

Before the player heads out, Mesquite gives them their mission: head around the region and search for a person called an "Anima Guardian". Only twelve exist in the entire region, and they would likely be the only ones to know what the player's vision meant. The player is told to visit Canela Town to the north of Corazo, as somebody who knows the whereabouts of the Anima Guardians will likely be there.

After a farewell to Charity and the professors, the player sets off on Route 1: Hearth Road. Along the way, Alex catches up to them, seemingly confused as to why nobody bothered to tell him about their friend leaving. The player explains the situation and the journey they plan to undertake to Alex, who then decides it's in both of their best interests for him to come along. The two continue down the winding path of Hearth Road until they reach Canela Town, a small settlement known for its crop exports. While Alex settles in the Pokémon Center to heal up his Pokémon, the player looks for anybody who could know the location of the Anima Guardians.

After exploring the town, the player encounters a young girl wearing a purple sweater talking to an old woman.

Girl:...So this is legit, right? This shard or whatever... It can help me find the Anima Guardians?
Old woman:Indeed. This Resonator was constructed from the Odd Keystone of a Nazhican Spiritomb, in tune with the Anima Shards wielded by the Guardians. However, it's not just something anybody can pick up and use.
Girl:...As evidenced by its lack of "resonation", as it were. This item seems to be a scam.
Old woman:Fufufufufu... It's real, alright. Why would I scam people with free things? It's counter-intuitive.
Girl:Hmph... Alright, then. I would like to purchase this device for a starting price of 10,000,000 P. I am prepared to go higher if necessary.
Old woman:Who are you really, girl?
Girl:I am here on behalf of Agate Works. We are very much interested in leads connected to the Anima Guardians. Now, if you;ll just-
Old woman:It ain't for sale, girlie. If it doesn't work for you, then quite clearly you don't deserve it.

On that remark, the girl remained silent for a second before running off holding the Resonator. As the old woman protested and alled for help, the player decided to run after her, certain that the Resonator would be important. Following them into the nearby Canela Forest, they pursued her until she was eventually cornered, and the girl found herself questioned by the player. While she introduced herself as Opal, she also seemed quite determined to keep the Resonator, saying it was "important". With no way out, she challenged the player to a Pokémon battle.

After defeating Opal, she dropped the Resonator, and the player immediately grabbed it in order to return it to the old woman. However, upon contacting it, the item began glowing, humming with a strange vibration. Opal realized that the old woman may have been correct, and that the player may have actually been destined for something involving the Resonator. She ran off, vowing to encounter the player again. The player returned to Canela Town, hoping to return the item to the old woman; however, she was gone.

Alex emerged from the Pokémon Center, having fully healed his team up after a surprising wait. He mentioned something about the nurse operating the center going into a back room for some reason, something he had never seen them do before, and it took a long time for her to come out and heal his Pokémon. On that note, he tagged along with the player again, saying that they were still going on their journey and that he'd be supporting them along the way. The player decided it would be best to keep searching for the old woman.

After a short time searching, the player finds the old woman in a house, being confronted by a man and a woman wearing dark yellow trenchcoats. They brought up the resonator again, demanding that the old woman hand it over lest she come to harm. Suddenly, the two noticed the player had entered the building, carrying the Resonator with them. Pulling out their Pokéballs, the assailants demanded that they hand over the Resonator. Unbeknownst to them, the old woman pulled out her own Pokéball, summoning a large spirit-like Pokémon that knocked the two over. As they fled the house, they vowed to get their hands on the resonator someday soon.

Finally alone, the old woman introduced herself to the players as Lima, a protector of the relic known as the Resonator. Seeing that the shard was glowing in the player's hand, Lima determined that the player was the first in a long time to be ready for the quest they were about to embark on, and gave them information. The twelve Anima Guardians, scattered across the region and chosen in secret every generation, guarded a secret of massive power, and only a chosen warrior would supposedly be able to unlock it. The Resonator would be their tool of choice, allowing the warrior to track down the Guardians and challenge them to trials meant to test the strength of both them and their Pokémon. That said, Lima handed two items to the player, a ceramic shard she called an Anima Shard and a mysterious white diamond-shaped crystal, and told them to go anywhere in Nazhico they wanted to find the Guardians.

