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Pokémon Earth Version and Pokémon Wind Version are two upcoming titles to the Pokémon franchise, as the first title in the seventh generation of the series. The games are to be released for the next generation of handheld video game system by Nintendo, which has currently been unannounced.

The game is to include only 73 new Pokémon as an addition to the National Dex of currently 721, bringing it to 794. The game fully takes place in a newly introduced region, known as Ilhia.




New Features

  • Crossbreeding—Pokémon can gain different appearances (even throughout their evolutions) based on what Pokémon they are breeded with. They can also gain unique egg moves based on this. The appearance can be passed onto offspring with Ditto.


  • Few changes to the Ice type.
    • Ice-type Pokémon now resist Flying-type moves.
    • Ice-type Pokémon now resist Grass-type moves.
  • Few changes to the Bug type.
    • Bug-type moves now do 1x damage on Fairy-type Pokémon.
    • Bug-type moves now do 1x damage on Ghost-type Pokémon.
    • Bug-type Pokémon now take ½x damage from Dark-type moves.
  • Few changes to the Grass type.
    • Grass-type moves now do 1x damage on Flying-type Pokémon.
    • Grass-type moves now do 1x damage on Dragon-type Pokémon.

New Moves

New Abilities

Name Description
Defender 30% chance to half damage from super effective moves.
Solitary Halves the attack stat of opponents in double or triple battles.
Insectile Makes all of the user's Normal-type moves do Bug-type damage.
Vampiric 25% chance to drain HP with attacks which make contact.
Startle Lowers the special attack stat of the opponent upon switch-in.
Nonbeliever Protects the user from Ghost-type attacks.
Lookout Protects the user from attacks that take more than one turn.
Toxic Gas Greatly lowers the attack and special attack stats of opponents. May be countered by Defog.
Dense Fog Greatly lowers the accuracy and speed of opponents. May be countered by Defog.

Ilhia PokéDex

Newly Discovered Pokémon

# Icon Name Type Ability
001 Capello Grass Overgrow
002 Bastrom Grass Overgrow
003 Folialto Grass Rock Overgrow
004 Soprasia Grass Fairy Overgrow
005 Fire Blaze
006 Fire Blaze
007 Fire Steel Blaze
008 Fire Dark Blaze
Flare Boost
009 Water Torrent
010 Water Torrent
011 Water Ice Torrent
012 Water Psychic Torrent
013 Electric Static
014 Electric Fighting Static
015 Normal
016 Normal
017 Fairy Nonbeliever
018 Fairy Nonbeliever
019 Fairy Fire Nonbeliever
022 Bug Insectile
Speed Boost
023 Bug Insectile
Speed Boost
024 Bug Dark Insectile
Speed Boost
025 Normal Flying
026 Ghost Flying
027 Ghost Flying
028 Bug Water
029 Bug Water
030 Dark
031 Dark Electric
032 Fire
033 Fire
034 Normal Water
035 Steel Water
036 Psychic Flying
037 Psychic Flying
038 Psychic
039 Psychic Steel
040 Ghost
041 Ghost
042 Ghost Fairy
043 Ghost Fairy
044 Ground Rock
045 Ground Rock
046 Rock Steel
047 Fire
048 Fire Ground
049 Fire Ground
050 Poison Electric
051 Fairy
052 Fairy
053 Dragon Grass
054 Dracunee Poison Vampiric
055 Dark
056 Ice Steel
057 Ice Ghost
058 Fighting
059 Fighting Steel
060 Water Grass
061 Water Grass
062 Water Fighting
063 Water Fighting
064 Water Fighting
065 Electric Dragon
066 Normal
067 Normal Dragon
068 Normal Dragon
069 Alazahr Ground Poison Toxic Gas
070 Mistyna Flying Fairy Dense Fog
071 Fire Ice
072 Fairy Dark
073 Ice Fighting

Original Pokémon

NatDex IlhDex Icon Name Type
261 001 261MS Poochyena Dark
262 002 262MS Mightyena Dark
664 003 664MS Scatterbug Bug
665 004 665MS Spewpa Bug
666 005 666MS Vivillon Bug Flying
661 006 661MS Fletchling Normal Flying
662 007 662MS Fletchinder Fire Flying
663 008 663MS Talonflame Fire Flying
161 009 161MS Sentret Normal
162 010 162MS Furret Normal
543 011 543MS Venipede Bug Poison
544 012 544MS Whirlipede Bug Poison
545 013 545MS Scolipede Bug Poison
540 014 540MS Sewaddle Bug Grass
541 015 541MS Swadloon Bug Grass
542 016 542MS Leavanny Bug Grass
172 017 172MS Pichu Electric
025 018 025MS Pikachu Electric
026 019 026MS Raichu Electric
133 020 133MS Eevee Normal
134 021 134MS Vaporeon Water
135 022 135MS Jolteon Electric
136 023 136MS Flareon Fire
196 024 196MS Espeon Psychic
197 025 197MS Umbreon Dark
470 026 470MS Leafeon Grass
471 027 471MS Glaceon Ice
700 028 700MS Sylveon Fairy
682 029 682MS Spritzee Fairy
683 030 683MS Aromatisse Fairy
684 031 684MS Swirlix Fairy
685 032 685MS Slurpuff Fairy
280 033 280MS Ralts Psychic Fairy
281 034 281MS Kirlia Psychic Fairy
282 035 282MS Gardevoir Psychic Fairy
475 036 475MS Gallade Psychic Fighting

New Formes

NatDex IlhDex Icon Name Type Ability
025 018 025RoMS Pikachu Rock Star Electric Steel Soundproof
025 018 025BeMS Pikachu Belle Electric Ice Serene Grace
025 018 025PoMS Pikachu Pop Star Electric Fairy Cute Charm
025 018 025PhMS Pikachu, Ph. D Electric Volt Absorb
025 018 025LiMS Pikachu Libre Electric Fighting Huge Power
025 018 Pikachu Mermaid Electric Water Swift Swim

New Mega Evolutions

NatDex IlhDex Icon Name Type Ability Mega Stone
683 030 Mega Aromatisse Fairy Dark Defender Aromatissite
685 032 Mega Slurpuff Fairy Ice Sweet Veil Slurpuffite


# Name Team Type
1 000MS 193MS Bug
2 228MS 000MS 000MS Dark
3 000MS 000MS 364MS 471MS Ice
4 000MS 164MS 176MS 000MS Flying
5 000MS 026MS 000MS Electric
6 000MS 000MS 561MS 606MS Psychic
7 000MS 683MS 685MS 700MS Fairy
8 000MS 609MS 479MS 000MS 623MS Ghost

# Name Team Type
1 000MS 000MS 637MS 617MS 589MS 469MS Bug
2 229MS 000MS 000MS 571MS 687MS 675MS Dark
3 000MS 000MS 365MS 471MS 461MS 362MS Ice
4 000MS 164MS 468MS 000MS 430MS 628MS Flying
5 000MS 026MS 000MS 604MS 695MS 596MS Electric
6 000MS 000MS 561MS 606MS 576MS 488MS Psychic
7 000MS 683MS 685MS 700MS 036MS 719MS Fairy
8 000MS 609MS 000MS 623MS 442MS 487MS Ghost

Elite Four

Name Team Type
000MS 545MS 691MS 168MS 031MS Poison
000MS 000MS 470MS 455MS 000MS Grass
000MS 598MS 476MS 000MS 000MS Steel
000MS 132MS 474MS 676MS 000MS Normal
Earth Version:
428MS 000MS 000MS 000MS 303MS 000MS
Wind Version:
573MS 000MS 000MS 000MS 707MS 000MS


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