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Pokémon Extreme Rumble
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Developer(s) Keyhole Gaming
Publisher(s) Keyhole Gaming
Platform(s) EXGamer
Genre(s) Action - Adventure
Release Date(s)
TBA 2014
1-4 players
ESRB: ERating - Everyone
PEGI: 3 Rating - Ages 3 and Up
OFLC: OFLC G - General Audiences
Media Included Game Card
Series Pokémon Rumble
Predecessor Pokémon Scramble U

Pokémon Extreme Rumble is the fourth game of the Pokémon Rumble series and the first game to be not released in a Nintendo platform, instead the game was released for the EXGamer, developed by Keyhole Gaming, Pokémon Extreme Rumble was first announced at Fanten Expo. Pokémon Extreme Rumble have new features for the Pokémon Rumble series, such as level up, toy creating and etc.

Pokémon Extreme Rumble also features online battle mode, where the player can choose a team of 10 Toy Pokémons to fight against opponents from the world.


The player starts with a Toy Pikachu, every day, the Toy Pokémon fights to see who is the strongest Toy Pokémon, the Toy Pikachu dreams to be the strongest, but before entering the Battle Royale, he must go to six locations to train it skills in order to get into the Battle Royale.


The gameplay is the same of the first Pokémon Rumble game for the WiiWare, the player controls a Toy Pokémon, who have a primary and secondary move, the primary move is an offensive move, while the secondary mode is an defensive move. The game have two phases, the area training and the Battle Royale, in area training, the Toy Pokémon vists areas and fight against other Pokémons, at the end of the area, the player fights against a boss, if the player manages to defeat the boss less than 7 minutes, the boss will turn into a Toy Pokémon which the player can put on their team, in the Battle Royale, the Toy Pokémon have to fight against every Pokémon in an arena without dying, in the end, they fight a rival, that is more powerful than the Toy Pokémon. To get new Toy Pokémon, there's two ways, the first way is randomly defeating enemies on the areas or in the Battle Royale, sometimes, they will turn into normal toys, if the player get the toy, the Pokémon will join to their party, the second way is Toy Creating, defeating a Toy Pokémon gives the player a piece, using pieces it is possible to create new Toy Pokémon.

Defeating a boss allows the player to level up their ranking, the higher the ranking, the harder the game becomes, with new Pokémons appearing in areas that the player visited before.

The Toy Pokémon doesn't have power, instead they can level-up like Normal Pokémon, they can also evolve, but to evolve they need a certain piece of the evolved form of that Pokémon. Toy Pokémon can be traded with friends too.


The game have all the Pokémon from Generations I-VI, however Pokémon aren't playable in this game.


Generation I

Pokémon Pokédex Nº
Type Starter Moves
001Bulbasaur #001
Primary: Vine Whip - Bulbasaur attacks with a vine like if it was a whip.
Secondary: Growth - Boosts Bulbasaur's attack and special attack for a short time.
004Charmander #004
Fire Primary: Ember - Charmader attacks with a flamethrower. May cause burning status to the enemy.
Secondary: SmokeScreen - Makes all the enemies attacks fail for a short time.
007Squirtle #007
Water Primary: Water Gun - Attacks with a bubble.
Secondary: Withdraw - Protects him from the enemies' attacks.
010Caterpie #010
Shield Dust
Bug Primary: Bug Bite - Bites the enemy.
Secondary: String Shot - Decreases the enemy accuracy.
013Weedle #013
Shield Dust
Primary: Poison Sting - Attacks the enemy with his sting. May cause poisoning.
Secondary: String Shot - Decreases the enemy accuracy.
016Pidgey #016
Keen Eye
Primary: Quick Attack - Runs against the enemy and tackle it.
Secondary: Sand-Attack - Decreases the enemy accuracy.
019Rattata #019
Run Away
Normal Primary: Quick Attack - Runs against the enemy and tackle it.
Secondary: Tail Whip - Makes the enemy weaker.
021Spearow #021
Keen Eye
Normal Primary: Peck - Atacks the enemy with its beak.
Secondary: Agility - Makes it goes more faster.
023Ekans #023
Poison Primary: Acid Bomb - Throws a ball of acid on the enemy. May cause poisoning.
Secondary: Screech - Decreases the enemy defense.
025Pikachu #025
Electric Primary: Thundershock - Attacks using a thunder bolt. May cause paralyzing.
Secondary: Thunder Wave - Paralyzes the opponent.
027Sandshrew #027
Sand Veil
Ground Primary: Rollout - Curls into a ball and attack the enemy.
Secondary: Defense Curl - Increases defense.
029NidoranF #029
Poison Point
Poison Primary: Bite - Bites the enemy.
Secondary: Growl - Decreases the enemy's attack.
032NidoranM #032
Poison Point
Poison Primary: Peck - Attacks the enemy with his horn.
Secondary: Leer - Decreases the enemy's defense.
035Clefairy #035
Magic Guard
Normal Primary: Pound - Pounds the enemy.
Secondary: Sing - Makes the enemy sleep.
037Vulpix #037
Flash Fire
Fire Primary: Ember - Burns the enemy.
Secondary: Confuse Ray - Makes the enemy confused.
039Jigglypuff #039
Friend Guard
Primary: DoubleSlap - Attacks the enemy twice.
Secondary: Rest - Sleeps and recovers HP.
041Zubat #041
Inner Focus
Primary: Leech Life - Bites the enemy and heals it HP
Secondary: Astonish - Flinches the enemy.
043Oddish #043
Primary: Absorb - Absorbs the enemy's HP.
Secondary: PoisonPowder - Poisons the enemy.

