Pokemon DaringDiamond and PuzzlingPearl
Developer(s) Game Freak Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)


Age Rating(s)
ESRB- E10+
Genre(s) Role-Playing Game
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Cartridge
Pokemon DaringDiamond and PuzzlingPearl are remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. they are Generation VI games and are set for a 2014 release. The games also allow the player to travel to the Hoenn region when both Dialga and Palkia are caught.


In the beginning, the player sees a news report about a shiny Wailord in Lake Verity. The player's rival then arrives at his/her house and invites them to Lake Verity to see the Wailord. However, two wild Starly attack them at Lake Verity. A briefcase with three Pokemon is also at the lake and the player and his/her rival choose a Pokemon. The Starly are defeated and Professor Rowan comes for his briefcase. He finds the player and his/her rival took the Starter Pokemon and tells them they can keep it. He takes the last Pokemon and gives it to his assistant. Rowan then asks the player to fill up the Sinnoh Pokedex.

Along the way, the player defeats Gym Leaders and fights back agaisnt Team Galactic. Cryus, the leader of Team Galactic evantually summons Dialga (Daring Diamond)/Palkia (PuzzlingPearl) at Spear Pillar. The summoning causes time and space to become distorted. The player defeats Dialga/Palkia and time/space is restored. Cyrus then goes into a portal to Dialga/Palkia's dimension, but the portal closes behind him. After that, the player defeats the Elite Four and becomes the Champion of the region. Afterwards, the player is avalible to catch Dialga/Palkia at Spear Pillar, both at Level 50. When both are caught or transferred, the player can travel to Hoenn in the past. The events of Ruby (DD) and Sapphire (PP) follow.


Welcome back to the Sinnoh region! Your adventure though time and space will begin once more. Are you ready to defeat Team Galactic and save the universe?

  • Transfer your Pokemon though Diamond and Pearl, PlatinumBlack and WhiteBlack and White 2, or X and Y!
  • Different Pokemon can be caught though the day.
  • An all new trading and online battling system appears!
  • Travel to the Hoenn region and catch familiar faces and new Pokemon.


DaringDiamond and PuzzlingPearl can connect to Diamond and Pearl, Platinum, the Black and White games, or X and Y to transfer Pokemon to DD and PP. The player cannot transfer back, except for X and Y. If FireRed or LeafGreen is downloaded via the Nintendo eShop, the player can travel to the Sevii Islands and Kanto Pokemon appear in the games.

Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Location Level
Dialga Spear Pillar

50 (DD); 65 (PP)

Palkia Spear Pillar 50 (PP); 65 (DD)
Azelf Valor Cavern 45
Uxie Acuity Cavern 45
Mesprit Verity Cavern 45
Heatran Stark Mountain 45
Regigigas Snowpoint Temple 10
Cressila Fullmoon Island 40
Darkrai Newmoon Island 40
Shaymin Route 224 35 (Land Form)
Giratina Turnback Cave 70 (Altered Form)
Meloetta Safari Zone (Hoenn) 25 (Pirouette Form)
Groudon Cave of Origin (DD) 60
Kyogre Cave of Origin (PP) 60
Rayquaza Sky Pillar 70 (When both Groudon and Kyogre are caught)
Celebi Mirage Tower 30
Mew Birth Island (DD) 50
Mewtwo Birth Island (SS) 50
Arceus Hall of Origin 85 (When the National Pokemon [Except for Arceus] is filled)

Trading System

Players can go to the Global Trading and Battling Building, located in Jublife City, to trade Pokemon. Inside, the player can challenge players in battles or trade Pokemon. The trader puts a Pokemon up for trading, and other traders show their offers. The original trader then chooses the best trade and the Pokemon are traded (For example, someone wants to trade Zangoose. Ditto, Mewtwo, and Vanillish are offered. The trader chose Ditto, so Ditto and Zangoose are traded. The offerer can either choose Pokemon from their party or from their PC system.

Online Battling

Much like trading, players can go into the Global Trading and Battling Building to battle online. On the second floor, players can go to the Battle Machine. They can then choose Single Battle, Double, Triple, Rotation, or the new Team Battle. Team Battle is where two trainers work together to fight two other trainers. In Team Battle, players choose three Pokemon to make six altogether on one team. There is no Team Rotation Battle. Players also can choose their sprite from NPCs in the game. Also for the first time, players can choose their theme song for the opponent to hear from previous games.


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