Pokémon Daycare Simulator
Developer(s) Locked Gaming
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance
Release Date(s)
March 17, 2006.
1 player.
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Simulation
Series Pokémon series
Successor Pokémon Daycare Simulator DS
Media Included Game Cartidge

Pokémon Daycare Simulator is a Pokémon spin-off game. It is a Generation 3 spin-off, where the player takes control of a young boy/lady managing a Pokémon Daycare in Hoenn. The game is very different from most of the Pokémon spinoffs.

The player has to take care of a trainer's Pokémon for a certain number of days. While most of the trainers are randomized by the game, some are scripted for some situations. The players also needs to customize the Daycare to create habitats for each Pokémon. For example, a fire Pokémon needs a hot habitat and goes on and on. Players also need to feed them and play with them. Players can also capture Pokémon to protect other Pokémon from Team Magma or Team Aqua. The game had two sequels, Pokémon Daycare Simulator DS released in 2007 and Pokémon Daycare Simulator 3DS released in 2013. A version of the game for the Wii, known as Pokémon Daycare Simulator+ has been released on the WiiWare.


The player character opens a Pokémon Daycare in Hoenn. The Daycare is rising slowly but already got its fans. However, evil groups known as Team Magma and Team Aqua wants to take opportunity of this and wants to capture the Pokémon on the daycare. A journey begins.


Pokémon Daycare Simulator is separated into three game styles: Daycare, where the player controls the overall daycare, attending trainers and putting Pokémon on habitats. The player also needs to check on the Pokémon to see if they are hungry or sick. Players can buy items from the PokéMarts, but sometimes people will donate those items. The second game style is Pokémon Caring, the player can give food or medicine if the Pokémon needs. Players can also train them and play with them using different toys. The third and final game style is Pokémon Catching. The player receives Pokéballs and a Pokédex from Professor Oak in Day 5. Players can catch Pokémon and train them. Sometimes, Team Magma or Team Aqua may appear to try to steal the Pokémon, mostly during at night. Players needs to fight with them in order to stop them. If the player fails to do so, popularity will decrease and less trainers will appear, if the player does it right, the popularity will increase and more trainers will appear.

At the end of the day, the player will be given the score. On some days, the trainers will return and ask for their Pokémon. Giving the right Pokémon to the right Trainer will grant the player with money without penalty. Giving the wrong Pokémon of the same species (example giving Trainer A's Torchic to Trainer B) to a trainer that isn't the owner of it will grant the player half of the money. Giving the wrong Pokémon to the wrong Trainer, the player will receive 1/4 of the money. At the end of the each day, you will receive a Rank from F to A. The popularity of the Daycare will attract more players and you can get partnership with PokéMarts. Having a partnership with a PokéMart will grant you extra money plus the items from said PokéMart will cost half of the normal price.

Sometimes when trainers put two or more Pokémon of different genders they may have eggs. The player also will need to buy habitats to other Pokémon, if there isn't a habitat for that Pokémon, the trainer will leave the Daycare and the popularity will decrease.


  • Jake Melissa: The player's character and owner of the Pokémon Daycare.
  • Professor Oak: Pokémon professor from Kanto who gives to Jake / Melissa the Pokéballs and the Pokédex in Day 5.
  • Professor Elm: Pokémon professor from Johto who gives to Jake / Melissa the GS Ball during Day 15.
  • Professor Birch: Regional professor who gives to Jake / Melissa, a Torchic, a Treecko or a Mudkip on Day 2.
  • Team Aqua: A team who is seeking to awake the legendary Pokémon Kyogure.
  • Team Magma: A team who is seeking to awake the legendary Pokémon Groudon.
  • Team Rocket: A team who wants to use Pokémon for world domination.


The normal run of Pokémon Daycare Simulator goes to 25 days. An endless mode is unlocked after beating the normal one.

Day 1

Day 1 in Pokémon Daycare Simulator is a tutorial day. It will explain the basics of the game. It is the easiest day, obviously. There is 5 scripted trainers in this day. Scripted Trainers

Trainer Pokémon Date of Return
Youngster Jack
MSRattata RattataLv. 3 Returns on Day 2.
Student Mark
MSZigzagoon ZigzagoonLv. 3 Returns on Day 2.
Lass Mel
MSRalts RaltsLv. 4 Returns on Day 3.
Twins Lia and Lea
MSSquirtle TurtlyLv. 5
MSSquirtle ShellyLv. 5
Returns on Day 3.
Rich Boy Paul
MSCharmander CharmanderLv. 5 Doesn't returns.

Special Notes

  • Jack wants his Rattata to be at least Lv. 5 when he gets him back on Day 2.
  • Mark wants his Zigzagoon to be at least at Lv. 5 when he gets him back on Day 2.
  • Mel wants her Ralts to be with Confusion when she gets her back on Day 3.
  • The Twins doesn't have any special notes.
  • Paul doesn't returns in any day. At Day 5, the player will be able to adopt the Charmander.

Day 2

Day 2 in Pokémon Daycare Simulator is a normal day. There is 8 scripted trainers.

Scripted Trainers

Trainer Pokémon Date of Return
Bug Catcher Jake
MSWurmple WurmpleLv. 5 Returns on Day 4.
Black Belt Ippo
MSMachop MachopLv. 5 Returns on Day 4.

Special Notes

  • Jake wants to his Wurmple evolved when he returns.
  • Ippo's Machop is poisoned and needs to be cured with Antidote.
  • Jack and Mark from Day 1 returns to get their Pokémon back.

List of Available Pokémon

To see the full list, click here.

Pokémon Daycare Simulator has 2/3 of Pokémon available to catch. Some are unlocked via special events or by trading from other Gen 3 games.


Pokémon Contests

Special Events


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