Pokémon Friends & Fiends is a 2013 game made by Futurastic Games Inc. for the 3DS, with users as main characters. It combines Pokémon Mystery Dungeon and main Pokémon games, hence most moves kept their original types (except for those who changed into new types), power, accurary and effects. It is about users who are transformed into Pokémon by a brainwashed Mew and must investigate who is behind in all of this.

Like in Mystery Dungeon, the Pokémon with two abilities can uses both of these and all Pokémon with Dream World abilty can use it if it is 50 and above. While it's retained the main games' mechanic, moving via dice rolling and various squares and cards are added, making this more boardlike game. Genderless Pokémon can now have gender, even legendaries, thus able to use the moves Attract and Captivate. Like in Pokémon X & Y Versions, the Pokémon are on 3D sprites.

Playable Pokémon

Notice that all Pokémon from all five canoncial regions are in, but only those who are listed (the users) can be only recruited until upon finishing the Main Story. Any types and moves colored red are new types/moves.


User Description Starter Level Starter Moves Type

Samty the Karrablast (Samtendo09)

The sometimes impatiant yet mostly friendly user. Loving Pokémon, he wanted to see what it would looked like in Pokémon's lives. But now that he become one, he must find the culprit before he will go mad! Lv. 8
  • Bug Bite
  • Peck

Locky the Blitzle (Locky'12)

A fanboy of My Little Pony but Samty's best pal. When sometimes lost or random, he is a good critic and sometimes old fashioned like a sir. With his friends on his side, he will take on bad goons. Lv. 9
  • Quick Attack
  • Thundershock
Jake the Zorua (Baby Yoshi) An Eeveelution lover and likes to create a lot of games. When he becomes a Zorua, he thinks one of his dreams is true but one problem; he also must discover why a Mew had attacked him!

Lv. 5 (Tutorial)

Lv. 7 (Real)

  • Foul Play
  • Fury Swipes
Tenshi the Absol (Alange95) The creator of the popular Battle of Bracelets series. A skilled 2D artist and nicknamed "Lord of Chaos", he is also a good friend of Samtendo09 since the Series Swap Day game the latter one made. Lv. 7
  • Bite
  • Flamethrower


Tom the Dark Charmender (T0M.V.12) The blue darkish Charmender, he is obessed with darkness. While he and Samty don't have a known releation, he teamed up with the latter one in order to strike back against the brainwashed evil Mew. And there he thought he's ganna fight darkness when it is actually the opposite! Lv. 6
  • Dark Ember (Dark-Type)
  • Slash
Gumbario the Oshawott (MariogumballX) Fan of Mario, TAWOG, and Sonic the Hedgehog (and cartoons lover), Gumbario is fashionated with gumballs and is a maker of Super Mario Silver Spurs: The Crossover Vacation, Sonic Mega Collection Alpha, and a crossover game with a random enemy (which is a Bad Piggy). He is also a friend to Locky, and owns a company known as MGX Studios. His origin on Wikia started off rough, but later on, Gumbario became a calm, patient user. Although he and Samty don't have a known relation, Gumbario joins the group to find the villain who brainwashed the Mew. His plasma attacks really help the group! Lv. 10
  • Shockflare (Plasma Type)
  • Burning Shell (Water-Type)

Wooly the Mareep (Toad'ShyGuy)

A nice user of Fantendo and good friend of Samty and others. Creator of Apples series and Dawn & Eliane game, he is also a fanboy of Gravity Falls cartoon. He likes to being awesome and will help out the others to stop someone's evil shame! Lv. 8
  • Tackle
  • Thundershock


User Description Starter Lv. Starting Moves Types Recruited at:

Shao the Mienfoo (Typhoon6)

While not having an known reputation, this user was duped by Ancestor and attacked you in Grassy Forest. He than had a rematch with you in Fighting Dojo but once defeated, the Mienfoo had understood his mistake, he joins you.

As a Mienfoo, he specializes Fighting-Type moves, espeacilly Aura Sphere.

Lv. 14
  • Swift
  • Aura Sphere
  • Bounce
Fighting-Type Fighting Dojo


List of bosses. All are Pokémon, obviously, but they are different from the original Pokémon species to be either more unique or harder.