The journey was on.

Pokémon Anima allows you to battle the Anima Guardians in any order you wish.
The order the Guardians are battled on this page is randomly chosen and not indicative of actual gameplay or story.

Jouliette, Guardian of Electricity

The player decided to head off to the nearest major city in search of an Anima Guardian: Azafran City. The trek down the route was simple and uneventful, but things became immediately more interesting as soon as they arrived. All the windows were blacked out, and all the heavy machinery seemed to be completely inactive. As Alex caught up with the player, he questioned how a blackout had happened so suddenly, stating that his PokéTek should have informed him Azafran had suffered a blackout. As Alex went to the authorities to ask what had happened, the player pulled the Resonator from their pocket, trying to find a Guardian.

Scanning the city eventually lead the player to the Trainer's College, which had also suffered from the blackout. Almost immediately upon entering, they encountered the principal talking to the few students there, assuring them that everything was alright. As they walked off, the students began talking to each other, their voices carrying a worried tone. One girl didn't seem very worried, instead walking up to the player and introducing herself.

Well, nice to see a fresh face on campus! Sorry about the blackout, by the way. We don't know what happened, but rest assured, it's not always like this. Now, is there anything I can do for... Wait, you say you're a college graduate already? Well, even if you aren't attending, let me just say thanks for coming! My name's Jouliette, head of the cheer squad. In my senior year myself, actually. Hey, if there's anything you need help with, just ask, alright? Now if you'll excuse me... I feel like I should check the generator room.
Pokémon Anima

She walked off to try to check to see what had happened with the power; as she left, the player's pocket began vibrating. The Resonator was picking something up from Jouliette.

The player decided to follow Jouliette down the hall, where she snuck through a door labelled "Generator Room: Off Limits", with a stamp resembling an O marking it as official. Seeing no choice, they followed her down into the generator room below the school, and after wandering around for a little bit, met back up with Jouliette, who found herself confronted by two people dressed similarly to the people who had been talking to Lima before.

Jouliette:Wha- What's going on down here? Who are you?
Mysterious Man:Nothing going on down here is of importance. You will return upstairs and discuss none of what you see here.
Jouliette:No, you tell me what's going on here! What are those Joltik doing on the generator?
Mysterious Woman:Feeding on electricity, as is normal for the species. We will not ask any further questions.
Jouliette:You... You people are sabotaging the generators! You're to blame for the blackouts, aren't you?!
Mysterious Man:If you will not comply, we will be forced to eliminate you.
Jouliette:No! It's my job as cheer captain to help this school out, and if it means battling you people, I'll do it! Gabe/Sarah! You take one, I'll take the other!

Kira, Guardian of Flight

Interlude 1

Siegfried, Guardian of Fire

Respicio, Guardian of Ice


Name Description
The playable protagonists of Anima. After four years of college in the Unova region, they return to their home of Nazhico to begin their own Pokémon adventure. Much like past protagonist characters, they seem to be little more than a blank shell to let the player slip into their role. This time, however, they seem to possess more personality and will of their own. Gabe is the male option, and Sarah is the female option, though in a first for the series their sexual orientations are left ambiguous as they are typically only referred to with neutral pronouns, leaving the player to decide.
Charity The single mother of Gabe/Sarah, a strong and loving woman who cares deeply for their child. Charity is more active in the affairs of their child than past mothers in the series, being incredibly concerned for their well being and showing up across the region during her own travels. It is unknown how her husband died.
Professor Rico Mesquite One of the two professors of the Nazhico region. Mesquite is a timid and scatterbrained man who gets incredibly involved in his field of research; the bond between humans and Pokémon and seeing how the two are intertwined in society. Mesquite's a nice guy and an old friend of the family, but he's a coward and a bit neurotic. Has a loving relationship with his wife, fellow professor Sage.
Professor Angela Sage One of the two professors of the Nazhico region. Sage is a rambunctious and adventurous woman, though her loud, brash nature can sometimes intimidate people. While her husband (who it is rumored she made the first move to) researches the emotional bonds between humans and Pokémon, Sage is more blunt, being a biologist who studies the finer details of Pokémon anatomy and physiology in the field. Like Mesquite, she's an old friend of the family.
Alex Full name Alejandro Mesquite, the son of Professors Mesquite and Sage. A happy-go-lucky young boy and childhood friend of Gabe/Sarah, he is determined to follow in his parents' footsteps and become a Pokémon researcher. He seems a bit sheltered by his parents and has a hard time in a social setting, though he has no trouble with the player character. He utilizes the starter Pokémon weak to the player's.
Opal Full name Opal Agate, daughter of the president of Agate Works. She's extremely anti-social and prides herself on her strength as a Pokémon trainer, to the point of her opinion of others being based on their strength. It's unknown what her relationship with her parents are, but given her nature towards the company, it seems as though she desperately wants to make them proud. She does not use a starter Pokémon, but utilizes an Azlem (or Golezuma in later areas of the story) equipped to be a type superior to the player's starter.
Jouliette The head cheerleader on the team at the Nazhican Trainer's College, a perky young girl with plenty of team spirit. She gets along with others extremely well, especially the player, and she's supposedly a social powerhouse with friends in high places.
More TBA.
Lima A mysterious old woman with a link to the Anima Guardians. Being the one to possess the Anima Resonator, she is the one who technically kickstarts the player's mission to find the Guardians. She's a charming, possibly senile old woman, but her Pokémon mastery is truly a force to be reckoned with.


