Pokemon Dirt Brown
Pokemon Dirt Brown
Game box art
Developer(s) Prime Gaming
Publisher(s) Prime Gaming
Platform(s) Game Boy
Genre(s) RPG
Series Pokemon
Predecessor Pokemon X/Pokemon Y

Pokemon Dirt Brown is a Pokemon game by Prime Gaming for the original Gameboy. It features new Pokemon and was released along with Pokemon Lava Orange. The Pokemon featured in the box art is the legendary Pokemon Entei,


Professor Oak sends a young Pokemon trainer (the player) on a quest to help him find the rare legendary Pokemon known as Entei, but the sinister Team Gamma is out to get it first so they can use it's energy to power their top secret project known as the Plasma Generator, which will send out a shockwave that will attract all the world's Pokemon to the Plasma Generator so they can finally catch them all.

Starter PokemonEdit

  • Diglett
  • Pichu
  • Poochyena

New PokemonEdit

  • Tuffchu (Electric type, evolved form of Raichu)
  • Swallodile (Water type)
  • Chompator (Water type, evolved form of Swallodile)
  • Fangstor (Water type, evolved form of Chompator)
  • Sparkoid (Electric type)
  • Robowatt (Electric type, evolved form of Sparkoid)
  • Megamew (Psychic type, new clone of Mew)
  • Sporrow (Ghost/bird type)
  • Fearhawk (Ghost/bird type, evolved form of Sporrow)
  • Hydrodragon (Water/psychic type, evolved form of Garyados)
  • Worpy (Psychic type)
  • Worpion (Psychic type, evolved form of Worpy)

Gym LeadersEdit

  1. Zack (Electric)
  2. Gill (Water)
  3. Dustin (Ground)
  4. Brock (Rock)
  5. Carrie (Ghost)
  6. Cyrus (Psychic)
  7. Duke (Fighting)
  8. Ash (Fire)
  9. Daisy (Grass)
  10. Phil (Poison)
  11. Nick (Ice)
  12. Sam (Bug)
  13. Amber (Dragon)
  14. Stanley (Dark)
  15. Bella (Fairy)
  16. Flynn (Steel)
  17. Chris (Flying)