This is chapters one through three of Coke Dimensions' story, Pokémon Hex - Shiny Suicune arc.

Chapter 1

"Mommy, Caitlin's dad said he'd take me home!" At the age of six, Cobalt was about to take a ride on the back of a truck to his house. His mother had a meeting, So Cobalt boarded the back of the truck and went through the woods. Foolishness at this age led to an event which almost cost him his life. "Huh?" Cobalt saw a beautiful figure run through the Ilex Forest. "Mister! Mister!" Cobalt nagged the man driving. "I saw something! It was big and fast and-huh?" Cobalt then realized that the man wasn't hearing any of this. So Cobalt jumped out of the truck and into the forest. He spent much time searching for the beautiful creature before a thunderstorm started. Scared, he tried to find his way out of the forest. However, he ended up near a lake. "WHOA!" He slipped in, and he didn't know how to swim. The water was cold. And then, before passing out, the last thing he saw was that beautiful creature approach him, then he fell asleep.

Two weeks later, he woke up. His mom said that he had been in a coma for two weeks after mysteriously appearing on her doorstep. Angry, she called the man who drove him home. "I reckon that boy just hopped out of the truck. I heard him mumbling 'bout something. When I got to your house, he wasn't in the back. It ain't my fault." His mom sighed. "Maybe you're right, he got out on his own...but why?" She then went to Cobalt's bedroom. "Sweetie, why did you jump out of the truck?" Cobalt sat up and rubbed his eyes. "I saw this beautiful Pokémon! It was blue, an-and shining, and-" Cobalt's mom interrupted him. "I've heard stories like that, but why on earth did you jump off? You might've DIED!" "I'm sorry, Mommy, it's just...I saw something beautiful...I felt like my life was tied to it." "Well, only time can tell. Whatever saved your life was a miracle." This "creature" he spoke of was a rare sight to see...a Shiny Suicune.

Five years later, as a Pokémon trainer, Cobalt was exploring the Ilex Forest, finally having the opportunity to search for the thing that saved his life. He felt the same wind he had felt 5 years ago, however unaware that this was the same wind. "Brr...I thought this was summer...." Cobalt said to himself. He walked through many clearings and pathways with his trusty Croconaw and his new partner Poliwhirl. Poliwhirl cleared away some bushes, and Cobalt was at the same lake that he was at before. "'s so beautiful..." Cobalt said in awe of the lake's beauty. "I wonder if-" Cobalt was cut off by a rushing sound, and then felt wind pass him. His jaw dropped as the beautiful Pokémon who saved his life sprinted by, and over the water. Cobalt quickly came to his senses and got out his Pokédex, but he wasn't fast enough to record the full data. All that the high-tech encyclopedia could pick up was an alternate coloration...otherwise known as "shiny."

"I know I saw it. That Pokémon! It was the same one that saved my life 5 years ago! I'm sure of it!!" Cobalt was desperate to convince his mom that he had seen the Shiny Pokémon that had saved him. That night, he stayed up to draw a picture of it and show it to Professor Elm. In the morning, after breakfast, Cobalt biked from Azalea Town, all the way to New Bark Town, to show Professor Elm all of the evidence he had. At the lab, a young girl was sitting at a desk. "Um, excuse me," Cobalt asked, "Is the professor here?" The girl spun around. "No, not currently. But who are you and what are you here for?" She asked. "I'm Cobalt, from Azalea Town, and I'm here to show Professor Elm the evidence I collected on a Shiny Legendary Pokémon in Ilex Forest, Five years ago, it saved my life. Yesterday, I saw it!" Cobalt explained. "'Kay, I'm Beryl, Elm's assistant," Beryl introduced. "This, I have heard reports of. I'm really interested in this topic. How about I go look for it with you tomorrow?" Beryl asked. "Uh..." Cobalt was blushing. "Sure!" "Okay, then. NOW GET OUT!"

Beryl and Cobalt went on a jungle safari that next day. They came to the lake, and waited for a long time. "I'm starting to not believe you," Beryl claimed. "Which way did it run?" "That way." Cobalt pointed to the left. "Then, we should set up camp not far from there." Beryl suggested. This plan worked, and the two trainers recorded the data as a Shiny Suicune. They went back to Elm faster than they had ever run. Elm was shocked at this, as he never believed the reports while Beryl did. "You owe me $40 now, Professor. That was the bet." Beryl laughed. On their way out, another aid of Elm's got the attention of Cobalt and Beryl. "Can I borrow your Pokédexes for a day?" The aid asked. "Uh...sure." Beryl confirmed. "What about you, Cobalt?" Beryl asked. "Uh...yeah, I guess." Cobalt confirmed. "Thank you! I will have them back in a day!"

Two days passed, and the Pokédexes were not returned. On the third day, the aid was missing. On the fifth day... "In here!" The aid whispered. "Huh?" Beryl turned around. All of a sudden, a bunch of people in black uniforms broke in and robbed Elm. Among them was the aid. Beryl sent out her Azumarill to help, but failed. The next day, everything was back in order. Cobalt walked in. "Cobalt!" Beryl ran to Cobalt. "What?" Cobalt asked. "Team Rocket just robbed the lab! We were tricked!" Beryl said frantically. "Tricked into what?" Cobalt asked. "Tricked into giving the only Pokédexes with data of a Shiny Suicune in the world to an evil organization!"

Chapter 2

Chapter 3


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