Main Story

Name Description Moves Level Type Fought at

Ancestor the Mew (1st Battle)

The Mew who supposed to protect the PokéArena from evil Pokémon, but sadly, the latter one is brainwashed and bring many users from Fantendo in here and even transform them into Pokémon. Who is the one that control him?
  • Mega Punch
  • Psychic
Lv. 5 Psychic-Type

V.T.W.(Virtual Training World)

Soldier the Cobalion One of the Great Cresselia's henchmen. He is calm, wise, but unfortunaly, also brainwashed just like Ancestor. What is going on in the PokéArena!? Stop him before he will beat you badly!
  • Double Kick
  • Metal Claw
  • Work Up
Lv. 10


Grassy Forest
Phoenix the Moltres One of the Great Cresselia's's henchwomen. She is fair and nice, but just like Soldier, she is also brainwashed. She dislikes to be hit by Rock-Type Moves.
  • Wing Attack
  • Fire Spin
  • Roost
Lv. 13 Fire/Flying-Type Fiery Volcano
Earth the Groudon While not brainwashed by the Great Cresselia, he is enraged by the Mew and attack anyone on his way, including you. Plasma- and Electric-Type moves will do nothing against him!
  • Mud Shot
  • Lava Plume
  • Hammer Arm
  • Bulk Up
Lv. 17 Ground-Type Ground Cave
Space the Palkia Just like Earth, he is tourmented by the brainwashed Mew, and now this causes multiple space distortion. When he notices his mistake, he will help out the heroes.
  • Spatial Rend
  • Water Pusle
  • Ancientpower
  • Scary Face
Lv. 20 Water/Dragon-Type Aqua Beach

Ancestor the Mew (2nd Battle)

He is here again, this time he is harder to face with new moves, higher level and...Light-Type!? Is this a sign of...the evil light!? Impossible!!
  • Psychic
  • Metronome
  • Nasty Plot
  • Light Ray (Light-Type)
Lv. 25 Psychic/Light-Type Fighting Dojo (Initial)
Genetic the Mewtwo Betrayed by his best friend, Ancestor, he must train on his own in the Fighting Dojo. Once he found the heroes, he will challenges them in order to regain his confidences.
  • Psystrike
  • Amnesia
  • Aura Sphere
  • Shadow Ball
Lv. 24 Psychic-Type Fighting Dojo (after 2nd Ancestor Battle)
Time the Dialga Unlike others, he is truly naughty and helped the Great Cresselia to make her bids and her ultimate wish; destroy the darkness and plunge the world into eternal brightness. Stop him at all cost!
  • Roar of Time
  • Flash Cannon
  • Power Gem
  • Slash
Lv. 30 Steel/Dragon-Type Metal Canyon

More coming soon

New Types

  • Plasma - Mix of Fire and Electric Type. Plasma is super effective against Bug, Poison, and Psychic-Type Pokémon but resisted by other Plasma and Dragon-Type and useless against Ground-Type. Vulnerable from Water, Rock and Ground-Type (similair of Fire-Type) but resistant of Fire, Electric, Grass and Ice-Type.
  • Light - Opposite of Dark-Type. Light is super effective against Dark and Ghost-Type (Look out, Sableye and Spiritomb!) yet resisted by Psychic and Steel-Type. Vulnerable against Psychic and Bug-Type moves, but resistant of Fighting and Ghost-Type moves, and immune of Dark-Type. Multiple Pokémon had either gained this Type (Mareep for instance) or if it is already a two type, replace one of it's type (Lanturn and Azelf for instance) or simply replaced it's former Type by this like it is all-new. (Cresselia for instance).

New Moves

  • Dark Ember - Dark-Type, Variable Power, 100 Accurary and 15 PP. The more the user's level, the higher the power is. The Power an go to the maximum of 100 (5 X User level - 5 to 15 = Power). This can causes burn by 40% and can aim at any targets.
  • Shockflare - Plasma-Type, 60 Power, 100 Accurary and 10 PP. It can causes either a paralyzis or a burn and can double damage on Pokémon with Wet Status Aliment.
  • Burning Shell - Water-Type, 40 Power (80 if the user is level 30 and higher), 95 accurary and 10 PP. Causes burn by 60% and have a high critical hit-rate (only if the target is not a Water-Type).
  • Light Ray - Light-Type, 80 Power, 100 accurary and 15 PP. It can hit on three tiles away and on three tiles wideness. Does have 30% chance of blinding the target.

New Status Aliment

  • Wet - Caused mostly by Water-Type moves. It become more vulnerable to Electric-Type moves and loses it Fire-Type STAB (if the victim is a Fire-Type) and boosts. It cannot affect the Water-Type Pokémon.
  • Blinded - Mostly caused by Light-Type moves. The victim can't see properly and might goes any where, like Confusion in Mystery Dungeon. However, it also slightly reduces Accurary instand of make self-hit or hitting allies.


  • This is one of the few Pokémon game who uses an antagonistic light-using Pokémon.
    • This is also the only Pokémon game that users are special Pokémon.
  • The game was planned to be for the Nintendo 3DS, but it was moved to Wii U does to the number of Pokémon it was going to be in and among with many new feature, this might overload the 3DS memory.

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