Pokémon Daybreak
Pokémon Twilight
Pokemon Daybreak 2017
Pokemon Twilight 2017
Developer(s) Bleak Industries
Game Freak
The Pokémon Company
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Release Date(s)
Flag of Japan October 31st, 2018.
Flag of USA October 31st, 2018.
Flag of Europe October 31st, 2018.
Flag of Australia November 1st, 2018.
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure
Role-playing Game
Predecessor Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon
Successor N/A
Media Included New Nintendo 3DS Game Card
Pokémon Daybreak and Pokémon Twilight are the latest titles in the critically acclaimed "Pokémon" franchise, also serving as the first instalments in the newest generation of Pokémon, Generation VIII (eight). Like all main titles in the series, they are developed by Game Freak, the Pokemon Company, and Bleak Industries, in partnership with Nintendo to be released onto the New Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch consoles, on October 31st, 2018.

The games are set in the beautifully tropical region of Fyeno. It is loosely influenced by the continent of Oceania, especially in climate. The region is very diverse in the way it is designed, with many different environmental factors being compressed into one region. The game will be distributed in ten languages, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic and Russian. 


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The majority of the game play in Pokémon Daybreak and Pokémon Twilight remains the same from the previous generation, the seventh generation. However, there are some changes to the formula to make it more engaging for the player.


The Typing System has been completely re-evaluated, with more changes taking place in this generation than ever before. Ground and Rock types have been combined into the "Earth" type, to remove the quad weakness to Water that many of those Pokemon suffer from. Electric and Steel types are now super effective against each other, as well as Ice becoming super effective on Water types and Fairy types. Bug types have become super effective on Dragon types, and Dragon type moves can now hit Fairy pokemon, however it is resisted. 

A new type is also being added to the game, however, one has not yet been announced. It is highly likely that either the Sound or Magic type will be added.

Updated Engine

The game has received a slightly modified engine from the seventh generation engine. The game now loads frames faster, and is overall more fast and fluid when playing. A wider range of environments are also in the game due to the diversity of the region. Another significant change is allowing the player to change the environment while playing Wi-Fi battles.

Soaring in the Sky

Soaring in the Sky returns from Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, but with a larger variety of Pokemon possessing the ability. Any Pokemon of the Flying type can learn to Soar, or any Pokemon that can learn the move Fly. 

However, you have to receive a special item called the PokéWhistle before being able to Soar.

Jumping and Crouching

One of the main aims of Daybreak and Twilight was to make the game seem more realistic to the player in terms of visuals adnd gameplay, so Jumping and Crouching were added as new mechanics. Using the ZR/ZL buttons, the player can jump and crouch, which will be crucial to exploring new areas and finding items.

Mega Evolution

Mega Evolutions also return in the same format as previous generations, however, it is a lot harder to obtain new mega stones in Daybreak and Twilight, as in this region they are considered as very rare artifacts, which many believe shouldn't be used and be preserved instead. Also, only one incarnation of every mega stone exists, making them a lot harder for the player to get their hands on.

There will also be some situations where based on your decisions, you will receive different mega stones. They can also be traded with other players now, so that players can potentially get every one. 


Transportation in the game has been completely revisited. The player will have the running shoes from the beginning of the game, and acquires the bike pretty quickly. In addition to these, there are more modes of transportation such as Skateboards, Surfboards and Cars. 

At a later point in the game, portals are developed and can be accessed through Pokemon Centers.

New Moves

In Daybreak and Twilight, there are a large collection of new moves added to the game. The basis behind including most of these new moves is to balance the game out, adding more powerful moves for different types of Pokemon that need them to give them better use. Another reason is to expand the moves available for Pokemon that have weaker movepools, such as Flareon. This current list is sorted by alphabetical order.

No. Name Type Description Power/Accuracy
01 Bewildered Swarm Icicle BugType
02 Shadow Rush Icicle DarkType
03 Mirage Break Icicle DarkType
04 Wyvern Crash Icicle DragonType
05 Lightning Volley Icicle ElectricType
06 Fairy Beam Icicle FairyType
07 Divine Arrow Icicle FairyType
08 Furious Fist Icicle FightingType
09 Atomic Flare Icicle FireType
10 Sunshine Storm Icicle FireType
11 Blown Away Icicle FlyingType
12 Crimson Mist Icicle GhostType
13 Ivory Crash Icicle GrassType
14 Terrain Attack Icicle GroundType
15 Glacier Ascent Icicle IceType
16 Permafrost Icicle IceType
17 Icicle Road Icicle IceType
18 Double Take Icicle NormalType
19 Venom Claw Icicle PoisonType
20 Gamma Strike Icicle PsychicType
21 Mineral Barrier Icicle RockType
22 Excalibur Icicle SteelType
23 Tsunami Icicle WaterType

New Abilities

In Daybreak and Twilight, a selection of new abilities have been introduced to the game. Most of them are exclusive to new Pokemon, however there are a couple of new ones given to older Pokemon to make them more useful in the competitive scene. 

