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Pokémon Electrum Version: Special Raikou Edition is a game for the Gameboy Color. It is a fourth version of Pokémon Gold & Silver the same way Yellow is to Red & Green in Japan. It is also based on the anime, but it instead of being based on Ash's adventures in Johto, it is based on Jimmy and Marina from the special The Legend of Thunder! In it, Raikou plays an important role, like Suicune in Crystal.

Differences from Gold, Silver and Crystal

  • It's based off The Legend of Thunder, so events from the special are in the game.
  • Silver isn't the rival this time, both the female character (if you chose male), male character (if you chose female) and Vincent are the rivals.
  • You don't capture Raikou in the wild, but after you save him from Team Rocket he gives you a chance of battling him and then capturing him.
  • If you chose the male character, a Cyndaquil is you only starter option. If you chose the female character, your starter will be Totodile.
  • Attila and Hun both play an important role in this game.
  • If you picked the male character, you will get a Beedrill later in the game, for the female character, you get a Misdreavus.
  • Your starter Pokémon can follow you in the, so can the Beedrill overworld, so can Beedrill and Misdreavus, depending which is first in your party.
  • In a point of the game, you'll battle a trainer with a Hitmonlee, and then you'll have to go to a Pokémon Center where you'll meet Marina/Jimmy. That's based on the start of the special.
  • Sometimes the main character will have to do something that in the special, the opposite gender character did.


  • This is the second Pokémon game based on the anime.
  • This is the second Pokémon game which a legendary beast is the version mascot.
  • Electrum doesn't only resemble the word electric, Raikou's type, but it is also a natural alloy of Gold and Silver.