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A pokémon game whereas Pokémon are separated by Xerneas, who believes in good and harmony, and Yveltal, who believes in evil and destruction. The separation led to a war between Xerneas and Yveltal. However, a group of Pokémon won't stand to this, and vow to reunite both sides. Will they successfully do so?

Pokémon Battlefront: Hope Version is an upcoming game for the Wii U system made by Fandraxonian Enterprises, later to be released alongside Pokémon Battlefront: Despair Version, which is being made by Existence Software.



Xerneas and Yveltal are at the top of a holy summit, arguing of their ways. In the middle of conflict, they separate the Pokémon, leading to an enormous war. A group of hardy Pokémon will not stand to this, however, and vow to strike back. But this challenge will be tough, as reuniting the spirits of good and evil and balancing them is no easy task...

Chapter I: The Obnoxious Onix

It starts out in an area known as Route 1, with a young Happiny sleeping on the ground. However, the war coming from the nearby summit comes nearby and swallows the Happiny in a confusing mix of hope and darkness, eliminating it from the world. A Sandile then comes by, and sniffs through the ground, and ends up in a lair, which was shaped like a base, and inside were a Budew, a Zubat, a Zigzagoon, a Machop, and a Vulpix. Each one of them was planning on how to rob the Obnoxious Onix, who held the Orb of Despair. The Sandile then comes in, interested, and wants to join the group, sneaky as he is. They accept him and then begin their plans when the base is blown over and some Sawk and Mightyena come in, who all looked dark in color. The group was forced to step back when some Hariyama and Stoutland came in, looking a bit lighter on color, came to fight the Sawk and Mightyena. While the two forces fought, the group got out and hid in a nearby cave when they got attacked by a group of Beedrill. After they defeat the Beedrill, they escape the cave and start their journey on Route 1.

Midway through the route, they stop and encounter a gang of dark looking Pokémon, which consisted of Gengar, Mismagius, and Sableye. Each one of them gave the group a taunt before leaving, threatening to return. Later on, they encounter a cave that contained an annoying Onix, known as the Obnoxious Onix. It was being nerdish, rambling on and on about non-existant devices when it is all of a sudden hit by a beam of white light. It then transforms into the Light Onix, and reveals that it stole the Orb of Despair to hinder Yveltal's plans. After a rough battle, the Onix falls and faints, turning back to normal. Once the orb was obtained, one of the Sableye come out of nowhere and steal the Despair Orb, and talk about how they'll use it to power Yveltal. Panicking, the group got on a roll.


Gameplay is a cross of platforming and third-person shooting in a 3D environment. You go anywhere you please (as long as you unlocked it of course) and try to clear your objective. You use the left analog stick to move and the A button to jump. B will be used to preform your physical attack, while Y will be used to preform your special attack. X opens up the bag, allowing you to take out anything you need, for battle or anything. The L and R buttons control the camera, while the right analog stick allows you to switch your moveset. The start button opens up the pause menu, where you can either resume, save, or exit. The select button opens up a map.

Playable Characters


The first Pokémon to resist the actions of Xerneas and Yveltal, he started up this team as an effort to stop the planet from destruction.  He's friendly, but puts up a fight when one needs to be made.


The second Pokémon to resist the actions of Xerneas and Yveltal, and the cruelest of the group.  He likes to attack with supersonic beams to confuse everybody.


The third pokémon to resist, and the team's powerhouse.  He's very helpful and does a lot of work for the team as long as it involves physical effort.


She's a wise member of the team, and uses psychic powers to communicate.  She always wants a boyfriend, but doesn't get her goal.


Born in a bush, Budew was always mischievous and silly.  She always has the dream of becoming the world's prettiest pokémon, but her mind is now focused on true matters.


The last Pokémon to join the team, and the "coolest" of the bunch.  He likes to bite up other Pokémon and harass the team, but he does it usually for fun.


Route 1

Simply the first route of the game.  It presents very little danger, having Zigzagoons, Wurmples, Lilipups, and Gulpin as the only threats.  Trees can occasionally headbutted to retrieve berries, usually oran berries.


  • This is the first Pokémon game for the Wii U system that has two versions.
    • This is also the first Pokémon game to have versions on a home system overall.

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