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Pokémon Granite continues the adventure in 3-D!(for the Nintendo Wii).The region that this game is in is the Byrogg Region.Pokemon Granite Version is a continuation of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. In this game you can catch the starters from every game including this one!

New Pokémon

  • Hikster (1st evolution)
  • Bastar
  • Fireblade (STARTER)(1st evoloution)
  • Hika-bika-boo(Stage 2 evolves from Hikster)
  • Flarefinder (Stage 2 evolves from Fireblade)
  • Leafthrower (STARTER)(1st Evoloution)
  • Flameblade (Stage 3 evolves from Flarefinder)
  • Squirtler (Use a water stone on Squirtle)
  • Ghossler
  • King Ghosstler (Use a Haunted Stone on Ghossler)
  • Splashu (STARTER)(1st evoloution)
  • Vinetop (2nd Stage evolves from Leafthrower)
  • Sprinkpuff (2nd Stage evolves from Splashu)
  • Treetopple (3rd Stage evolves from Vinetop)
  • Headfist
  • Iwanttosplashu (3rd Stage evolves from Sprinkpuff)


  • Iwanttosplashu's name is actually a sentence:I want to splash u.

Gym Leaders

  • Petrozza Type:Fire
  • Xelionster Type:Ghost
  • Kris Type:Psychic
  • Jon Type:Normal
  • Sandra Type:Flying
  • Vlareh Type:Grass
  • Jameela Type:Poison
  • Josh Type:Dragon
  • Master Sunfuii Type:Fighting
  • King Raz Type:Ice
  • Patty Type:Bug

Elite Four

  • Prince Maux Type:Water
  • Lt. Elrect Type:Electric
  • Cipher Admin Pheonix Type:Ground
  • Mr. "Brawl" Wilson Type:Rock
  • Champion Rog Type:Mix

Champion Rog's Pokemon

  • Lucario lv.56 (Steel & Fighting)
  • Venusaur lv.61 (Grass)
  • Headfist lv.50 (Normal & Fighting)
  • Iwanttosplashu (Grass & Water)
  • Lickilicky (Normal)
  • Hitmontop (Fighting)

The bad team

In this game the bad team is Team Granite



Will there be a sequel to this game?


I have been thinking about that.If there was one I'll call it Pokémon Fire Gem Version.

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