Chapter 2

Aura (PKMN C DR)
Norm Warrior (PKMN C DR)

(Aura wakes up to find Warrior near him)

Warrior: Aura are you alright?
Aura: Yes I'm fine. What happened to Dusk? Did he get away?
Warrior: Do you mean the thief? Was he here? When Warrior 2 and I woke up there was no one here. What happened when we were knocked out?

(Aura explains what happened)

Warrior: Hmmm... That is unusual. I've never heard of any warrior with those skills. Though we should probably check with the ninjas if they have heard of anyone with such skills, as they specialize in things like that.
Aura: That sounds good. We should go see the ninjas. Ready the blimp!

(Aura and Warrior return to town and board the blimp and fly to the Yaksha castle)

Aura (PKMN C DR)
Kotarō (PKMN C DR)
Hanzō (PKMN C DR)

Aura: I'm glad you could all make it here on such short notice.
Hanzō: Lady Nene couldn't make it... She is busy.
Kotarō: This is no fun. Get to the point.
Aura: As you should have been informed recently a thief named "Dusk" broke into the Cragspur palace. After being tracked down and cornered he was able to take out several warriors with extreme speed and may have even caused fog to appear. Have any of you heard about any ninja with such abilities?
Hanzō: No. I am a skilled ninja, but I cannot cause fog even with Spiritomb's help...
Kotarō: No....
Aura: Hmm... This is troubling. Have either of you heard of even any rumors about such abilities?
Kotarō: No.
Hanzō: I may have one idea... There are legends of undiscovered legendary pokémon. One of them may be the cause... According to legend some legendary pokémon have powers that we don't yet understand.
Aura: That makes sense. I'll try talking to Nobunaga. He is the foremost expert on the subject...

(A ninja rushes into the room)

Aura (PKMN C DR)
Norm Warrior (PKMN C DR)
Ninja (PKMN C DR)

Ninja: There is urgent news! The thief wearing black armor has broken into the Terrera palace. He was able to defeat 6 warriors in the blink of an eye!
Warrior: I'll ready the blimp. Should we head to Terrera or Dragnor?
Aura: Dragnor. Information on "Dusk" is more important if we are going to stop him.

(Aura and Warrior board the blip and fly to Dragnor)

End of Chapter 1                                                                                        >>   Chapter 3

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