Pokémon Conquest: Old World is a game created by New Super Sonic Kirby X that is a game of the Pokémon saga and the second-third game of one of the much spin-offs of the series: 'Pokémon Conquest".

Pokémon Conquest: Old World
Developer(s) Nintendo


Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS, Wii U
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
E10+ (ESRB)

10 (PEGI)

Genre(s) RPG, Battle, Role
Series Pokémon
Predecessor Pokémon Conquest
Successor Soon...


In the age of the Old West, the Kanto region was treathed and menaced by an evil team called "Team Outlaw" who wants to steal all the creatures knew as 'Pocket Monsters'. The major of the Kanto region isn't had Another option to call 4 Pokémon Investigators of the Old Age, who was creating an army of Pokémon to stop the Team Outlaw. The group will stop the Team Outlaw using Pokémon and conquering the enemy bases and defeating the leaders of the Outside Old Towns to get Poké-Medals and "Super Stones", Stones that can upgrade the characteristics of your Pokémon Team. Ready for the Conquest?

Main Characters and their Pokémon

  • Jay: One of the male Pokémon Investigators. Main Pokémon: Charmander.
  • Line: One of the female Pokémon Investigators. Main Pokémon: Snivy.
  • Winstone: One of the male Pokémon Investigators. Main Pokémon: Riolu.
  • Elena: One of the female of the Pokémon Investigators. Main Pokémon: Nidoran (Nidoqueen evolution cycle).
  • Crystal: An ancient member of the Team Outlaw who joined to the heroes after the leader of the Team Outlaw captured his younger sister. Is of female genre. Main Pokémon: Abra.

Leaders of the Towns

Coming soon....


The same gameplay of Pokémon Conquest. You have also a new map that locales the missions that you need to do.


Coming soon....


  • This game has new main characters never seen in another Pokémon game.
  • The game takes place in a similar region to Kanto like the Old West. The Old World title is a reference to the time when the game takes place.

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