Pokémon Conquest: Dusk Rising
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Prequel(s) Pokemon Conquest Logo

Pokémon Conquest: Dusk Rising is a story made by Nintendo to be a sequel to Pokémon Conquest.


Pokémon Conquest: Dusk Rising takes place after the events of Pokémon Conquest where Aura (Hero ♂) unites Ransei and gives the kingdoms back to their warlords. The story follows the quest of a person named Dusk.


Main Characters

Name Image Description
Aura (PKMN C DR)
The hero of Pokémon Conquest and the ruler of Ransei.
Dusk (PKMN C DR)
An unknown warrior who broke into the Cragspur palace.
Kotarō (PKMN C DR)
A ninja who is the warlord of Yaksha.
Hanzō (PKMN C DR)
The second in command ninja of Viperia.
Nobunaga (PKMN C DR)
The warlord of Dragnor who once tried to take over Ranesi to stop fighting over the rumors of legendary pokémon. He is the foremost expert on legendary pokémon in Ransei.

Minor Characters

  • Warrior (1)
  • Warrior 2
  • Ninja

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