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Pokemon H.E. is a game set on October 31 in Johto.George and Jane wanted to start their journey today.You play as George (Dressed as a Tauros) or Jane (Dressed as a Charmander).The game is created by Smart's Man Inc.,Nintendo and Game Freak.The game is for Wii.

Playable Characters

  • George - Tauros - Male
  • Jane - Charmander - Female

Starter Pokemon

If you choose George you can choose these pokemon:

If you choose Jane you get these pokemon:


  • George - Playable Male Character - Tauros
  • Jane - Playable Female Character - Charmander
  • Professor Pine - The professor of the game - Arbok
  • Ash Ketchum - Your best friend and partner who stays with you if you choose George - Pikachu
  • Jody - Your best friend and partner who stays with you if you choose Jane - Nidorina
  • Jack Surge - Lt.Surge's son and your rival if you choose George - Elekid
  • Misty Lou - Misty's daughter and your rival if you choose Jane - Staryu

Gym Leaders

  • Jack & Jill - Fire type trainers - Vulpix & Flareon
  • Deedee - Water type trainer - Squirtle
  • Erika - Grass type trainer - Bulbasaur
  • Mat - Ghost type trainer - Duskull
  • Roger - Bug type trainer - Pinsir
  • Bob Wolve - Psychic (pronounced:Sy-kick) type trainer - Kadabra
  • Hottbugers (pronounced:Hot-Boogers) - Rock type trainer - Golem
  • Hori (pronounced:Hor-e) - Ground type trainer - Quagsire

Elite Four

  • Boxer Mac - Fighting Type - Machamp
  • Wire Man Alaho (pronounced A-lay-ho) - Electric type - Jolteon
  • Normal Man Pete - Normal type - Dodrio
  • Spookster Jacob - Dark type - Umbreon
  • Champion Jack Surge & Misty Lou - Mixture - Elekid & Staryu

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