Chapter 1

Aura (PKMN C DR)
Norm Warrior (PKMN C DR)

(A warrior rushes into the room)

Warrior: There has been an attack in Cragspur. A warrior wearing black armor fought his way through to the palace.
Aura: Was anyone injured?
Warrior: A few people were injured, but nothing serious. We suspect he may have stolen something from the palace, but we aren't sure.
Aura: Ready the blimp. Stealing from the palace is stealing from everyone. We need to stop this warrior at once.

(Aura and three warriors fly to Cragspur to capture the thief.)

Aura (PKMN C DR)
Norm Warrior (PKMN C DR)
Warrior 1
Norm Warrior 2 (PKMN C DR)
Warrior 2

(Aura and one warrior step off of the blimp. They are greeted by 1 other warrior)

Warrior 2: Hello Aura. The thief was just spotted in the forest heading west.
Aura: Let's head out immediately.

(Aura, Warrior 1, and Warrior 2 head to the forest)

(They are walking down a small path when suddenly a shadow passes by, and suddenly Warrior 1 and Warrior 2 are knocked out)

???: Hmph. So you are the ruler of Ransei, Aura.
Aura: Who are you, thief? Show yourself!
???: Hmph. I don't need to obey you. But I guess you might as well know who I am before I defeat you.

(The thief steps out of the shadows)

Aura (PKMN C DR)
Dusk (PKMN C DR)

???: My name is Dusk. And I am no thief.
Aura: If you are not a thief, then what were you doing in the Cragspur palace?
Dusk: That is none of your concern. You who would ally yourself with him!
Aura: I rule over Ransei. An attack on any palace is of my concern. And who are you talking about?
Dusk: You are pathetic. I see now that I shouldn't have even wasted my time talking to you.

(Dusk run towards Aura)

Aura: Eevee use Quick Attack!

(Dusk dodges Eevee)

Aura: Eevee quick use Agility!

(Eevee slams into Dusk, and Dusk gets knocked back)

Dusk: Hmm... You may be stronger than I thought, but no matter.

(The forest fills with fog. Aura can't see anything. Out of the fog Aura sees a shadow speed towards him, before he can do anything he is knocked out)

End of Chapter 1                                                                                        >>   Chapter 2

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