Name Description User
Scorch Quills Every other turn, if hit with a physical attack, the attacking Pokemon will receive damage from the heated spikes. Hedtorch line

Hidden Machines

Hidden Machines, or HM for short, are a system that recur in every Pokemon game to date, however they have been reworked in Daybreak and Twilight, after they were very controversial with the community as they take up space in a Pokemon's move pool. Every Pokemon now has a fifth move slot reserved specifically for Hidden Machines.  Also, all of the Hidden Machines have been reviewed and changed specifically for the game, as they will have different uses. 

No. Name Description
01 Ignite Ignite can be used to melt frozen objects, it also can be used to destroy any tree that stands in the path of the trainer.
02 Strength Strength can be used to push or break boulders that are in the way of the player.
03 Dazzling Gleam Dazzling Gleam can be used in dark tunes like Flash, however you can also use it to blind trainers you don't wish to battle, however there is a limit to how many times you can do this. It can also help reveal items like a Dowsing Machine would, therefore replacing that item's use.
04 Surf Surf can be used to float across water to access new areas that were unavailable before. 
05 Frost Breath Frost Breath is used to freeze water, so you can climb waterfalls and other places that have water. This helps you to get items as you can have layers of ice which you have to place accordingly to receive items.
06 Dream Eater Dream Eater is used in the over world as there are sleeping people and Pokemon around the place and it is a mechanic in the game to wake them all up. It can also lead to gift Pokemon and other items being given to you.

Technical Machines

Technical Machines, or TMs, also return in Daybreak and Twilight, taking the same role as they always have in previous games in the franchise. Any pokemon can learn a technical machine as long as they fulfil the requirements.

TM01. Hone Claws
TM02. Dragon Claw
TM03. Psyshock
TM04. Calm Mind
TM05. Roar
TM06. Toxic
TM07. Hail
TM08. Bulk Up
TM09. Venoshock
TM10. Hidden Power
TM11. Sunny Day
TM12. Taunt
TM13. Ice Beam
TM14. Blizzard
TM15. Hyper Beam
TM16. Light Screen
TM17. Protect
TM18. Rain Dance
TM19. Roost
TM20. Safeguard
TM21. Frustration
TM22. Solar Beam
TM23. Smack Down
TM24. Thunderbolt
TM25. Thunder

TM26. Earthquake
TM27. Return
TM28. Dig
TM29. Psychic
TM30. Shadow Ball
TM31. Brick Break
TM32. Double Team
TM33. Reflect
TM34. Sludge Wave
TM35. Flamethrower
TM36. Sludge Bomb
TM37. Sandstorm
TM38. Fire Blast
TM39. Rock Tomb
TM40. Aerial Ace
TM41. Torment
TM42. Facade
TM43. Flame Charge
TM44. Rest
TM45. Attract
TM46. Thief
TM47. Low Sweep
TM48. Round
TM49. Echoed Voice
TM50. Overheat

TM51. Steel Wing
TM52. Focus Blast
TM53. Energy Ball
TM54. False Swipe
TM55. Scald
TM56. Fling
TM57. Charge Beam
TM58. Sky Drop
TM59. Incinerate
TM60. Quash
TM61. Will-O-Wisp
TM62. Acrobatics
TM63. Embargo
TM64. Explosion
TM65. Shadow Claw
TM66. Payback
TM67. Retaliate
TM68. Giga Impact
TM69. Rock Polish
TM70. Flash
TM71. Stone Edge
TM72. Volt Switch
TM73. Thunder Wave
TM74. Gyro Ball
TM75. Swords Dance

TM76. Struggle Bug
TM77. Psych Up
TM78. Bulldoze
TM79. Frost Breath
TM80. Rock Slide
TM81. X-Scissor
TM82. Dragon Tail
TM83. Infestation
TM84. Poison Jab
TM85. Dream Eater
TM86. Grass Knot
TM87. Swagger
TM88. Sleep Talk
TM89. U-turn
TM90. Substitute
TM91. Flash Cannon
TM92. Trick Room
TM93. Wild Charge
TM94. Rock Smash
TM95. Snarl
TM96. Nature Power
TM97. Dark Pulse
TM98. Power-Up-Punch
TM99. Dazzling Gleam
TM100. Confide
TM101. Bewildered Swarm
TM102. Lightning Volley
TM103. Gamma Strike
TM104. Glacier Ascent
TM105. Sunshine Storm


Please note the Pokemon concepts you see here may not be final.

Fyeno Pokedex

Here is the Pokedex for the Fyeno region, not including the Birds of Paradise and Ultra Beasts. 