Generation II

Generation III

Generation IV

Generation V

Generation VI


Password Pokémon

Some Pokémon can be unlocked by passwords.


Area In-Game Description Pokémon Type Bosses
Grassy Plains A peaceful and calm plains. Grass Rank F - Venosaur
Rank E - Meganuim
Rank D - Sceptile
Rank C - Torterra
Rank B - Serperior
Rank A - Unnamed Chespin Last Form
Fiery Factory A flaming and dangerous factory. Fire Rank F - Charizard
Rank E - Typhlosion
Rank D - Blaziken
Rank C - Infernape
Rank B - Emboar
Rank A - Unnamed Fennekin Last Form
Hidden Sea A mysterious and secret sea. Water Rank F - Blastoise
Rank E - Feraligatr
Rank D - Swampert
Rank C - Empoleon
Rank B - Samurott
Rank A - Unnamed Froakie Last Form
Buggy Forest A forest filled with bugs. Bug Rank F - Beedrill
Rank E - Ariados
Rank D - Dustox
Rank C - Kricketune
Rank B - Leavanny
Rank A - Vivillion
Blue Airship A blue flying airship where flying Pokémon lives. Flying Rank F - Pidgeot
Rank E - Jumpluff
Rank D - Altaria
Rank C - Staraptor
Rank B - Unfezant
Rank A - Talonflame
Purple Hideout A hideout where the poison Pokémon lives. Poison Rank F - Arbok
Rank E - Qwilfish
Rank D - Seviper
Rank C - Skuntank
Rank B - Scolipede
Rank A - Unnamed Skrelp Evolution
Power Plant A power plant energized by the power of electric Pokémon. Electric Rank F - Raichu
Rank E - Qwilfish
Rank D - Manecritc
Rank C - Ampharos
Rank B - Galvantula
Rank A - Unnamed Helioptile Evolution
The Underground A colony of ground Pokémon. Ground Rank F - Sandlash
Rank E - Donphan
Rank D - Flygon
Rank C - Hippowdon
Rank B - Excadrill
Rank A - N/A
Fairy Lake A lake where fairy lives. Fairy Rank F - Jigglypuff
Rank E - Marill
Rank D - Gardevoir
Rank C - N/A
Rank B - N/A
Rank A - Syveleon
Dojo A dojo where the fighters trains their skills. Fighting Rank F - Machamp
Rank E - Heracross
Rank D - Hariyama
Rank C - Lucario
Rank B - Conkeldurr
Rank A - Goronda
Rocky Mountain A mountain where rock Pokémon lives. Rock Rank F - Golem
Rank E - Tyranitar
Rank D - Aggron
Rank C - Rampardos
Rank B - Gigalith
Rank A - N/A
Steel City A city where steel Pokémon lives. Steel Rank F - Magneton
Rank E - Steelix
Rank D - Metagross
Rank C - Bastiodon
Rank B - Klinglang
Rank A - Honedge
Other Dimension A dimension where psychic Pokémon lives. Psychic Rank F - Alakazam
Rank E - Xatu
Rank D - Medicham
Rank C - Bronzong
Rank B - Swoobat
Rank A - Karamanero
Freezy Glacier A glacier where ice Pokémon lives. Ice Rank F - Jynx
Rank E - Weavile
Rank D - Walrein
Rank C - Froslass
Rank B - Vanilluxe
Rank A - N/A
Haunted Mansion A mansion where ghost Pokémon lives. Ghost Rank F - Gengar
Rank E - Misdreavus
Rank D - Shedninja
Rank C - Dusknoir
Rank B - Cofagrigus
Rank A - N/A
Mystery Room A mysterious location where dark Pokémon lives. Dark Rank F - Umbreon
Rank E - Houndoom
Rank D - Mightyena
Rank C - Honchkrow
Rank B - Zoroak
Rank A - N/A
Dragon's Nest A nest where dragon Pokémon lives. Dragon Rank F - Dragonite
Rank E - Kingdra
Rank D - Salamance
Rank C - Garchomp
Rank B - Haxorus
Rank A - Noivern
Battle Royale A arena where the Toy Pokémon see who is the best. Various. Rank F - Mewtwo
Rank E - Lugia
Rank D - Rayquaza
Rank C - Giratina
Rank B - Kyurem
Rank A - Yveltal


Item In-Game Description
Potion Heals 25 of the Pokémon's HP.
Great Potion Heals 75 of the Pokémon's HP.
Giga Potion Heals 150 of the Pokémon's HP'
Complete Potion Fully heals the Pokémon's HP
Trap Traps a enemy.
Rock Can be thrown as a projectile. Gives 10 of damage.
Poké The money of the Pokémon's world.
Pieces Can be used to create a toy Pokémon.
Escape Warp Escapes from a area.
Revive Piece Can be used to revive a Toy Pokémon
Rare Candy Level up a Toy Pokémon.
Attack Piece Makes the Pokémon more powerful.
Defense Piece Makes the Pokémon more stronger against enemy attacks.
HP Piece Gives more HP to the Pokémon.
Special Piece Boost the Toy Pokémon's Special Attack and Special Defense stats.
Speed Piece Makes the Pokémon go faster.
Accuracy Piece Makes the Pokémon fail less times.


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  • This is the first Pokémon Rumble game to have potions.

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