Pokémon Crossing, or Pokémon x Animal Crossing in Japan, is a spin-off of the Animal Crossing series and will be developed by SuyoGames and also Fantasize Studios. Unlike Animal Crossing, the animal villagers are Pokémon, but the player still is a human. New features will also be introduced in this game such as the ability to cook and mine as well to smith. The game will have a 2014 release on the Wii U and Infinity


Similar to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you are the mayor once again, but this time your secretary is Thalia, a Kirlia, instead of Isabelle, and now there are several more options to do to make your town more lively. Tom Nook is replaced by Brick (a Timburr), who helps the player gain a house.

Deal District

The Deal District is a wide area located north of your town, and allows the player to buy items, get new clothing, and other interesting things.

Building Name Owned By Description
Timburr Homes Brick (Timburr) Over here you can talk to Brick to build your new house, you can also ask him to expand your house or for help to make your house more better.
Leavanny's Fine Clothes Lela (Leavanny) A clothing and accessory store, where a large variety of clothing is being sold and also patterns can be made there.
Delibird Deliveries Don (Delibird) A post office run by many Pelippers, mail is sent from here, and the player can send mail to friends or other villagers here.





List of Villagers

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