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Pokémon Darkness
Pokemon Darkness logo
English logo
Developer(s) Orange Productions
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Chrome
Genre(s) RPG,
Release Date(s)
Q2 2015
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Nintendo Chrome optical disc

Pokémon Darkness (Japanese: ポケットモンスターナイトメア Pocket Monsters Nightmare) is an RPG game for the Nintendo Chrome. It will be released alongside Animal Forest, another RPG by Orange Productions. It is the sequel to Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness and Pokémon Colosseum. Unlike the previous two titles, the player takes control of two different characters during different parts of the game, separating the story in two until the game's climax.


Eight years after Michael defeated Greevil and disbanded Cipher, he left the Orre region, hoping that the organization had finally given up on trying to conquer the entire Pokémon World. Travelling to Kalos, he met Professor Sycamore, and he started studying under him as a prodigy.

However, news about Michael's abandonment of the region travelled quickly to Cipher thanks to the many spies they have placed around the region. Knowing that they now have a magnificent chance on conquering the region, with both Wes and Michael's disappearances, the new leader of Cipher, Ardos, decides to break his father out of the Intercontinental Prison, and begin his plans for world domination.

The first step of his plan, aside from breaking his father out of prison, is to destroy the Pokémon Lab where Professor Krane studies Pokémon and their unique abilities shown only in the Orre region. Blowing up the place and kidnapping Professor Krane and his assistant - and now, wife - Lily (aka Michael and Jovi's mother). Attempting to stop this, the 13 year-old who trains under Professor Krane - the male playable character, who is named at default to Kyle - attempts to save the scientist by fighting the Ciper Peons using Krane's "top-secret" weapon: the Snag Machine.

Beating the Cipher Peon who had Krane captive, Kyle flees after the Cipher employees who still have Lily captured. He follows them to Pyrite Town, where he is stopped by the national police force (aka Officer Jenny) due to "suspicious activities related to bombs".

On the other side of Orre, the female playable character (who is named Sara by default), a 17 year-old scientist for Cipher, starts questioning their motives when she witnesses Pokémon being forcefully taken from their trainers. Outraged at being left out of the plans, she flees from Cipher, bringing her Ralts with her. Being stopped by her boss, Cipher Admin Aerik, she fights him, capturing the Gastly whose heart she closed, before being arrested by the Cipher Peons and brought to the main Cipher Base, where she was put in it's prison. Hiding her Ralts behind a desk, she allows it to evade capture and free her, and they flee to Phenac City, the nearest settlement, to come up with a plan for stopping Cipher's reign of terror.



Starter Pokémon

Level 10
Starter Pokémon for the male playable character
Level 12
Starter Pokémon for the female playable character

Shadow Pokémon

Click "expand" for a table showing all of the Shadow Pokémon that are obtainable while playing as the male player character.

Level 10
Held by Cipher Peon Beria in Pokémon Lab
Geodule 2
Level 11
Held by Cipher Peon Toran in Pyrite Town
Level 11
Held by Cipher Peon Hern in Pyrite Town
Level 11
Held by Bodybuilder Arynne in Pyrite Town

Click "expand" for a table showing all of the Shadow Pokémon that are obtainable while playing as the female player character.

Level 12
Held by Cipher Admin Aerik in Orre Mining Facility
Level 11
Held by Cipher Peon Jeai in Cipher Base - Prison

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