Here are the moves your Pokémon can learn in Pokemon Crescent Version.

Move Description Type How to Learn
Tackle A weak move where the user tackles the opponent. Normal Everyone except Abra line and Ralts line: Level 1 to 10
Chivalry The user raises its Defense and lowers its Attack. Knight All Knight type Pokemon, Purrloin, Melti, Gallade, Electrive, and Oshawatt line: TM 001
Slash The user slashes the opponent with a blade. It has a 30% chance of breaking through Light Screen and Reflect. Knight All Knight Type Pokémon, Serperior, Dewott, Fluffto, and Northgel: Level 30 to 42
Devour This move has a 30% chance of hitting, but can 1-Hit KO a Pokémon if it hits. Candy Slurpuff, Swalot, Munchlax, Snorlax, Fluffto line, and Victreebel: Level 50 to 58
Sugar Rush The user raises its speed by 2 levels by eating choclate. Candy All Candy Type Pokémon, Swalot, Snorlax, Carnivine, Fluffto, Keldeo, the Eevee line, Swinub, and the Cyndaquil line: TM 028
Sword Rain The user calls upon Excalibur, and uses its power to create a storm of blades. Knight Kinghast and Dragking: Move Tutor
Fly The user goes into the sky. It stays in the sky untill it uses a Rock type move, uses Surf, gets hit by Smack Down, or faints. It can also be used to fly to distant towns. Flying All Flying Types: HM 2
Hypno Spin The user becomes confused, but it's Attack is maxed out Normal Spinda line and Hurricumio: Level 40
Bug Agility The user acts like a dragonfly and attacks extremely fast. It's priority is +7. Bug Yamna line, Archscorp, Scizor, and Dewott: Level 20 to 35
Surf The user creates a wave and floods everything, doing damage to all Pokémon on the field except itself and flying Pokémon. It can also be used to swim on the surface of water. Water All Water type Pokémon, Bidoof, Ursaring, Candroot, Defluffto, Dragking, Tyranitar, Lugia, and Glalie: HM 5 (Defluffto learns at level 60)
Time Stop The user uses its mind to freeze its opponents. It also has a 10% chance of raising the users evasion. Psychic Kadabra, Alakazam, Whirlda, Gallade, Fluffamel, Frostlass, Rotom, Unown, and Beldum line: Level 23 to 55
Sketch The user learns the move the opponent last used by painting the move. Normal Smeargle and Fluffto: Level 1 to 100
Snow Bash The user stomps on the opponent with a icy foot. It has a 30% chance of freezing the opponent. Ice Avalugg, Milktank, Slaking, Barbacale, Jynx, Fluffoxer, Hitmonlee, and Rhyperior: TM 104
Summon The user summons a phoenix and has it attack with all force. It faints the user. ??? Sweeturn: Level 90
Arrow Needles The user attacks the opponent with a barrage of sharp needles. It has a 30% chance of paralyzing the opponent. Knight Flambow line and Jolteon: Level 5 to 38 or TM 079
Rapid Spin The user spins at very high speeds, damaging the opponent and removing spikes. It can also be used to blow out fires on the field. Normal Spinda line, Staryu line, Torkoal, Baltoy line, Sweeturn, Shuckle, Grumpig, Magmookie, Dragking, and the Wesleaf line: HM 7
Protect The user protects itself from attacks. It has a priority of +5 Normal All Pokémon except Fluffto line: TM 005
Alchemize The user conjures up a attack from a random berry from the bag. It takes a turn to charge. Psychic Sweeturn, Garvedoir, and Victreebel: Level 22 to 48
Choco Wave The user creates a wave of melted chocolate. It attacks all Pokémon except itself and slows them down. Candy Chusk line, Snorlax, Sweeturn, Magmookie, Sweeturn, Fluffamel, and Swirlix line: TM 96
Fairy Wind The user attacks the opponent by blasting wind that has pixie dust in it. Fairy All Fairy type Pokémon, Sweeturn, Bellsprout line, and Maractus: Level 8 to 32 or TM 19
Sword Enchant The user temporarily makes all its moves Light type for 5 turns. It also boosts its Attack. Knight All Knight type Pokemon and Whirlda: TM 101
Pollen The user spreads pollen that lower everyone except itself' s speed and evasion. Grass All Grass type Starters, Bellsprout line, Combee, Vespiqueen, and Sweeturn: Level 6 to 86
Flamethrower The user breathes fire at the opponent. It has a 40% chance of inflicting a burn. Fire All Fire types, Electabuzz, Swalot, Sweeturn, Gengar, Porygon-Z, Fluffto line, and Hardrummer: Level 30 to 45 or TM 032
Neutralize The user temporarily makes all the opponents moves Normal type and 50% weaker. Normal Clefairy line: Level 38
Burning Spikes The user leaves up to 2 layers of burning spikes that can cause burn or badly burned depending on the amount of layers. Fire Cyndaquil line, Magmookie, Monferno, Torkoal, Entei, and Vinctini: Level 24 to 97
Party The user throws a party, confusing everyone but itself. Normal Lombre and Ludiculo: Level 42
Splash The user does nothing and splashes around. Water Magikarp and Hoppip: Level 1
Teleport The user warps out of the wild battle. It can also be used to warp to the nearest town. Psychic Abra, Ralts, and Sweeturn: Level 1 to 12
