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Pokémon Fate & Destiny
The game's English logos.
Developer(s) Game Freak, Icy Cold Gaming Industries
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Cost $49.99
Max. amount of players 1
"Pokemon Fate & Destiny Versions" are the newest editions in the Pokemon series. It will be developed by both Game Freak and Icy Cold Gaming Industries, and will be published by Nintendo on the Nintendo Switch. The game will feature about 100 new Pokemon, a new region based on the western United States named Nishirika, new gameplay mechanics, and more. The game will be released on an unknown date, and there are appearantly plans to have an event Pokemon or two.


The graphics of the game are the same as the previous entries, being in a 3D cell-shaded art style. The models will be the same for both the overworld and the battles. You still run around, catch Pokemon, and can evolve the Pokemon you have in many intriguing ways. Breeding also returns as well. Pokemon Refresh and Poke Pelago return, along with the GTS from the 6th generation. However, there are changes in the gameplay, making Gen 8 "the ultimate Pokemon generation."

  • Origin Forms have been introduced.
  • Two new types have been introduced: Sound type and Cosmic type. Much like Fairy type, it'll be added to previous Pokemon like Exploud, Clefairy, Beeheeyem, and Noivern.
  • The Exp. Share has been updated. By default, the Exp Share is set to give EXP to all Pokemon. However, you can change it at any time for any of your 6 Pokemon in your party.
  • Added an egg pouch that can hold up to six eggs. These new Pokemon can't be used unless brought into the team after hatching.
  • Pokemon can follow you again, but not all Pokemon can due to the size of the Pokemon roster.
  • Eeveelutions are easier to access.
  • Weather from Gen 5 returns.
  • Amiibo are used.
  • You have a portable PC you access via the menu.
  • Brought back the Friend Safari. The areas can hold up to nine Pokemon now instead of three.
  • The letter limit has become 16 for both names of Pokemon, trainer names, and messages.
  • Ally Pokemon have returned.

Pokemon Changes

  • Whismur, Loudred, Exploud, Noibat, Noivern, Chatot, Meloetta, Audino, Woobat, Swoobat, and other pre-existing Pokemon have been given the Sound typing.
  • Jirachi, the Cleffa line, Lunatone, Solrock, Minior, Lunala, the Teddiursa line, the Elgyem line, and other pre-existing Pokemon have been given the Cosmic typing.
  • Origin Forms have been introduced.

PokeBall Changes

  • The Heal Ball has a higher catch rate if the Pokemon has full HP.
  • The Love Ball's catch rate increases when the other Pokemon's gender is the opposite of the others.
  • The Premier Ball has a higher catch rate when the Pokemon is legendary.
  • The Moon Ball has a higher catch rate for Fairy and Dark types.

Moveset Changes

Image and Move(s) Image and Move(s) Image and Move(s) Image and Move(s)


Can now learn Cut.


Can now learn Slack Off


Can now learn Spiky Shield.


Can now learn Earthquake.


Can now learn Sludge Wave.


Can now learn Power Gem.


Can now learn Protect and Rest.


Can now learn Drain Punch and Inferno.


Can now learn Beat Up and Sucker Punch.


Can now learn Discharge. Heliolisk can also learn Sunny Day and Solar Beam.


Can now learn X-Scissor.


Can now learn Tackle and Head Smash.


Can now learn Eruption.


Can now learn Flamethrower and Flare Blitz.


Can now learn Peck.


Can now learn Recover.


Can now learn Tail Slap.


Can now learn Dragon Tail.


Can now learn Megahorn.


Can now learn Sky Attack.


Can now learn Grass Whistle.


Can now learn Tail Glow.


Can now learn Poison Jab.


Can now learn Rock Smash.


Can now learn Mach Punch.


Can now learn Growl.


Can now learn Poison Gas.


Can now learn Hurricane.


Can now learn Nature Power.


Can now learn Scratch.


Can now learn Hypnosis.


Can now learn Bullet Seed.


Can now learn Bubble and Bubble Beam.


Can now learn Explosion.


Can now learn Bite.


Can now learn Poison Jab.


Can now learn Fly.


Can now learn Horn Attack.


Can now learn Vine Whip and Power Whip.


Can now learn Submission and Body Slam.


Can now learn Extreme Speed.


Can now learn Ice Punch.


Can now learn Iron Head.


Solrock: now can learn Morning Sun.

Lunatone: now can learn Moonlight.