No Area

Name Description Location Pokédex Entry
The Pepper Pokémon

Ability: Overgrow
Hidden Ability: Blaze
N/A (Starter) Spizard is a prey animal for many carnivorous creatures, and has developed a natural defense in the form of its oil excretions. Its scaly skin secretes a transparent oil similar to that of a pepper, which burns and irritates on contact with skin. Handle this Pokémon with caution, and be sure to either wear gloves or wash thoroughly before touching your face or eyes.
The Smoky Pokémon

Ability: Blaze
Hidden Ability: Torrent
N/A (Starter) Constantly generates heat from a water-filled organ near its heart. This consistent heat makes it on edge and irritable at almost all times, and it can be seen as cranky or grumpy by those who aren't familiar with its biology. In order to vent this heat, it stomps the ground and emits clouds of smoke. Cuddly and soft, but hate being hugged; it only makes them warmer.
The Aquahorse Pokémon

Ability: Torrent
Hidden Ability: Overgrow
N/A (Starter) Kelponi like to make their homes and breed in the oceanic regions of Nazhico. Babies of the species are remarkable excitable, and have strong enough muscles to the point where they are able to stand and even walk before they have even opened their eyes. They carry sea plants such as kelp and seaweed on their backs as a portable water source over long distances.

North Nazhico

Name Description Location Pokédex Entry
The Sereque Pokémon

Ability: Pickup/Frisk
Hidden Ability: Pickpocket
Route 1: Hearth Road This small rodent-like Pokémon loves taking and hiding small objects, storing them for later. While the most common thing for an Agoutine to take is small fruits and nuts, they have been known to steal jewelry as well. Studies have shown that the females are highly protective of its offspring; for the first few weeks after birth, they will even bar males from entry to the nest.
The Roadrunner Pokémon

Ability: Immunity/Nimble
Hidden Ability: Speed Boost
Route 1: Hearth Road Though flightless, Chickoo are extremely fast runners, and their legs are muscular enough and sharp enough to deliver painful kicks in self-defense. They are known for clearing out poisonous Pokémon such as Cobrine, and as such are referred to the "snake killer" by thankful Nazhicans. Affectionate and flighty, rather scatterbrained.
The Jewel Pokémon

Ability: Swarm/Reflective
Hidden Ability: Dazzling
Route 1: Hearth Road The crystalline barrier around a Dazzelda is actually a gelatinous barrier it creates to protect itself. It is high in carbon, which may explain why it hardens into a brittle, diamond-like substance when separated from the Pokémon's gooey body. This "fool's diamond" is highly sought by poachers and money grubbers, so Dazzelda is consistently on the Nazhican watch list.
The Liquid Venom Pokémon

Ability: Lethal Poison/Dry Skin
Hidden Ability: Merciless
Route 1: Hearth Road The venom of a Cobrine is rather harmless compared to most toxins, but also contains high amounts of draculin, a compound that stops blood from clotting. Death is more likely to occur from bleeding out than the poison itself. Highly territorial and constantly seeking to expand its turf, Cobrine are feared the region over and Chickoo are bred to prey on them for safety.
The Rock Pokémon