Sweet Breath The user breathes damaging candy breath that has a chance of putting the opponent to sleep. Candy Swirlix line, Swalot, Magmookie, and Goomy line: TM 005
Sour Breath The user belches very sour candy breath. It has a 20% chance of Poisoned and 10% chance of Badly Poisoned. Candy Chompcream, Fluffamel, Torkal, Fudgetusk, and Gulpin line: Level 30 to 76 or TM 042
Toxic The user Badly Poisons the opponent with a toxic sludge. Poison All Pokémon: TM 006
Recover The user regenerates itself, healing half of its max HP. Psychic Kadabra, Alakazam, Starmie, Magmookie, Seviper, and Fluffoxer: Level 23 to 44 or TM 103
Blood Suck The user bites the opponent, draining its blood and HP. Does not work on Dark type Pokémon. Dark Zubat line and Vampoxer: Level 10 to 36
Razor Edge The user charges and raises speed on the first turn, and then does a powerful attack the second turn. Knight All Knight type Pokémon, All Flying type Pokémon, Gallade, and Darkrai: Level 28 to 92 or TM 101
Haunt The user spends half of its Max HP to instantly KO a Pokémon. The user is paralyzed and takes a turn to recharge after. Ghost Spiritomb, Kinghast, Gengar, and Defluffto: Level 42 to 70
Fear Destruction The user calls upon power from the darkness and attacks the opponent with their greatest fear. Dark Darkrai: Level 65
Angel Blast The user charges the first turn, and fires a arrow of light that causes quadruple damage on Dark type Pokémon the second turn. Light Northgel: Level 65
Tornado Jump The user creates a tornado and jumps on it for a hyper spin attack. Flying Whirlda, Starmie, Staraptor, and Dragonite: Level 45 to 70
Ice Beam The user fires a icy beam at the opponent.  It has a 30% chance of freezing the opponent. Ice All Ice types except Bergmite line, Fluffamel, and all Water types: TM 052
Hydro Cannon The user blows a gigantic wave of pressurized water at the opponent. The user takes a turn to recharge. Water All fully evolved Water starters: Move Tutor
Blast Burn The user creates a sun-like flare and throws it at the opponent. The user takes a turn to recharge. Fire All fully evolved Fire starters: Move Tutor
Frenzy Plant The user creates a giant vine and uses it to crush the opponent. The user takes a turn to recharge. Grass All fully evolved Grass starters: Move Tutor
Cotton Evade This move waits for a opponent to attack. When it attacks, the user leaves a cotton decoy to take the hit. Grass Cottonee line and Fluffto line: Level 1 to 15
Prism Blast The user creates a rainbow and blasts it at the opponent. It has a 30% chance of confusing the opponent. Light Archscorp, Kinghast, Chandelure, Cloyster, Seel line, Staryu line, and Goldeen line: Level 25 to 70 or TM 106
Vanilla Cover The user covers itself in a vanilla armor, raising its Defense and Special Defense by 1 stage. Candy All Candy type Pokémon except Fangcream line: TM 072
Rock Throw The user throws a weak rock at the opponent. Rock All Rock type Pokémon and Sweeturn: Level 10 to 26
Sacrifice The user sacrifices it's held item to heal its HP and PP fully. Does not work if held item is a berry. Fairy Sweeturn, Fluffoxer, Golurk, Metagross, and Samurott: Level 42 to 80
Focus Punch The user focuses the first turn and, if not hit, punches at the opponent very hard. Fighting All Fighting types except Hitmonlee, Golett line, Golem, Easterra, Metang, Metagross, and Templast: TM 099
Ying-Yang Blast The user splashes a beam of darkness and light at the opponent. This also counts as a Light type move. Dark/Light Darkrai, Toxidark, and Sweeturn: Level 70 to 87
Light Beam The user launches a beam of bright lights at the opponent. Light All Light types, All Electric types, Golurk, Metagross, Fluffto line, Starmie, and Sableye: Level 20 to 56 or TM 63
Comet Glow The user glows a bright blue color and raises its Special Attack and Speed 1 stage. This move has a priority of +3. Light Cupidora, Volbeat, Illumuse, Glowmoss line, Elekid line, Mr. Mime line, Goldeen line, Lucario, Magneton, and Teddiursa line: Level 18 to 56
Sugar Burst

The user eats too much sugar and faints. The one replacing it has its maxed evasion and Speed.

Candy Fangcream line, Yamna line, Hitmontop, Zebstrika line, Sandile line, and Wesleaf line: Level 16 to 46
Sticky Web The user shoots sticky webs that lower opponent's Speed upon entering the field. It also can be used in layers to strengthen the effect. Bug Archscorp, Vivillion, Westhara, and Ariados: Level 18 to 34
Divide Slash The user slashes the opponent hard, removing the opponents remaining HP by half. Knight All Knight types, Gallade, and Meowth line: TM 98
Growl The user growls at the opponent, lowering its Attack by one stage. Normal All Pokémon except Abra, Golett line, and Templor line: Level 3 to 8

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