Pokémon Glitch Fighters
Platform Wii U
Genre Fighting
Developers GAME FREAK, Cannonball Games
Ratings 12, T, B

Pokémon Glitch Fighters is a game created by Nintendo and Game Freak after they realised that the glitch Pokémon seen in Pokémon Red and Blue were rapidly increasing in popularity. The gameplay is very similar to other fighting games, except you have to fill the opponent's health bar instead of lower it, because glitches.


Each glitch has a standard attack, a combo attack, an aerial attack, a grab attack, and a special move. Each move fills up a different amount of HP on the opponent's bar if they connect, and whoever fills the opponent's health bar up first is the winner. Due to a glitch, there is a 15% chance that the person who filled up the bar will be the loser.

Stat modifiers may appear throughout the match. They all look the same and either raise or lower a stat randomly, for example attack or speed. Some glitches may not even get a buff or a nerf at all. These modifiers last for 10 seconds before wearing off, but due to a glitch there is a 15% chance that the modifiers last for 100 seconds instead.


You can also check up on each glitch Pokémon using the Glitch Check sub-menu. Unfortunately, due to a glitch, there is a 15% chance all the glitch Pokémon will be upside-down.

There is also an in-game shop where you can purchase stat modifiers to apply to fighters. This mode is useless 15% of the time.

Starting Characters

Name Picture Description Special Move
MISSINGNO. Missingno MISSINGNO. is the most well known glitch Pokémon out there, and it's a very balanced fighter who can shoot water and shoot beams made of wind at its opponent. Form Changer - MISSINGNO. can turn into a ghost and back, making itself invisible, and it can dodge an attack. There is a 15% chance that it will turn into a fossil instead, improving its defences and mobility but lowering its attack.
'M Missingno 'M looks identical to MISSINGNO., but the two are actually rather different. For example, 'M is faster than MISSINGNO. and can use a pounding attack that delivers a serious beatdown. Kangaskhan - 'M can turn into Kangaskhan and bite at its opponent before turning back again.
h POKé Missingno RB h POKé is a very heavy fighter. It has strong attack power, but its speed is its Achilles' Heel. Its biography is also very scrambled. Shadow Gas - Since h POKé is a Gengar hybrid, it can combine its Poison and Ghost roots to produce a noxious gas that stuns opponents.
ゥ .4 .4 Despite its entry saying otherwise, ゥ .4 is actually quite light. It has good air speed and has good jumping skills. Super Glitch - ゥ .4 messes up the background and causes the opponent glitch to fall inside the ground.
ゥL ゥM 4 LM4 ゥL ゥM 4 is a pretty good swimmer, so its prowess can be displayed on the Cinnabar Island arena. It can also use watery aerials and grabs to make the battle go swimmingly for itself. Hydro Pump - A big blast of water pushes the opponent away, causing damage while it does so.
PokéWTrainer PokéWTrainer PokéWTrainer performs better on the ground than in the air, due to being a Ground-type. It is because of this that its aerial is weak, giving opponents an opening to attack. Ground-Up Grab - PokéWTrainer grabs opponents and shoves them into the ground, then kicks them away.
4 4 4 4 4 4 is very odd, as it cannot be seen from behind, which makes for a very interesting fight. This semi-invisibility can be used to fool the opponent (and the person playing as 4 4) Freezin' Cold - 4 4 can freeze the opponents in a solid chunk of black ice, a reference to the fact that it couldn't be seen without freezing via the Mew glitch.
4 4 Hy 4 4 Hy 4 4 Hy utilises psychic techniques and powers to bend the opponent's mind. It is more suited to long ranged attacks than close-range combat. Evolution Time - 4 4 Hy can turn into either Q ◣ or ゥ▾ ゥ♂, depending on the situation given. If 4 4 Hy is winning, it evolves into Q ◣ and loses its ranged attacks. If it is losing, then it evolves into ゥ▾ ゥ♂ and gains a fire attack. Both of the transformations last for 7 seconds.
'v 'v 'v can shoot glitchy blocks at the opponent, or utilise them in special ways, for example chaining them to increase its grab range. Block Shield - 'v sets down a block in front of it and uses it as a shield. It can block attacks this way.
PKMN ? A PKMN qmark A PKMN ? A is a Nidorino, but it can teleport, and it can shoot poison horns at the opponent. Toxic - The opponent becomes poisoned, and its health bar goes up rapidly.

