Main info and Rules

Welcome to the new Pokémon Frontier! Every official Frontier attraction is inside, plus an all new Battle Metro!

The rules are different so please read carefully.

No restriction but Egg

Only Eggs are prohibited. Every Pokémon are allowed, even Arceus. Watch out, because the oppenent will have Legendaries!

Don't abuse Moves

Certain move are clearly cheap so it is forbidden to use a single Move twice. Your Pokémon must atleast have 3 different Moves. The Unown or other Pokémon that can only learn one move are excepted, however. If not respected, the Pokémon will hurt itself.

Stat changes

Your and the oppenent's Pokémon can't have it's stat changed twice in a battle. If the stat decraise already and if the respective stat is raised, it is ok, and vice versa. If it is not respected, it will get a random Status Problum.

Status Problum

No more then 2 Status Problum can be combined. Example: If your Pokémon have Burned and Attracted, it can't be Flinched or other. Because of that, there are no penalty.

All Moves allowed but one

The V-Generate move, does to it Power, Accurary and it Stat Changer, is restricted. It is used, the User is fainted. It can be used in the Street Battle, surprisely. It not counted if it summoned by Metronome.

Possible betrayment

If the Trainer have purposely betrayed the other one in the Multi-Battle, it Pokémon itself will faint. This is an inacceptable action.

Watch your language!

You can chat with other Trainer but because the game itself is rated-E, you shouldn't say bad words or other inappropriate stuff.

Same rule as Pokémon Stadium

Your Pokémon must be all different and hold different Item. It don't need to hold one, in case you want to use the move Theif!

About Street Battle

The rule apply even in Street Battle, however the V-Generate is unrestrited.

Battle Metro Rule

Every Pokémon will have Metronome. It can't use other move. So that's mean your only option is your luck! The Frontier Brain is Norland, whose was replaced by Thorton in the Battle Factory. However, Norland and Thorton will cooperate each ohter in both Battle Attraction in Multi-Battle.

Frontier Brains in Battle Tower

If Single Battle: Anabel.

If Double Battle: Palmer.

If Triple Battle: Anabel or Palmer.

If Multi-Battle: Anabel and Palmer.


Dream World Abilities are activated. Also if a Pokémon have two different but can only hold one, both of these Abilities are activated.


You will battle in Online Mode at any Battle Attractions except if you face a Frontier Brain.

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