(redoing) Pokémon Flames Version & Waves Version are upcoming Pokémon games for the 3DS. They are the first entries in the 11th generation of the Pokémon franchise after 4 years of it and the 10th generation. The games are based in the Tierran region.

Story Synopsis


New Pokémon

No. Pokémon Name Pokémon Species Types
001 Scelido The Spiked Pokémon Grass
002 Saurlido The Spiked Pokémon Grass/Dark
003 Sceliplanta The Spiked Pokémon Grass/Dark
004 Cottonflame The Rabbit Pokémon Fire
005 Rabitox The Rabbit Pokémon Fire/Poison
006 Toxiflame The Rabbit Pokémon Fire/Poison
007 TBA

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