After defeating the Gym Leaders and the Elite 4, the player gain access to the Pokéstar Studios, located in Yuhi City. Here the player can make Pokémon "movies".


The CofagrigusEdit

"A group of teenagers decided to go in a haunted pyramid in search of treasures, but, they discovered a creepy creature..."

This is the first movie and it's the only movie available from the start. It's a "horror" movie focused on teenagers in a search in a treasure in a haunted pyramid, where a Cofagrigus is sleeping. This movie is a parody to The Mummy.

  • The Cofagrigus 1: Oh no, a giant golem appeared on your way for the pyramid!. Beat the opponent in 10 turns.
  • The Cofagrigus 2: The Cofagrigus found you! Don't let the opponent defeat you in 12 turns.
  • The Cofagrigus 3: Escape from the pyramid. Use the D-Pad to dodge from the obstacles.


  • Good Ending: All the teenagers escapes. To achieve this, dodge from every obstacle on The Cofagrigus 3.
  • Bad Ending: The teenagers escapes, but, Cofagrigus curse them. To achieve this, you have to fail on The Cofagrigus 2 and The Cofagrigus 3.
  • Strange Ending: The pyramid turns into a golem and spit out the teenagers. To achieve this, don't do anything in The Cofagrigus 3.

Mystery on S.S. AnneEdit

"During a travel, one pokémon disappeared, the detective <name of player> needs to discover where the Pokémon is."

This is the second movie and unlocked after you achieve the Good Ending on The Cofagrigus. It's a "mystery" movie where you have to search for a Pokémon who disappeared.

  • Mystery on S.S. Anne 1: Find clues about the Pokémon, use the touch pad to click on something, press L or R to zoom in or zoom out and press the D-Pad to choose a location.
  • Mystery on S.S. Anne 2: A mysterious person appeared! Stop him. Defeat the opponent in 10 turns.
  • Mystery on S.S. Anne 3: Oh no he escaped! Follow him! Use the touch screen to move your boat.


  • Good Ending: The Detective manage to catch up the mysterious person who has the kidnapped pokémon. To achieve this, be fast on Mystery on S.S. Anne 3.
  • Bad Ending: The Detective fails in catch up the mysterious person, who flees. To achieve this, don't do anything in Mystery on S.S. Anne 3.
  • Strange Ending: The Detective simply sleeps on the boat and forget about the kidnapped Pokémon. To achieve this, find all the useless things on Mystery on S.S. Anne 1.


  • Master Ball: Get all the Good Endings.
  • Great Ball: Get all the Bad Endings.
  • Pokéball: Get all the Strange Endings.