Can now learn Heal Bell.


Can now learn Mean Look and Scary Face.


Can now learn Wood Hammer.


Can now learn Iron Defense.


Can now learn Thunder Fang.


Can now learn Skull Bash.


Can now learn Icicle Crash and Icicle Spear.


Can now learn Iron Tail.


Can now learn Stomp.


Can now work on Rapid Spin.


Can now learn Teeter Dance.


Can now learn Perish Song.


Can now learn Rock Blast.


Can now learn Icicle Spear and Icicle Crash.


Can now learn Soft-Boiled.


Can now learn Head Smash.


Can now learn Draining Kiss.


Can now learn Teleport.

New Typings


Cosmic type was introduced in this generation. Along with Deoxys, Elgyem, Clefairy, and Jirachi, this typing was given to new Pokemon, old Pokemon, and Past Forms.

Cosmic is super effective against Normal, Fighting, and Steel.

Cosmic is weak to Ghost, Psychic, and Poison.


Sound type was introduced in this generation. Along with Noivern, Exploud, and Meloetta, this typing was given to new Pokemon, old Pokemon, and Past Forms.

Sound is super effective against Normal, Cyber, Electric, and Flying.

Sound is weak to Steel, Rock, Water, and Ground.



Evil Team

The evil team for this game is known as Team Clockwork. They plan to go back in time with the boxart legendaries and destroy the Nishirika region so they can rebuild it as their own utopia. They have special watches and mirrors that let them travel through time. It's your goal to save the past and stop them from destroying the space-time continuum.

Team Member Description Pokemon


Hawthorne, Team Clockwork Leader



Jessamine, Team Clockwork Admin



Aloes, Team Clockwork Admin



Yew, Team Clockwork Scientist



Clockwork Grunts


New Pokémon

As stated before, there will be 132 new Pokemon in these new versions. 100 Pokemon will be original, while the other 32 Pokemon will be Past Forms.


Image and Name PokeDex Entry Evolutionary Chain Type


Jolily, the Joey Pokemon

Jolily's have a sense of adventure, always leaving their parents for a short time. Despite that, they're easily frightened and are scared of nearly everything, and usually flee back to their families.

Evolves from: NONE

Evolves into: Kangrass



Kangrass, the Kangaroo Pokemon

Kangrass's are usually extremely fast, rivaling Sneasel in speed. It feeds of the nutrients in grass and plants, but always leaves some for one or more Jolily's to devour.

Evolves from: Jolily

Evolves into: Rangatree



Rangatree, the Kangaroo Pokemon

Rangatree's tail is detachable and can be tossed like a boomerang. It uses this method to grab food in places where not even it can't reach, even with it's incredible jumping abilities.

Evolves from: Kangrass

Evolves into: NONE

Grasstype Fightingtype


Bunash, the Ash Pokemon

Bunash's ears are in the shape of charred wood. The "fluff" it has can cling to things very easily. Because of this, it's often confused for a Bunnelby by beginning trainers.

Evolves from: NONE

Evolves into: Burabbit



Flarrabbit, the Flare Pokemon

The smoke coming from Flarrabbit's ears are an indicator of it's health. If the smoke isn't as thick or gray, it means the Pokemon is dying or sick. Despite that, it's incredibly agile.

Evolves from: Bunash

Evolves into: Charhare



Incinelope, the Incinerate Pokemon

Incinelope's horns are rumored to be burnt tree branches that are forever ignited. If one was to put out even one of these flames, Incinelope would go absolutely insane and chase down the person.

Evolves from: Burabbit

Evolves into: NONE



Platawass, the Platapus Pokemon

Platawass and Psyduck shared a common ancestor, and split off into the different species. Platawass is very clever, but it's also ditzy and usually stumbles around. It's very clumsy.

Evolves from: NONE

Evolves into:



Entawave, the Wave Pokemon

Entawave, like it's pre-evolution, is still ditzy, but has more control over itself. It can use a small surge of psychic energy to control very small waves. It's tail can make water balls form.

Evolves from:

Evolves into:



Schnastrum, the Storm Pokemon

Schnastrum's psychic power has been fully channeled, and now it can fully control both the ocean AND storms. It can form anything out of water and use it as a weapon against it's opponents.

Evolves from:

Evolves into: NONE



Healtern, the Tern Pokemon

Healtern is very doctor-like. It's wings contain special medicines and juices that are used to heal different kinds of Pokemon. It was even nicknamed "The Nurse Joy of Pokemon".

