Pokémon Fire and Ice versions are the two primary paired versions of Generation VI of Pokémon main games. They will release February 4, 2012 for the Nintendo DS.

Fire and Ice follow the traditional trend of starting with two characters, one male, and one female. The player travels in the Nambro region. This region features an unknown amount of new Pokémon, along with Pokémon from the previous Generations.

The only Pokémon confirmed are the starter Pokémon; an unknown Fire-type serpent, an unknown Water-type bird of some sort, and an unknown Grass-type cat, and the Legendary Pokémon; Infernity and Gravice. It has also been confirmed that four new Pokémon types, Wind, Plasma, Digital, and Gravity, have been confirmed to make their debuts in Fire and Ice.

List of Pokémon

Fire exclusive Pokémon

Ice exclusive Pokémon


  • A 3rd game in the Generation VI games has been confirmed to be released sometime after Fire and Ice. It's name is currently unknown.

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