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Pokemon Battles is a game for the 3DS, and is a fighting game.


Pokemon Trainers

There are 5 Pokemon Trainers, one for each generation. Each of them have three Pokemon, like the Pokemon Trainer from SSBB.

  • Note that Pokemon Trainers with * are unlockable


  • Note that Pokemon with * are unlockable

Unlocking Certeria

  • Pikachu-Play as Pichu 20 Times
  • Raichu-Play as Pikachu 50 Times
  • Jigglypuff-Play as Igglybuff 25 Times
  • Wigglytuff-Play as Jigglypuff 55 Times
  • Swoobat-Play as Woobat 51 Times
  • Machoke-Play as Machop 40 Times
  • Machamp-Play as Machoke 80 Times
  • Golurk-Play at all the Factory-Type Stages
  • Aerodactyl-Play at all the Sky-Type Stages
  • Meowth-Play at every Stage
  • Pokemon Trainer 4-Play as all default Pokemon Trainers
  • Pokemon Trainer 5-Play as every Pokemon, and every Pokemon Trainer



  • Pokemon Stadium 1
  • Pokemon Stadium 2
  • Pokemon Stadium 3
  • The Gym
  • Tall Grass
  • Saffron City
  • Battle Subway
  • Nuvema Town
  • Virbank City
  • Fall City
  • Ringtown


  • Ultra Pokemon Stadium
  • Mt Moon
  • Pokemon Tower
  • Poke Floats
  • Dusk Factory
  • Fiore Temple
  • Sky
  • Wintown
  • Rainbow Dais
  • Giant Pokeball
  • Victory Road

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