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Pokémon Chaos and Order Versions
Pokémon Chaos Logo
Pokémon Order Logo
Developer(s) GameFreak
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)

Pokémon Chaos and Order Versions are the upcoming paired version in the Pokémon series, being part of generation VII succeeding Pokémon X and Y and Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire from generation VI.


The player takes the role of the hero character, and can decide their name and gender, and select an appearance for their character. It is the player's 14th birthday, and two of their friends are visiting, Tye and Jaylin. They say that since they are all 14 now, they should get a Pokémon from the professor. After obtaining a Pokémon, they all battle each other; Jaylin's Pokémon will be of the type that resists the player's, while Tye will choose the Pokémon that is weak against the player's.

After this, they all set off to travel to the next town; depending on what gender the player chose, Dave or Davinia will stop them, introduce himself or herself as the assistant of the professor, and explain battling and catching Pokémon, while providing them of 5 Potions and 5 Poké Balls. After she leaves, Tye and Jaylin walk into the grass starting to fight wild Pokémon. The player can now freely walk around Route 1, toward Menosin Town. After arriving there, Dave or Davinia appears again, explaining the Poké Center to the player.

Before the player can challenge the gym, they must first find the gym leader, Aria, who is not at the gym at that moment. The player must go on Route 3 to find her on the end, facing two people who intend to take her Emolga from her. The player engages in a double battle with her, and after defeating the two, they run away. Thanking the player, Aria walks off and can now be fought in the gym.

If the player defeats Aria and tries to leave the town, Jaylin appears, challenging the player to a battle. If she is defeated, she will leave again, after giving the player a Mining Kit. This can be used to make Secret Bases, and mine items from the wall, as in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions.


Controls remain largely the same as before; the player can use the B Button to run, and is able to buy a bicycle later on in the game, which will make them able to ride up muddy hills and also simply move them around faster. After the 7th gym, the player can upgrade their bike and will be able to do tricks on it, much like the Acro Bike from Hoenn; however, this is limited to only hopping forward, rather than also sideways or while turning.

Similarly to Join Avenue in Pokémon Black and White Versions 2, there is a shopping mall (name is Poké Avenue by default) run by the player; it was originally run by Mom. The player will be able to give the mall a name and invite some visitors into making their own small shop in a specific area, these shops sometimes have small minigames to be played when the player goes there. The player will also have the task of recommending shops to customers. The mall also includes regular shops much like a Poké Mart, where regular items can be bought. Friends and Acquaintances may show up or unlock more shops or items as well. The contest hall is located in the mall as well, although the player does not have to help customers here.

The game also includes three save slots, as opposed to only one as in previous Pokémon games.


The HMs have been changed up since Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire:

# Name Category Power Accuracy Type Description
HM01 Cut Physical 60 100% Normal The target is cut with a scythe or claw. This can also be used to cut down thin trees.
HM02 Fly Physical 90 95% Flying The user flies up and then strikes its target on the next turn. This can also be used to fly to any familiar area.
HM03 Surf Special 90 100% Water The user attacks around it by swamping its surroundings with a giant wave. It can also be used to cross water.
HM04 Strength Physical 80 100% Normal The target is slugged with maximum power. It can also be used to move heavy boulders around.
HM05 Dive Physical 80 100% Water Diving on the first turn, the user floats up and attacks on the next turn. This can also be used to dive deep in the ocean.
HM06 Rock Smash Physical 60 100% Fighting The user attacks with a punch, which may also lower the target's Defense stat. This move can also shatter rocks.
HM07 Soar Physical 120 85% Flying The user takes stance and charges into the opponent at high speed. This move always goes last. It may also be used to fly high in the sky.

Various type matchups have also been changed:

  • Ghost no longer resists Bug.
  • Flying no longer resists Grass.
  • Fairy no longer resists Bug.
  • Dragon no longer resists Electric.
  • Water no longer resists Ice.
  • Grass now resists Rock.
  • Ice now resists Grass.
  • Ice now resists Water.
  • Grass now resists Rock.

New moves introduced are:

Name Category Power Accuracy Type Description
Fluff Status 90% Normal The user scatters fluff all over the target, harshly lowering their Speed and Attack.
Pincer Physical 30 100% Normal The user pinches the target with sharp claws, lasting 3 to 4 turns.
Reflection Beam Special 110 80% Steel The user shoots a beam that gets reflected by one hundred mirrors, dealing damage. This may also lower the opponent's accuracy.
Foul Swap Status —% Dark The user swaps its lowest stat with the target through evil thoughts.
Dark Light Special 110 80% Dark The user engulfs the target in darkness, which may also lower the target's Special Defense.


