"YES" A young boy Screamed as his small village of Nuvema Town was waken by the Screams of a Ten Year Old Boy.

The boy was Hilbert a 10-year-old boy with one Dream. He got downstairs had his last Blueberry Pancakes that his Mom made.

There was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it" said his Mom who was upstairs.

When she came down Hilbert opened the door.

"Are you ready?!" Hilbert's best Friend Cheren said.

"Come in" Mom invited them inside.

"Where the Pokemon, maam?" Cheren ashed.


"Want a drink?"

"I'm fine, miss?"


"I normally would, but I'm TOO excited".

"Kids, I'm out for some milk and eggs be back in 5".

"Ok, Mom"! Hibert had roboticly said that phrase for the last 5 years"!

"Don't do anything stupid ok?"

"Ok, Mom"! He groaned.

"Oh my it's amazing! Let's open it Birthday Boy" Bianca was more excited than she ever had been!

"Go on go ahead, Hilbert."

Take your pick, when the opened the 3 Pokemon for some reason hopped out of there Poke Balls!

"Wow, Snivy looks more cooler in person!" Snivy's huge eyes glared at Hilbert and he hopped onto his shoulder. Cheren held the two remaining Poke Balls.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I'm gonna' choose this one." Without looking at the other Pokemon Snivy had

"Well looks like you've found your new best friend." Bianca said.

"Wait, we're not traveling together?!" Cheren dropped the Poke Ball's and the Pokemon Popped Out. Hilbert was shell shocked Snivy had the slight Confused look!

"No, just don't tell your Mum, now my turn!" Cheren juggled the Poke Balls and Caught them. "Bianca pick a number 1 or 2?"

"0, I'm not choosing any that way."

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