Evolves from: NONE

Evolves into: Infloanza



Infloanza, the Tern Pokemon

While it is still a medicine-based Pokemon, Infloanza is slowly catching a serious disease that is slowly taking over it's body. Not even it's medicines can heal said disease.

Evolves from: Healtern

Evolves into: Spectern



Spectern, the Specter Pokemon

By the time Infloanza evolves, the disease has gotten to it and it now gains the Ghost typing. The infection has not killed it, but instead has forever changed it's anamoty and powers.

Evolves from: Infloanza

Evolves into: NONE



Poodamoth, the Poodle Moth Pokemon

Poodamoth are seen as a very peaceful and docile species of Pokemon. They're usually seen mostly status moves instead of physical moves, as it isn't in their nature to be "mean".

Evolves from: NONE

Evolves into: Joustcoon



Joustcoon, the Shell Pokemon

Joustcoon were actually part of a common ancestor that was also connected to Escavalier. They've grown more battle-hardened, and aren't afraid to attack any Pokemon that threaten it or it's kind.

Evolves from: Poodamoth

Evolves into: Buzzkateer



Buzzkateer, the Muskateer Pokemon

If Poodamoth was the vision of a weakling, then Buzzkateer is the vision of a noble being. It'll defend any Pokemon that's in trouble, and it won't hesitate to destroy it's enemies flawlessly.

Evolves from: Joustcoon

Evolves into: NONE



Northupine, the Spikes Pokemon

Northupine are usually very peaceful but easily shocked. If they see one thing that they considered out of the ordinary, their spikes pop up in defense. They huddle with other Northupine to stay warm during the winter.

Evolves from: NONE

Evolves into: Porcuspines



Porcuspine, the Spikes Pokemon

Porcuspine and Skuntank, like Escavilier and Joustcoon, once shared a common ancestor. Porcuspine, along with it's spine being layered in dangerous spikes, has another defense mechanism: it's stench.

Evolves from: Northupine

Evolves into: NONE



Jaspurr, the Jasper Pokemon

Jaspurr can usually be found in caves. They're constantly being hunted for their crystals that hang around their neck, which sell on the black market for a lot of money. They're very mischievous and act like house cats.

Evolves from: NONE

Evolves into: NONE



Mirorim, the Mirror Pokemon

Mirorim accidentally lure the souls of deceased Pokemon into it's glass and traps them there until the glass is broken. It does this without knowing, and is overall very innocent and childlike.

Evolves from: NONE

Evolves into: Shattrust/Reflectairy



Shattrust, the Reflection Pokemon

Shattrust are born when a trainer neglects Mirorim and then knocks it out. Because of their trainer's neglect, it holds an immense hatred towards them, but is still forced to do their bidding.

Evolves from: Mirorim

Evolves into: NONE



Reflectairy, the Reflection Pokemon

Reflectairy are born when a trainer cares for Mirorim and then levels it up. It will reflect the positive points in the trainer's future, and will love the trainer until their lives come to an end.

Evolves from: Mirorim

Evolves into: NONE



Crawlectric, the Wire Cutter Pokemon

Crawlectric are usually seen messing around with power plants. The "battery" on their backs needs constant energy, and snapping wires powers the battery that keeps them alive.

Evolves from: NONE

Evolves into: NONE



Odorangutang, the Skunk Ape Pokemon

Odorangutang, despite being massive and heavy beasts, are rarely seen. However, the awful smell that radiates from it's fur is picked by all creature's noses for miles.

Evolves from: NONE

Evolves into: NONE



Coldier, the Soldier Pokemon

Coldiers are always ready to fight for the good of their family and friends. Their igloo-like helmets actually inspired the design of real igloos back in the days of the Ice Age.

Evolves from: NONE

Evolves into: Generice



Generice, the General Pokemon

Generice, while quite jaded, are still ready to protect their tribe at all costs. Their behavior and appearance inspired this region's military outfits and proceedures.