Unlockable Characters

Name Picture Description Special Move
▶ A A (glitch) ▶ A is the first character you unlock, and it can sing its opponents to sleep, making them vulnerable for a few seconds. Red Warning - ▶ A makes the screen flash red, causing damage to the opponent. This move was toned down in a patch after people complained it was a bit too bright.
a A (nother glitch) a is quite close with ゥL ゥM 4, as both utilise water attacks, and have excellent swimming skills. However, a is smaller and lighter than ゥL ゥM 4. Horn Drill - a crunches into the opponent six times in rapid succession with a horn. Most of the time this move has terrible accuracy, but if it connects, the opponents HP bar will be full to the brim.
▼ W G d W G d ▼ W G d is a taller, slightly heavier version of PKMN ? A, but looks like a scrambled selection of blocks. It can also use 'v's block moves, making it a combination of the two. Screech - ▼ W G d screeches, lowering the opponents defence and stunning them. This can be followed up by a second screech that damages.
h 4Pゥ ゥ... H 4P h 4Pゥ ゥ... constantly floats, making it the only glitch to lack ground moves. Because of this, it has strong aerial attacks. Hi Jump Kick - h 4Pゥ ゥ... slams the bottom of its body on the opponent, burying them in the ground. The move also provides it with invulnerability.
] [1] Squarebracketglitch This glitch is the opposite of h 4Pゥ ゥ..., as it cannot jump. Its ground moves have been buffed up as a consequence. This is a bit ironic since it is a Flying type, but the developers needed something to contrast h 4Pゥ ゥ... with. Mimic - ] copies the last move the opponent used back at them. This may have unexpected side effects, such as fire.
3TrainerPoké $ 3TrainerPoke 3TrainerPoké $ acts as a more unstable version of 'M. He has almost the same moves (and the same hexadecimal slot) as 'M, bar a different special move. EEEEEEEEEEE - 3TrainerPoké $ fills the screen with E's, tripping the opponent up, and attacking the opponents weak point (for massive damage).
OPKMN4X OPKMN4X OPKMN4X is a creepy-crawly bug glitch. It has many bug-like moves and attacks, all involving creeping and crawling in some way. Bird of Prey - OPKMN4X can become a Spearow. This will allow it to attack with a beak, as well as creepy-crawly bug attributes.
'r 'r 4 'r 'r 4 This glitch is good at disguises. It will pretend to be either MISSINGNO. or ゥL ゥM 4 (it's random) when it enters battle, however its moves will quickly give it away. Purple Tint - 'r 'r 4 turns everyone purple. This is purely aesthetic.


Name Picture Description
Cinnabar Island
Cinnabar island
This arena is mostly flat and does not have any other gimmicks other than water pools, which give advantages to glitches that swim well in water like ゥL ゥM 4 and a.
Glitch City
Glitch City
By contrast, this is the most complex arena in the game! The ground is filled with 9s, making sure glitches can easily fall through at random.
Seafoam Island Cave
Seafoam island cave
Glitches here fight on rocks. Articuno may appear and freeze glitches with its Ice Beam.
RBY Battle
RBY Battle
A fight between two random Pokémon starts, but as time goes on, the fight will get progressively glitchier and glitchier.
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame
The fight has a checkered floor, and multiple gaps. The glitches currently fighting will have a picture of them and their names saved in the background.
The ZZAZZ Glitch
Easily the most confusing arena, The ZZAZZ Glitch features exploding Bulbasaurs as platforms which can easily add an element of complete randomness to the fight. There is also a boss...


Charizard 'M is the boss of the ZZAZZ Glitch arena, dealing massive damage and having a ton of health. Sometimes its health will glitch out and go down instead of up. If you leave it alone, it will still take damage due to PSN status.


Since Charizard 'M shares a name with 'M (obviously) it draws inspiration from its attacks, a bit like 3TrainerPoké. Charizard 'M can however use a beefed up version of Kangaskhan, 'M's special move, but sometimes it glitches into a Q_◣ and can shoot water jets.

Defeating Charizard 'M causes whoever dealt the last blow on him's HP to increase to 255.


Reviews were mostly positive. One reviewer, going under the alias of 'Gligar13Vids' hated the game "simply because it was Pokémon".


  • During development, a crossover with the Mario universe (a Minus World stage) was considered, but eventually cut.
  • For a limited time, anyone who had a copy of Pokémon Red and Blue for their Game Boys could have a Missingno downloaded onto their save file that knew Hyper Beam, Water Gun, Sky Attack, and surprisingly, Hydro Cannon. The Hydro Cannon replaced the move 'TM05', an invalid move, and used the same animation as Hydro Pump.

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