Pokémon Conquest 2
Developer(s) Tecmo Koei and NovaPen Productions
Publisher(s) Nintendo and NovaPen Productions
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Single player, multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Hack 'n' slash
Media Included 3DS card

Pokémon Conquest 2 is the sequel to the game Pokémon Conquest. It is a spin-off crossover between the Dynasty Warriors and Pokémon series. Rather than a strategy RPG game, this games take off Dynasty Warriors, with the Pokémon fighting alongside warriors and the option to play as a Pokémon.




Name Kingdom Weapon
Zhao Yun Shu Han Dragon spear
Guan Yu Shu Han Guan dao
Zhang Fei Shu Han Viper spear
Zhuge Liang Shu Han Feather fan
Liu Bei Shu Han Twin swords
Ma Chao Shu Han Stallion spear
Huang Zhong Shu Han Bow
Jiang Wei Shu Han Double-edge trident
Wei Yan Shu Han Double-bladed voulge
Pang Tong Shu Han Shadow fan
Xiahou Dun Cao Wei Podao
Dian Wei Cao Wei Axe
Xu Zhu Cao Wei Giant mace
Cao Cao Cao Wei General's sword
Xiahou Yuan Cao Wei Bow and rod
Zhang Liao Cao Wei Twin axes
Xu Huang Cao Wei Battle axe
Zhang He Cao Wei Claws
Cao Ren Cao Wei Spiked shield
Cao Pi Cao Wei Dual blade
Zhou Yu Eastern Wu Bō staff
Lu Xun Eastern Wu Swallow swords
Taishi Ci Eastern Wu Twin rods
Sun Shangxiang Eastern Wu Bladed wheels
Sun Jian Eastern Wu Nine rings blade
Sun Quan Eastern Wu Flame blade
Lu Meng Eastern Wu Pike
Gan Ning Eastern Wu Flail
Huang Gai Eastern Wu Iron boat
Sun Ce Eastern Wu Dual tonfas
Sima Yi Western Jin Horsehair whip
Sima Shi Western Jin Lightning sword
Sima Zhao Western Jin Striking sword
Deng Ai Western Jin Rotating crossbow
Wang Yuanji Western Jin Throwing daggers
Zhong Hui Western Jin Flying swords
Zhuge Dan Western Jin Short rod
Xiahou Ba Western Jin Siege spear
Guo Huai Western Jin Arm cannon
Jia Chong Western Jin Throwing axes
Diaochan Other Chain whip
Lu Bu Other Halberd
Dong Zhuo Other Bomb
Yuan Shao Other Extension blade
Zhang Jiao Other Staff
Meng Huo Other Stone pillar and various large objects
Zhurong Other Boomerang
Zuo Ci Other Talisman cards
Chen Gong Other Bamboo scroll
Lu Lingqi Other Cross halberd


Name Type Musou Attack
Venusaur Grass / Poison TBA
Charizard Fire / Flying Fire Blast
Blastoise Water Hydro Pump
Pikachu Electric Volt Tackle
Jigglypuff Normal / Fairy Puff Up
Meowth Normal Pay Day
Machamp Fighting Seismic Toss
Gengar Ghost / Poison Hex
Eevee Normal -
Mewtwo Psychic Psystrike
Meganium Grass -
Typhlosion Fire -
Feraligatr Water -
Ampharos Electric -
Azumarill Water / Fairy -
Steelix Steel / Ground -
Scizor Bug / Steel -
Heracross Bug / Fighting -
Ursaring Normal -
Tyranitar Rock / Dark -
Sceptile Grass -
Blaziken Fire / Fighting -
Swampert Water / Ground -
Breloom Grass / Fighting -
Slaking Normal -
Mawile Steel / Fairy -
Medicham Psychic / Fighting -
Cacturne Grass / Dark -
Crawdaunt Water / Dark -
Deoxys Psychic -
Torterra Grass / Ground -
Infernape Fire / Fighting -
Empoleon Water / Steel -
Floatzel Water -
Lopunny Normal -
Mismagius Ghost -
Garchomp Dragon / Ground -
Lucario Fighting / Steel -
Weavile Dark / Ice -
Arceus Normal -
Serperior Grass -
Emboar Fire / Fighting -
Samurott Water -
Excadrill Ground / Steel -
Krookodile Ground / Dark -
Darmanitan Fire -
Scrafty Dark / Fighting -
Zoroark Dark -
Haxorus Dragon -
Genesect Bug / Steel -
Chesnaught Grass / Fighting -
Delphox Fire / Psychic -
Greninja Water / Dark -
Pangoro Fighting / Dark -
Meowstic Psychic -
Aegislash Ghost / Steel -
Hawlucha Fighting / Flying -
Dedenne Electric / Fairy -
Goodra Dragon -

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