The Shiny Suicune Arc is the first arc in Pokémon Hex.


Chapter 1 Overview

A young kid named Cobalt, with a dead father, gets lost in the woods during a thunderstorm. He faints on the ground be a lake, and the last thing he sees is a figure, who seemed to be going towards him. He wakes up two weeks later in his home, after going through a coma. His mother said that some sort of miracle happened and it brought him home. Years later, as a Pokémon Trainer, Cobalt witnesses the figure again, unaware that this is the figure who saved his life. He whips out his Pokédex, and it only recognizes that the figure had an alternate coloration. Cobalt speaks to Professor Elm about this, and meets Beryl, a girl who tells Cobalt about the legends of a mysterious Pokémon living in Ilex Forest. Beryl decides to go look for it, and asks Cobalt if he wants to come, which he accepts. They find it, and Beryl is stunned. They both whip out their Pokédexes to record data, and this is revealed to be a very rare Suicune, one of alternate coloration. Beryl deems this as a "Shiny Pokémon." When the two ambitious trainers return to Elm, an aid of his asks to take the Pokédexes for "special research." Days later, Beryl nor Cobalt get their Pokédexes back, and the aid hasn't returned. He then returns with a bunch of other people, who raid Elm's lab and take all of the information. It is then revealed that the aid who took Cobalt and Beryl's Pokédexes was a Team Rocket administrator.

Chapter 2 Overview

Chapter 3 Overview

Chapter 4 Overview

Chapter 5 Overview

Chapter 6 Overview


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