Maidstone Town

Description: A small town located in south Sutek. Ever since the invasion a few years ago, this town hasn't attracted many home buyers.

Places of Interest

Your Home
This is where the player has been living almost their entire life. It is located to the west of the entrance to Maidstone Pathway, and looks just like the other houses on the street. They player's mother, Melissa, and father, Chris, live there, but their father is usually out at his gym. The house has two stories.

The first floor contains the living room, kitchen, dining room, and your mother and father's room. The kitchen has a stove, oven, refrigerator, and sink. The living room has a large TV, a fireplace, two couches, and a Wii U; the player's mom's Absol pup has a bed and lives here. Next is the dining room, which contains a large table with 3 chairs, and two paintings; one of a Mega Slowbro and another of the player's family. Go through the door next to the stairs and you enter your mom and dad's bedroom, which contains a bed, a lamp, a dresser with several pokéballs and potions sitting on it, as well as a picture.

The top floor is the player's bedroom, containing a bed, TV, and a closet where the player can change out of their clothes. There is also a computer that your father bought for your birthday containing the basic controls of the game, and a Pichu plushie that you take on your journey for good luck.

Chesai Village

Places of Interest

Chesai Gym
The Chesai Gym is the official gym for Chesai Village. The gym leader's name is Simon, who specializes in Normal-type Pokémon, and gives the Royalty Badge to whoever defeats him.

Clothing Name Color Price Gender available for
Hat Cowboy Hat White $500 Male
Hat Cowgirl Hat Pink $550 Female
Hat Panama Blue $600 Male/Female

Poké Shop

Item Cost
Poké Ball $150
Great Ball $350
Potion $175
Antidote $100

Koyako City

Places of Interest

Pokémon Adoption Center
The Pokémon Adoption Center plays a similar role as the GTS did in X and Y. This is a place where you can adopt Pokémon that go up for adoption. This feature requires internet connection, as you will be adopting Pokémon that people all over the world have put up. You can search up a Pokémon by it's species, gender, IVs, EVs, shiny, and level. You may also put up your Pokémon for adoption, and request anything you want in return, and maybe someone will trade it!
Professor Lilac's Lab
Professor Lilac's lab is located straight across from the Pokemon Center. Once you reach this area, the Professor gives you either a Chespin, Fennekin, or Froakie after talking with you and your friends, as well as their corresponding mega stones. You are also given an eevee, and told to study any new eeveelution you can discover.
Creative Cuts
Find information on styles and colors here.
Creative Cuts is a hair salon located a few feet to the left of the Pokémon Center. Here, the player can have their hair washed, styled, and colored.

Like before, the prices may vary depending on what you want done to your hair. You are able to choose the length, back style, front style, color, and highlights (girl exclusive) in any formation you'd like. However, some hair styles do not have a front style. The prices are:

  • $3000 to get your hair washed, colored, and done all over
  • $2700 to get your hair washed and colored with only the back done
  • $2500 to get your hair washed and colored with only the front done
  • $2500 to get your hair washed and styled all over
  • $2000 to get your hair colored

Moriyo Town

Places of Interest

Evolution Stone Emporium
One of the only few shops out of the entire town. This store sells several different types of evolutionary stones from all over the world, so that you can evolve any Pokémon. The stones available to buy at the store are:

  • Fire Stone/$1000
  • Water Stone/$1000
  • Leaf Stone/$1000
  • Thunder Stone/$1500
  • Moon Stone/$1500
  • Sun Stone/$1500
  • Shiny Stone/$1500
  • Dusk Stone/$2000
  • Dawn Stone/$2000

Shinju City

Places of Interest

Shinju Mall
The Shinju Mall is one of the most interesting attractions in the entire city. The mall is five floors high, each floor with something different, from an arcade to a restaurant. On one of the floors, there's a vending machine where you can buy various drinks.

The first floor is like a bigger version of the Pokémon Center. Nurse Joy is in the front, ready to heal your Pokémon when needed. There is also a PC, as well as a lounging area.

The second floors consists of many different small stores that sell different items. The first store to the left is a Poké Ball Store. They sell a variety of Poké Balls, and there's almost no ball you can find. The ones in sale are:

Pokéball Price Pokéball Price
Poké Ball $200 Great Ball $600
Ultra Ball $120 Safari Ball $500
Level Ball $1000 Lure Ball $800
Moon Ball $500 Friend Ball $900
Love Ball $1000 Heavy Ball $600
Fast Ball $1500 Premier Ball $300
Repeat Ball $1000 Timer Ball $1000
Nest Ball $1000 Net Ball $1000
Dive Ball $1000 Luxury Ball $1000
Legend Ball $1500 Weather Ball $1500
Starter Ball $1000 Shiny Ball $2000

Next to the Pokéball store is the Ribbon Shop. Here, you can buy a variety of different ribbons to place on the first Pokémon in your party. The ribbons are:

Ribbon Price Description
Fabulous Ribbon $15000 A Ribbon that will look fabulous on an Pokémon.
Awesome Ribbon $15000 A Ribbon that looks totally awesome on any Pokémon.
Fabulously Awesome Ribbon $1,000,000 A Ribbon like no other. It's fabulously awesome, and will make any Pokémon look like a star!

Across from the Pokéball and Ribbon shops is an elevator which can take you to the next floor. Past the elevator is the Secret Base Club, which is owned by Secret Base Expert Matilda. When you first enter the shop, Matilda challenges you to a battle, and then gives you TM43 - Secret Power, as well as a Bed and a Lamp. From there, you can get Secret Base items from the Secret Base Shop.

Item Category Price Description
Fence Object $500 Just a regular ol' fence.
Gym Statue Object $700 A statue that looks exactly like the ones you see when first entering a gym.
Wooden Desk Desk $2500 A wooden desk that can be placed in your base. Small items can be placed on top of it.
Wooden Chair Chair $1500 A wooden chair to go along with your wooden desk. Or, you know, wherever.

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