Dex No. Pokemon Pokedex Entry Abilities Typing
001 Plantherang
Gecko Pokemon
002 TBA
Gecko Pokemon
003 TBA [Daybreak]
Gecko Pokemon
Grass Dragon
004 TBA [Twilight]
Gecko Pokemon
Grass Dark
005 Hedtorch
Hedgehog Pokemon
[Scorch Quills]
006 Inferpike
Hedgehog Pokemon
[Scorch Quills]
007 TBA [Daybreak]
Hedgehog Pokemon
[Scorch Quills]
Fire Fairy
008 TBA [Twilight]
Hedgehog Pokemon
[Scorch Quills]
Fire Poison
009 Lyndrate
Lynx Pokemon
[Storm Drain]
010 Hydraxa
Lynx Pokemon
[Storm Drain]
011 TBA [Daybreak]
Lynx Pokemon
[Storm Drain]
Water Electric
012 TBA [Twilight]
Lynx Pokemon
[Storm Drain]
Water Ice

Birds of Paradise Dex

After you have completed the game, a lot of birds start to come to the Fyeno region, and they are nicknamed the Birds of Paradise. Even though they aren't legendary Pokemon, they are considered mythical and rare. You can encounter them on routes but they only have a very small chance of showing up. After you have captured all of them, a legendary Pokemon is rumoured to appear. 

Dex No. Pokemon Pokedex Entry Typing
??? Lycocorax
Silky Bird Pokemon
Flying Dark
??? Keraudio
Trumpet Bird Pokemon
Flying Psychic
??? Astrapia
Feather Bird Pokemon
Flying Grass
??? Drepanornis
Sickle Bird Pokemon
Flying Steel

Ultra Beast Dex

Ultra Beasts have their own separate Dex due to the amount of them increasing from the previous generation. More Ultra Beasts have been sighted across the Fyeno region, and it is up to the player to capture them and contain them before they can create too much damage across the region.

Dex No. Pokemon Pokedex Entry Typing
??? "UB-01: Symphony"
??? Pokemon
Normal Psychic
??? "UB-02: Renegade"
??? Pokemon
Fighting Steel
??? "UB-03: Dragonfly"
??? Pokemon
Bug Dragon

Mega Evolutions

Mega Evolutions return in their full state from previous games. New Mega Evolutions are exclusive to the Fyeno region, and are harder to obtain than those in previous games. 

Dex No. Pokemon Pokedex Entry Typing
Mega Cherrim DT
Art by Cowctus
Blossom Pokemon
Grass Fire


New Fyeno

Pokémon Daybreak and Pokémon Twilight is set in the beautifully tropical region of Fyeno. The region is very complex, with many different cities, towns and places to visit. Fyeno is one of the largest regions to date, and has the most complex Geographical range any region has yet to offer. 


Below is a list of characters with biographies and their roles that appear in Pokémon Daybreak and Pokémon Twilight.

Playable Characters

  • Veronica (Default female character): Veronica is a studious overachiever and has been since a young age. Her family moved to the region of Fyeno because her father wanted to pursuit his career of becoming a Pokemon Professor. Inspired by her father, at the age of 15, Veronica decided to pack in the books and go on an adventure of her own. Even though she may be older than most trainers when they begin their journey, it doesn't mean that Veronica would be at any disadvantage when it comes to the world of Pokemon, the books have supplemented that experience for her.
  • Xavier (Default male character): Xavier is an isolated teen who enjoys playing video games and the like. His family decided to move to the Fyeno region when he was a young boy, because his mother wanted to pursuit her career of becoming a Pokemon Coordinator. Inspired by his mother, at the age of 15, Xavier decided to pack in the video games and go on an adventure of his own in the real world. Even though he may be older than most other trainers when they begin their journey, it doesn't mean that Xavier would be at any disadvantage when it comes to the world of Pokemon.



Gym Leaders

Minor Characters

Notable Trainers


Gym Leaders



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  • Pokémon Daybreak and Pokémon Twilight were one of my first projects that I created on the wiki, however there were several versions of it before the one you have just read took place.
    • The first version of the game was entitled "Pokémon Daybreak and Nightfall versions". This idea was eventually scrapped because I personally hated the name "Nightfall".
    • The second version was entitled "Pokémon Daybreak and Nightmare versions". However this was scrapped after Pokémon Nightmare contradicted with the title's theme, and was already a pre-existing ROM hack. So changing the name prevented confusion.
  • Pokémon Daybreak and Pokémon Twilight are far more serious than your average Pokemon game, and are similar to the pre-existing ROM Hacks Pokémon Reborn and Pokémon Rejuvenation. They also borrow a lot of elements from those games which have been transferred.
  • The team names of the evil teams in Pokémon Daybreak and Pokémon Twilight are based on the Sun and the Moon, being Sunrise and Sunset.
    • The bosses of each respective team are also based off of the Gods of the Sun and the Moon, being Helios and Selene respectively.
  • Credit to Phatmon of DeviantART for creating the designs of the Mega Pokemon for the game.
  • Credit to Marina (tbc) for the page title colouring code.