Ability: Magnet Pull/Sturdy
Hidden Ability: Galvanize
Route 1: Hearth Road A regional variant of Geodude found in the Alola region, immigrated through some trainer bringing them between regions. Constructed of highly magnetic iron as opposed to the granite of their Kantonian counterparts. Alolan Geodude consistently emit low-frequency magnetism that has a soothing effect on the body, and are not strong enough to damage electronics.
The Sewing Pokémon

Ability: Swarm/Chlorophyll
Hidden Ability: Overcoat
Canela Forest Sewaddle are beloved for their plentiful amounts of silk, which the Pokémon uses to create "clothes" for itself. Humans have taken to dying Sewaddle silk and making clothes by hand instead of via machine. As Nazhico features more predatory Pokémon than Unova does, Sewaddles have developed a more aggressive regional evolution.
The Burning Pokémon

Ability: Swarm/Flame Touch
Hidden Ability: Flame Body
Canela Forest Typically docile, Cindant attack in swarms if their nests are disturbed. Their jaws can ignite with small flames triggered by flammable oil produced in their glandular systems. Cindant swarms can take down targets infinitely bigger than them; unfortunately, it is extremely hard to keep their population in check without resorting to more deadly means.
The Honey Bear Pokémon

Ability: Static/Motor Drive
Hidden Ability: Thunderdance
Canela Forest Pokajoules are tree-climbing Pokémon, attacking the nests of Vibree and Combee to collect the sweet nectars within. It becomes quickly attached to those who feed it honey. Bizarrely, its ribcage possesses piston-like muscles that pump like an engine to generate electricity, and it uses this to dash at high speeds.
The Hearing Pokémon

Ability: Healer/Regenerator
Hidden Ability: Klutz
Everywhere Audino is a very migratory Pokémon, found across the continent in rare numbers. Its antennae possess the ability to sense emotions such as pain and fear over long distances via limited empathic abilities, and it does its best to heal the injured party. Unfortunately, their unique properties of granting large amounts of experience has lead to them being actively hunted down.
The Carbon Pokémon

Ability: Dormant
Hidden Ability: Slow Start
Azafran Caverns Covered in a black rocky coating that leaves black markings on things it contacts, this Pokémon is made out of pure carbon. It seems to be subjecting itself to high amounts of pressure within its black shell, and as such is very, very dense for its size. It is idle, simply standing around and consuming moss and other plantlife, saving its energy to compress itself further.
The Cannoneer Pokémon

Ability: Mega Launcher/Spread Shot
Hidden Ability: Sturdy
??? Turtank are heavily territorial, and defend their deep burrows with their lives. Their heavy iron jaws consume rock and compact it, which is stored within a secondary stomach within its shell. When threatened, they launch the compacted rock cannonballs at their foes with astounding amounts of force.
The Royal Golem Pokémon

Ability: Protean
Hidden Ability: Ancient Being
??? A small golem covered in moss and runes. Nobody is sure where Azlem came from, but it has been linked to the ancient civilization that once lived in Nazhico. It contains high amounts of energy seemingly related to evolutionary stones, and can switch its elemental type almost at will. Said to be able to sense royal bloodline.

South Nazhico

Name Description Location Pokédex Entry

Ultra Beasts

Name Description Location Pokédex Entry

New Abilities

Name Description
Ancient Being This Pokémon has attained a hidden power not known by man for many decades. All stats increase by one stage every three turns.
Dormant This Pokémon has yet to reveal its true potential. Its stats are reduced to 33% normal, save for its HP.
Impact Force The biology and structure of the Pokémon completely nullifies the impact of recoil, instead turning it directly into more damage.
Lethal Poison The venom of this Pokémon is extremely deadly, naturally enhancing Poison-type attacks. Also causes all Poison inflicted by the user to become Toxic Poison.
Lifetaker By consuming life force from unconscious foes, the Pokémon recovers 25% of their max HP upon KOing an opponent.
Nimble Strong leg muscles give this Pokémon increased dodging skill when adrenaline gets flowing. Raises the user's evasiveness by one stage when it dodges an attack.
Reflective The Pokémon's glistening coat creates a refractive effect. Extends the duration of screen moves such as Reflect and Light Screen.
Retaliation The Pokémon exudes a menacing aura. Attackers receive 30% of the damage they deal to the user.
Thunderdance This Pokémon's electromagnetic aura summons a Lightning Storm upon entry to battle.
Ultra Mutation Energy from the Ultra Wormhole enhances the Pokémon's DNA at half HP, changing their form, refilling all their HP, and changing their ability to Beast Boost.