For the full regional Pokédex, see Regional Pokédex

In the games, 100 new Pokémon have been added, of which 5 are evolutions of Pokémon from previous generations. There are 6 legendary Pokémon, of which one is an event Pokémon and two are the version mascots, MeldemoniumC and ArraquisO.

Regional Pokédex
# Name MS Types Evolution Ability
001 Kani MSkani Grass Skabbit at lv. 16. Overgrow
002 Skabbit Grass Kaniole at lv. 35. Overgrow
003 Kaniole Grass Flying Overgrow
004 Colaire MScolaire Fire Graspare at lv. 16. Blaze
005 Graspare Fire Slocalare at lv. 35. Blaze
006 Slocalare Fire Rock Blaze
007 Shaytol MSshaytol Water Shadilay at lv. 16. Torrent
008 Shadilay Water Stormant at lv 35. Torrent
009 Stormant Water Ghost Torrent
010 Plumpajay MSplumpajay Flying Jaysea at lv. 18. Keen Eye
011 Jaysea Flying Blurance at lv. 36. Serene Grace
012 Blurance Flying Serene Grace
013 Larvetter MSlarvetter Bug Coopinn at lv. 20. Unnerve
014 Coopin Bug Frozellin at lv. 28. Unnerve
015 Frozellin Bug Ice Refridgerator
016 Nion Poison Steel Niotass when lv. up in a building. Regenerator
017 Niotass Poison Steel Regenerator
018 Rabblush Normal Water Labushy with high happiness. Pickup
019 Labushy Normal Water Pickup
020 Pawerzap MSpawerzap Electric Static
021 Solus Psychic Solarian at lv. 30. Solar Power
022 Solarian Psychic Solar Power
023 Ametheon Ghost From Eevee when leveled up knowing Shadow Claw. Insomnia
024 Sturdeon Steel From Eevee when leveled up knowing Iron Head. Heatproof
025 Gultz Rock Slishell at lv. 18. Rock Head
026 Slishell Rock Terrasmug at lv. 36 during day.
Miscor at lv. 36 during night.
Rock Head
027 Terrasmug Rock Poison Rock Head
028 Miscor Rock Dark Rock Head
029 Flizzle Fire Flying Chimolein at lv. 26. Adaptability
030 Chimolein Fire Flying Adaptability
031 Sandoid Ground Steel Sinatoid at lv. 35. Sand Stream
032 Sinaton Ground Steel Sand Stream
033 Chicabre Ghost Water Chicadell when Dusk Stone is used. Swift Swim
034 Chicadell MSchicadell Ghost Water Swift Swim
035 Fiskers Water Fairy Phankers at lv. 25. Healer
035 Phankers MSphankers Water Fairy Healer
036 Bonate Water Thick Fat
037 Tinkado Psychic Fairy Levitate
038 Gadiss Bug Fairy Tarniss at lv. 30. Own Tempo
039 Tarniss Bug Fairy Wanitiss at lv. 44. Own Tempo
040 Wanitin Bug Fairy Own Tempo
041 Inrain Water Dark Vampus when Dawn Stone is used. Drizzle
042 Vampus Water Dark Drizzle
043 Netocat Electric Ice Felux at lv. 30. Motor Drive
044 Felux Electric Ice Felectron when Shiny Stone is used. Motor Drive
045 Felectron Electric Ice Motor Drive
046 Beavale Fighting Beavagan at lv. 30. Scrappy
047 Avagan Fighting Dark Scrappy
048 Pluconter Electric Dark Elecontact at lv. 26. Plus
049 Eleconal Electric Dark Plus
050 Crucom Poison Cruendile at lv. 28. Dry Skin
051 Cruendile Poison Dry Skin
052 Ailecon Ice Normal Couregon at lv. 46. Snow Warning
053 Couregon Ice Dragon Snow Warning
054 Rigir Ice Flying Drigird at lv. 32. Ice Body
055 Drigird Ice Flying Ice Body
056 Klainka Ghost Pressure
057 Braluchon Fighting Anger Point
058 Compratt Normal Shalline at lv. 24. Tough Claws
059 Shalline Normal Tough Claws
060 Flozette Ice Steel Aflore at lv. 40. Mold Breaker
061 Aflore Ice Steel Mold Breaker
062 Esprito Ghost Diratell at lv. 30 at night. Filter
063 Diratell Ghost Filter
064 Flerix Normal Simple
065 Krillogud Psychic Ghost Grothin at lv. 27. Unburden
066 Grothin Psychic Ghost Grantome when Dusk Stone is used. Unburden
067 Grantome Psychic Ghost Unburden
068 Floatant Water Psychic Levitate
069 Slemont Dragon Fighting Dagaron at lv. 30. Battle Armor
070 Dagaron Dragon Fighting Tuskrenos at lv. 52. Battle Armor
071 Tuskrenos Dragon Fighting Battle Armor
072 Temedin Psychic Prantesse at lv. 50. Synchronize
073 Prantesse Psychic Synchronize
074 Perydin Ground Desrose at lv. 27. Sand Stream
075 Desrose Ground Hempretin with high happiness. Sand Stream
076 Hempretin Ground Sand Stream
077 Crelevac Poison Electric Liquid Ooze
078 Mar Steel Normal Download
079 Ninjenni Dark Merkerai 1t lv. 40. Speed Boost
080 Merkerai Dark Speed Boost
081 Warbit Grass Water Swarbit at lv. 40. Water Veil
082 Swarbit Grass Water Water Veil
083 Orklin Psychic Orklerok after Dawn Stone is used. Levitate
084 Orklerok Psychic Levitate
085 Nyicos Rock Dragon Cernys at lv. 40. Rock Head
086 Cernos Rock Dragon Rock Head
087 Lastike Rock Water Lasmorus at lv. 40. Water Absorb
088 Lasmorus Rock Water Water Absorb
089 Vanillitz Ice Grass From Vanillish when leveled up holding Tropius Banana. Heatproof
090 Labor'd Grass Flying From Farfetch'd when traded holding Rare Flower. Keen Eye
Inner Focus
091 Yufonem Psychic From Beheeyem when traded holding Unknown Object. Telepathy
092 Cindlike Fire Grass Elinder at lv. 35. Water Absorb
093 Elinder Fire Grass Volcin when Fire Stone is used. Water Absorb
094 Volcin Fire Grass Water Absorb
095 Meldemonium Dark Pressure
096 Arraquis Steel Levitate
097 Lavidon Psychic Grass Synchronize
098 Lavilite Psychic Rock Synchronize
099 Lavair Psychic Flying Synchronize
100 Volfeya Fairy Poison Fairy Aura

