Pokémon Computer and Laptop Versions are two upcoming games for the Nintendo 3DS system.  It features computer software and programs in battle as they all compete to be the best there ever was.


One brilliant day in the summer, a scientist was playing a hacked Pokémon Ruby ROM on his computer.  Then many viruses showed up and began eating away at his computer content.  Because he does this for a living, he needed to find a surefire way to make money.  He joined Game Freak and created PC-related Pokémon for no reason.



All types have been replaced with new ones. In total, there are six types.

File is a common type, and is weak to Virus. Browser is a common type, and is strong against File but weak against Antivirus. Virus is a semicommon type, and is strong against Browser but weak against Antivirus. Antivirus is a rare type that is immune to Virus but weak against Software. Software is a semicommon type, and is strong against Antivirus but is weak against Hardware. Hardware is a semicommon type, and is strong against Software but is weak against Virus.

Leveling Up

In this game, when you level up, you "upgrade". If Netavi was at level 1, and if it leveled up once, it would have upgraded.



Gym Leaders

Elite Four



  • 01 - NetNavi (Browser)
  • 02 - Michelangelo (Virus)
  • 03 - Avast (Antivirus)
  • 04 - Baidu (Antivirus)
  • 05 - Keyboard (Hardware)
  • 06 - Safari (Browser)
  • 07 - Trojan (Virus)
  • 08 - Exploit (Virus)
  • 09 - Internet Explorer (Browser)
  • 10 - Rootkit (Virus)
  • 11 - Kaspersky (Antivirus)
  • 12 - McAfee (Antivirus)
  • 13 - Paint (File)
  • 14 - Mozilla Firefox (Browser)
  • 15 - Google Chrome (Browser)



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