New Moves

Name Description Type Base Power PP
Coralhorn Striking forward with a horn made of coral, the user both attacks and scatters broken coral bits, which damage enemy Pokémon that switch in for 2 turns.
Pepper Bomb The user creates a string of spicy peppers that promptly combust. This attack has a much higher chance of inflicting Burn than normal.
Steam Strike After a quick punch, the user generates a thick steam cloud that lowers the target's accuracy.

Anima Shards

Anima Shards are items that are equipped to the player as opposed to the Pokémon in their party, and radiate their energy over the entire party at once. Each shard has a unique passive effect that can be used to enhance the player's strategy.

Name Description Effect
Bond Shard
Anima en Madala
An Anima Shard found tied to the Resonator when you received it for your journey. Equips to the player. Allows EXP gained to be shared amongst the player's Pokémon. Similarly to the Exp Share of Generation 6 and 7, the Bond Shard causes all EXP earned to be split evenly amongst the party, with bigger portions going to active members. Cannot be equipped and also turned off, must be removed to deactivate.


Z-Crystals are crystalline objects supposedly made of raw elemental power, most known for their appearances in the Alola region. When held by a Pokémon, it enables them to upgrade their normal moves into powerful Z-moves, capable of turning the tide in battle and being powered by the new Z-charge mechanic. Z-crystals are collected throughout the story, but are not usable until Professor Kukui grants the player a Z-ring about a sixth of the way in.

Name Description
Normalium Z Upgrades status Normal-type moves into Z-move variants.
Upgrades physical Normal-type moves to the Z-move Breakneck Blitz.
Upgrades special Normal-type moves into the Z-move Power Sphere.

Region Map


The region of Nazhico is based off of Central and South America, and is located on the same continent as the Unova region, introduced in Pokémon Black and White. As such, many Pokémon from Generation 5 make their return in Anima.

The region itself is separated into three parts: North Nazhico, which is more urban and industrialized and has a cooler climate, South Nazhico, which is largely desert and forest and possesses a more rural environment, and the Arinoh Archipelago, a small group of islands with an Alola-style resort complex built between them, which are located between the two larger portions of the region and are confined to the postgame.

Nazhico is known throughout the world for both its unique cultural heritage and the ruins that dominate a large area of South Nazhico. These ruins are said to be tied to an ancient culture known as the Mazin, who were wiped out by a plague centuries ago; their ruins and artifacts remain to this day. Nazhican culture as a whole is centered around the family, and the region itself is very interconnected, due to the primitive routes created by Mazin forbears and the ferry systems allowing easy access between the two primary halves of the region.

Anima Guardians

The Anima Guardians are Anima's replacement for the typical Gym Leader. Each of the 12 Guardians is a person who has been chosen to protect the secrets of the region with their lives. The Anima Guardians act as a fusion between Gym Leaders and Trial Captains; they each possess a unique trial and battle with a Totem Pokémon, but also culminate with a battle against the Guardian themselves.

Each Guardian grants the player with both a unique TM and an Anima Shard, and these challenges contain 12 out of the 42 shards obtainable in-game. The Guardians are also unique in that they are some of the few Trainers in the game to actually utilize Anima Shards themselves.

Name Description Team TM Recieved Anima Shard



  • Anima, similar to GameCube Pokémon titles Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness, lacks a secondary version, being its own self-contained story and lacking version specific Pokémon as a result.
    • However, the GTS and other trade-related features such as Wonder Trade remain, and small events in-game such as small modifications to encounter rates can be affected by the player's Trainer ID.
  • Anima is said to have a heavy focus on returning characters, attempting to have representation from all regions.


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