Pokémon Factory is a game by Thyme Corp. Anyone from that company can edit.


In this Pokemon game, you explore a small region called Machina. However, you usually hang out at The Main Lab, where you can create Pokemon with your editing tools. You can create graphics, edit other pokemon graphics or mix and match graphic pieces. You can name your pokemon. You can only make them kinda strong at the beginning, but the more badges you win (There are 4) the stronger you can make them.


Gym Leaders

  1. Maxwell
  2. Lucy
  3. Annabell
  4. Richard

Elite 4

  1. Phil
  2. Perry
  3. Crasher Wake
  4. Blainie
  5. Champion: Professor Oak


  1. Regice
  2. Regirock
  3. Registeel
  4. Regigigas
  5. Mewtwo
  6. Mew
  7. Deoxeys
  8. You-Create (You create it at the beginning of the game, but it runs off damaging the machine so that you can only make weak pokemon unless you have enough badges)

Team Rocket

  1. Lt. Surge
  2. Sabrina
  3. Koga
  4. Giovanni
  5. Madame Boss
  6. Ash ketchum

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