Pokémon Cobalt X
Pokémon Crimson Y
Pokemon Cobalt X
Pokemon Crimson y
Pokémon Cobalt X and Crimson Y
Developer(s) Game Freak
Publisher(s) Nintendo
The Pokémon Company
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Single Player (Story Mode) 1-4 Players (Online Mode)
Genre(s) Role-playing
Series Pokémon
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Game Card, Digital Download

Pokémon Cobalt X (Japanese: ポケットモンスターコバルトX Pocket Monsters Kobaruto X) and Pokemon Crimson Y (Japanese: ポケットモンスタークリムゾンY Pocket Monsters Kurimuzon Y) are the primary paired Generation VII games that are enhanced remakes of the sixth-generation titles Pokémon X and Y. These remakes were announced early a year before the game released, and are to be released in Winter sometime in the future. Both copies of the game are playable in these languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Korean, and Thai.



The game has two different openings, depending on which version you have. In Pokémon Cobalt X, it starts off with Xerneas evolving from it's tree in Pokémon X. It runs off into the forest, passing by the two legendaries Cobalion and Verizion. The follow behind it's trail, and the scene fades out. It automatically switches to gameplay in the story mode, showing of Mega Slowking, the three starters and their megas, as well as the Pokémon Contest and champion. The Pokémon Crimson Y opening is similar, except for in the beginning, Yveltal takes flight and encounters Darkrai and Terrakion.

Main Story

The game starts with the player outside, riding on the back of their mother's rhyhorn. After a few seconds of riding around, she tells the player that they got a phone call. After walking inside, your mother gives you the phone, and Calem/Serena is on the other line. They tell you to meet them at Aquacorde City for a surprise. After walking down Route 1 and arriving in Aquacorde City, Calem/Serena call you over and let you sit at the table along with Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor. Calem/Serena talked about how the professor wanted you to start your own adventure, and that he had an important task for all of them. Trevor mentions that first you would need a Pokemon to help you, and then he nudges Tierno to get his attention. Tierno then reaches into his backpack and pulls out three pokeballs, each one having a different starter.

After choosing your starter, Calem/Serena challenges you to a battle to test the strength of them and their pokemon, as well as the strength of you and your pokemon. Once finished with the battle, Calem/Serena gives you a letter to give to your mom, and then goes to the pokemon center to heal their Pokemon. Before you can go back down Route 1, Shauna stops to say that she admired the way you battled against Calem/Serena, and gives you a Pokedex to help you learn more about pokemon and make your team stronger.



Changes from X/Y

  • The game now includes Mirage Spots.
  • Pokémon Contest along with cosplay Pokémon have been added.
  • All of the characters from the previous games have redesigns (excluding AZ).
  • Characters from ORAS such as Zinnia will be appearing.
  • Xerneas and Yveltal gain Primal Evolutions.
  • There are now five games in Pokémon-Amie, as well as new Poképuffs.
  • Horde encounters are more rare than then used to be.
  • The Pokédex has been redesigned to look like the one from Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire.
  • New Mega Evolutions are added, as well as the ones from the past game, many of which were not included in X/Y
  • There is now a Battle Resort that replaces Kiloude City, which now has move tutors.
  • Along with sky trainers, there are sky encounters.
  • There are now more specific options in GTS.

Mega Evolution

Main Article: Pokémon Cobalt X and Crimson Y/Mega Evolutions
The new list of megas are currently unknown, but there will be at least one new mega evolution from each generation of Pokémon games.

Primal Reversion

So far, only Xerneas and Yveltal and known to get Primal Reversions in this game. Xerneas primal evolved while holding the Life Sphere, and Yveltal primal evolves while holding the Dark Sphere.

Mirage Spots

Returning from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, there are now Mirage Spots available for you to find at certain times of the day. Every legendary created is available on a Mirage Spot, and every single one has the chance of being shiny. Mirage Spots can also include rare Pokémon, items, or even mega stones.


Towns and Cities

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City/Town/Village Population Description
Vaniville Town 9 Blooming buds covered in mountain dew exude hope for the future in this small town.
Aquacorde Town 20 A town that naturally sprang as people flocked to this pristine riverside.
Santalune City 45 Many beginning Trainers gather in this friendly city to start a Pokémon journey.

Move Tutors

There are now 5 different move tutors in the game, each teaching 10 different moves. Some of these tutor moves existed in the past, and some are new.

Move Tutor 1

Name Type Category Effect
Acid Armor Poison Status Raises the user's Defense by 2.
Agility Psychic Status Raises the user's Speed by 2.
Autotomize Steel Status Halves weight and raises the user's Speed by 2.
Coil Poison Status Raises user's Attack, Defense and Accuracy.
Cosmic Power Psychic Status Raises the user's Sefense and Special Defense.
Magic Coat Psychic Status Any special move is reflected back to the attacker.
Perish Song Normal Status Any Pokémon in play when this attack is used faints in 3 turns.
Shell Smash Water Status Sharply raises user's Attack, Special Attack and Speed but lowers Defense and Special Defense.
Shift Gear Steel Status Raises user's Attack and sharply raises Speed.
Soft-boiled Normal Status User recovers half its max HP.