Evolves from: Coldier

Evolves into: NONE


New Abilities

  • Intoxicate: All Normal type moves become Poison type moves.
  • Persistant: A Pokemon that has been burned or poisoned CANNOT be killed by said status effects, only weakened.
  • Imitator: Your Pokemon can imitate the other's stat changes upon entering battle.
  • Lockjaw: If you use a biting move against an enemy, it'll trap them for 2 to 3 turns.
  • Antagonize: Lowers the opponent's special attack harshly.
  • Warm Up: Raises the power of Fire type moves by 10%.
  • Overdrain: Doubles the power of draining moves if the user's HP is lower than the opponents.
  • Psychic Shield: Bug, Ghost, and Dark type moves have a 20% chance of missing the opponent.
  • Foggy Shroud: Fog appears at the beginning of battle. The effects of Haze and Mist also come into play.
  • Cosmic Void: Stops all forms of terrain and weather from being used.
  • Astral Projection: Creates a decoy for the user made of stardust. Can take one hit before being destroyed.
  • Shooting Star: Very much like Hail. Shooting stars fall down from the sky and damage the opponents.
  • Moon Flora: Gives the Pokemon with that ability a boost in all stats by one stage.
  • Stone Shield: Gives a shield to the Pokemon. Breaks in the three turns unless a move that has the type advantage over the Pokemon, turning it into one.
  • False Target: Gives the opposing Pokemon a 60% chance of missing hitting you physically. Status moves like Spore still work just fine, however.
  • Nature Boomerang: Whenever Rangatree attacks physically, his attacks have a decent chance of hitting twice.
  • Black Fog: Black Fog lowers the accuracy of all opposing Pokemon. This status affect will disappear if a Flying-type move is used, getting rid of the fog.
  • Ocean Formation: Schnastrum forms a large shield made of water, increasing it's defenses. This makes it quite the sturdy wall, unless attacked by a Grass type Pokemon.
  • Disgusting Scent: When Odorangutang is put on the battlefield, the opposing Pokemon automatically becomes confused. When Odorangutang is put back in the fray, it starts back up again.


Origin Forms

Origin Forms are certain forms given to old and new Pokemon alike. They're "a locked away form of Pokemon". Each new form is supposed to be more powerful than the forms you've seen before. They're mostly given to Fossil Pokemon, with a few exceptions like Pikachu, the Larvitar line, and Relicanth.

Image Description Type


Pikachu isn't very different from it's modern day counterpart in terms of typing and moves, but it differs from it in every other way. These Pikachu's are fatter, resulting in slower yet more heavy hitting and defensive Pikachu.

142Aerodactyl TBA DragontypeFlyingtype
138Omanyte139Omastar TBA WatertypeDarktype
140Kabuto141Kabutops TBA WatertypeSteeltyped
201Unown TBA PsychictypeGroundtype
246Larvitar TBA Dragontype


TBA DragontypeSteeltyped
345Lileep346Cradily TBA WatertypeGrasstype
347Anorith348Armaldo TBAw DragontypeBugtype
369Relicanth TBA WatertypeDragontype
408Cranidos409Rampardos TBA FightingtypeGroundtype
410Shieldon411Bastiodon TBA SteeltypedGroundtype
564Tirtouga565Carracosta TBA WatertypeFiretypeo
566Archen567Archeops TBA FlyingtypeSoundtype
649Genesect TBA BugtypeCosmictype
696Tyrunt697Tyrantrum TBA DarktypeDragontype
698Amaura699Aurorus TBA IcetypeFairytype
771Pyukumuku TBA WatertypePoisontype







  • The new region's name, Nishirika, is based on the Japanese words for "western" and "America".
  • The legendaries will be based on spiders, creatures known for being associated with both fate and destiny, along with weaving. More inspiration will be taken from the Moirai, the Greek controllers of fate.
  • A day after that comformation, the names of the 3 legendaries were leaked. The names are Clospineth, Lachnartist, and Aturnpos.
  • The Fire and Water starters were different animals before being scrapped. The Water type was a jellyfish and a swan while the Fire type was an armadillo.
  • The evil team is based off a rumor from the early days of Gen 6.
  • A list of Pokemon names were leaked at one point. These were:
    • Crawlectric.
    • Sawkmonkee and Stockong.
    • Mirorim.
    • Hammarark
    • Ganokunshu, who is rumored to be a legendary.
    • Skulabone.
    • Ferugcious.
    • Jaspurr.
    • Coldier and Generice.
    • Regifallen, who is rumored to be linked to the Regis.
    • Barriareef, who is said to be a Corsola evolution.
    • Dugdrinity, who is said to be a Dugtrio evolution.
    • Solorlet, who is said to be a Sunflora evolution.
    • Terrorvolt, who is said to be an Electrode evolution.
    • Maractulous, who is said to be a Maractus evolution.

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