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Pokémon Blade of Darkness
Pokémon Blade of Darkness is a spin-off Pokémon game made by Blacksworn.


This plot refers to the hero being a Boy. Gameplay is the same playing as a Girl.

Blade of Darkness

The Blade of Darkness

Just a normal day as a Pokémon Protector, until Eccho hears a huge explosion. He runs to see what happened, and discovers that all of the Pokémon have gone missing! He finds one left, a Teddiursa. He connects a PokéTranslator to it, and talks to it. It says that a mysterious guy came in and left on a huge indescribable Pokémon and went south.

Eccho finally tracks down the person who stole the Pokémon, and asks him why. He sends a Pikachu to battle Eccho, and Eccho loses. He notices how powerful the Pikachu was, and leaves.

After research, a scientist discovers why the Pikachu was so powerful. It had been mutated into an Evil Pikachu! The scientist then goes to the Room of the Sacred, and comes back out with a sword. He tells Eccho it is called the Blade of Darkness.

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