Pokémon Fruit and Sweet Versions
Developer(s) Annoying Inc.
Publisher(s) Annoying Inc.
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
April 1, 2016
Genre(s) RPG
Series Pokémon
Pokémon Fruit and Sweet Versions are the sequels to Pokémon X and Y and takes place in the Choco region.

New Pokémon

  • Pengo: Water
  • Pipgo: Water, Ice
  • Icepeng: Water, Ice
  • Hotty: Fire
  • Hotso: Fire
  • Mr. Fight: Fire, Fighting
  • Cracker: Grass
  • Nuttysoit: Grass
  • Nutninja: Grass, Poison
  • Scratzer: Bug
  • Daking: Dark, Dragon
  • Bananman: Electric (Fruit Only)
  • Toothy: Fairy (Sweet Only)


In bed you are dreaming, Proffesor Link is asking you your name and your gender.  Suddenely your Mom's Pikachu wakes you up. Your Mom tells you to go in your wardrobe and get dressed. After that you go downstairs, your little brother Ben is their with your friends Kian and Laila. Proffesor Link (Your Dad) gives you a starter; Pengo, Hotty or Cracker. Kian has the one weak to you and Laila has the one strong to you.

You and you friends leave to go to Apple Lake. Kian stops you to have a battle. After winning Kian goes to catch up with Laila. You follow them. You run into a market that sells potions and pokéballs. You exit the market and bump into your Grandfather, who teaches you how to catch Pokémon. Finnally leaving the market you end up in Apple Lake. Laila boasts about her new Pokémon, a Scratzer. Kian tells you that he has heard that a Haunted Tepig is hidden by the lake along with a few bug types.

After Pokémon catching in Apple Lake you meet Youngster Joey and his Mom who gives you a Poké-egg which hatches into the XY starter weak to your starter later on. You now have to get passed a maze of PKMN Trainers which leads straight to the first gym. The first gym is a fire gym owned by Mario.