New Mega Evolutions

New Mega Evolutions
# Name MS Types Mega Stone Ability
026M Mega Raichu 026MS Electric Raichunite Speed Boost
045M Mega Vileplume 045MS Grass Dark Vileplumite Thick Fat
178M Mega Xatu 178MS Psychic Flying Xatunite Reflection
426M Mega Drifblim 426MS Ghost Flying Drifblimite Aftermath
474M Mega Porygon-Z 474MS Normal Porygonzite Protean
576M Mega Gothitelle 576MS Psychic Dark Gothitellite Shadow Tag
579M Mega Reuniclus 579MS Psychic Normal Reuniclite Victorious
609M Mega Chandelure 609MS Ghost Fire Chandelite Vaporize
630M Mega Mandibuzz 630MS Dark Ghost Mandibuzzite Tough Claws
675M Mega Pangoro 675MS Fighting Dark Pangoronite Moxie
816M Mega Meldemonium 000MS Dark Ghost Meldemonite Shadow Power
817M Mega Arraquis 000MS Steel Psychic Arraquisite Clear Mind


Gym Leaders

Leader Type Pokémon
Aria Flying 661MSMSplumpajay
Vera Poison 000MS000MS407MS
Chloë Grass 070MS421MS000MS000MS
Coalby Dark 000MS359MS000MS
Georgen Ground 000MS195MS095MS000MS
Valencia Dragon 444MS329MS000MS000MS
Calean Bug 000MS127MS469MS000MS
Ling Fairy 000MS683MS282MS000MS000MS

Leader Type Pokémon
Aria Flying 178MS334MS663MS587MS000MS373MS
Vera Poison 569MS000MS407MS073MS000MS094MS
Chloë Grass 071MS421MS000MS000MS470MS254MS
Coalby Dark 000MS571MS000MS687MS359MS630MS
Georgen Ground 195MS623MS464MS051MS000MS208MS
Valencia Dragon 330MS706MS149MS000MS000MS445MS
Calean Bug 000MS469MS212MS000MS596MS127MS
Ling Fairy 000MS683MS000MS000MS700MS282MS

Elite Four

Elite 4 Type Pokémon
Lucia Electric 462MS181MS000MS000MS000MS
Dana Psychic 000MS000MS579MS576MS000MS
Colin Ice 000MS584MS000MS000MS000MS
Cosett Ghost 000MS609MS000MS426MSMSchicadell
Vane Various 000MS000MS000MS000MS000MS000MS

Elite 4 Type Pokémon
Lucia Electric 462MS181MS000MS000MS000MS026MS
Dana Psychic 000MS000MS576MS097MS000MS579MS
Colin Ice 000MS584MS000MS000MS000MS460MS
Cosett Ghost 000MS000MS426MSMSchicadell429MS609MS
Vane Various 000MS000MS000MS000MS000MS474MS


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