Pokemon Fire and Water AKA Pokemon F+W is a Pokemon game developed by VineLine Studios. It is for Wii, Wii U, and Wii X.

Join Ash, Cilan and Iris as they discover 98 new pokemon including 12 new Mega-Evolved Pokemon, a trio of Legendarys and 73 never-seen-before Pokemon*! The main characters as usual are Ash, Cilan, Iris and a new character- Minong which during the first half of the game is a protaganist but during the second half is the main antagonist who joins Team Punch-Dumped a brand new team of antagonists based in Faravomo City.

16/73 are new evolutions


Ash and Cilan are studying the Unova Region Map, when they discover what looks like another cave next to Chargestone Cave and when they show it to Iris, Iris tells them that cave was how you got Dragonosa City: Dragon Village's rival. She also explains how she went there undercover to spy on the Pokemon Laboratory and she saw them experimenting on a Charizard. Once she got back she told the Pokemon Center in Castelia City and they got the scientists arrested and the population decreased rapidly and all that was left was the metal outlines of the houses. Ash, desperately wanted to go however, Iris told them that you had to get through the Tokoro Cavern; the most haunted place in Unova. A little less willing, Ash still wanted to go. Soon afterwards Iris took them to Tokoro Cavern and led them inside to the first temple- the temple of Haxorus then the temple of Dragonite and finally the temple of Charizard.

Once they get into the sight of the ruins, Ash and Iris wander around the place and they find a map on the floor of an area called Ugarana and where it is from Dragonosa City. It shows that Ugarana is across the Dragonosa Creek but there is no way to get there as the bridge was destroyed in a fire over 500 years ago. So they have to go around the creek through Buffalon Territory- a dangerous task.

Once they get to Ugarana they are greeted by the kind citizens of Liomona City, home of the New Pokecom Centre- a great place for pokemon to battle other pokemon freely.

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