Secret Bases are a returning feature from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. They have been slightly upgraded from the past games, having more decorations and bigger room spaces. In these special areas, trainers can create their own gyms and hangouts to decorate however they like.

In order to get a secret base, you must have a Pokémon in your party that knows the TM Secret Power. Also, you must find a spot in the Sutek Region where you can build your secret base; whether it's in a tree, bush, or even a cave! They come in many different shapes and sizes to fit your liking, and all of them are in different environments. You may only have one secret base at a time, and fill it up with 100 items at the most. Also, there is a Super Secret Island, where there are several different places to put your base.

Secret Base Trainers

In every Secret Base, you may have up to 10 Secret Base Trainers. These trainers can be hired by visiting other people's Secret Bases and asking them to join you (and here's the best part, they'll never deny!). You can loan them your Pokémon that you want the Trainers to use in battle, and can take them back whenever you want to.


In order to make your Secret Base special, you have to decorate it! You may decorate your base however you like, it's yours after all. You can buy various decorations in stores, or receive them as a special gift from other trainers. All decorations are listed below.


Item Category Price Description
Wooden Desk Desk $2500 A wooden desk that can be placed in your base. Small items can be placed on top of it.
Pokéball Desk Desk $2700 A desk shaped like a Pokéball. Small item can be placed on top of it.


Item Category Price Description
Flamatos Doll Doll $2000 A doll based on the Fire starter Flamatos.
Aquasai Doll Doll $2000 A doll based on the Water starter Aquasai.
Levoni Doll Doll $2000 A doll based on the Grass starter Levoni.
Pikachu Doll Doll $3000 A doll based on Pikachu.
Hydreigon Doll Doll $3000 A doll based on Hydreigon.
Skitty Doll Doll $3000 A doll based on Skitty.
Large Gengar Doll Doll $5000 A large doll based on Gengar.
Large Mega Altaria Doll Doll $7,000 A large doll based on Mega Altaria.


Item Category Price Description
Mega Lucario Statue Object $10,000 A stone statue modeled after Mega Lucario. It resembles the statue from the Tower of Mastery.

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