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Hope and despair: trapped in-between two sides of the same coin. One can not exist without the other, for that would disrupt the rules and obligations that the world must follow. Darkness and despair line the hatred, while hope and love the opposing.

Pokemon Battlefront Despair

Pokémon Battlefront: Despair Version is a spin-off Pokémon title developed for the Wii U by Existence Software. It's paired version is Pokémon Battlefront: Hope Version, created by Fandraxonian Enterprises. Unlike it's counterpart, Pokémon Battlefront features a much more shooter type of gameplay, as opposed to a platforming one, though takes a sort of strategical, Dynasty Warriors-esque level system. It is expected to be released in Q1 2015.


Pokémon Battlefront: Despair Version is a shooter-esque combat game with elements of the Dynasty Warriors series. All Pokémon characters have two special moves that act as their unique weapons. The general objective of the match differs depending on the mode, though usually have something to do with knocking out opponent fighters by depleting their HP.


A pokémon game whereas Pokémon are separated by Xerneas, who believes in good and harmony, and Yveltal, who believes in evil and destruction. The separation led to a war between Xerneas and Yveltal. However, a group of Pokémon won't stand to this, and vow to reunite both sides. Will they successfully do so?
Fandraxonian Enterprises CEO Ethan, upon creation of the concept.


Fighter Classes


Chansey is the support fighter for the Order. Chansey's standard weapon is the Egg Bomb, which explodes upon hitting an opponent, but heals upon hitting a teammate. Chansey's secondary weapon is the Heal Pulse, which poisons opponents around Chansey but heals teammates around it.
Heliolisk is the most balanced of the fighters. Its standard weapon is Eerie Impulse, which has the Heliolisk fire a small lightning bolt-shaped projectile from its tail quickly, temporarily stunning opponents while dealing damage. Its secondary attack is Thunder, which has the Heliolisk firing a beam of electricity from its frills.
Nuzleaf is fast fighter who deals less damage than most fighters. Nuzleaf's standard weapon is Razor Leaf, which is a razor-sharp leaf that acts as a boomerang that can shatter upon coming contact with an opponent. Nuzleaf's secondary weapon is Feint Attack, which has it punching quickly as a dark energy surrounds its fist and extends forwards as he does punches.
Medicham is a slower but powerful fighter. Medicham's standard weapon is Force Palm, which is a slow punch that fires a large flame of aura out from Medicham's palm. Medicham's secondary weapon is Power Trick, which makes it a faster fighter but at the cost of strength, making it unable to use Force Palm.
Weavile is a quick fighter, who has defensive attacks. Weavile's standard weapon, Ice Shard, is a small projectile that deals little damage but will freeze projectiles that come near it and slow down opponents it collides with. The secondary weapon is Dark Pulse, which pushes away opponents and projectiles, though deals some damage that depends on how high Weavile's HP is.
Mawile is the strongest member of the Order fighters, due to its very powerful Crunch attack. Crunch is Mawile's standard attack, which has the large crocodile-like jaw crunching down on nearby opponents. Its secondary attack is Fairy Wind, which acts as a small, star-shaped projectile pushed by pink, ribbon-like wind strands that can explode, acting as a type of grenade.
Marowak is a fast fighter, akin to Fraxure of the Rebellion. Its strong point is its Bone Rush attack, which acts as its standard weapon. Bone Rush has Marowak rushing forward, before colliding with an opponent with its bone, using it like a baseball bat. Its secondary attack is False Swipe, which has it swiping once, weakly with its bone club, before hitting opponents once more with a strong punch.
Swalot is a slow but powerful fighter. Swalot's standard attack is Gunk Shot, which has it firing a large, but slow, projectile comprised of poisonous liquids, that explodes upon coming in contact with opponents. Swalot's secondary attack is Body Slam, which has him diving forward quickly, before slamming downwards, flattening opponents under him. Swalot is unable to jump high, though Body Slam has him doing just that to deal more damage.


Meowstic is a quick, support-based fighter. Meowstic's standard weapon is the use of Imprison, which traps all fighters around it in a barrier temporarily. Its secondary attack is a shield-like blade based upon Confusion, that does little damage, but can protect Meowstic from projectiles.
Fraxure is a quick, melee-based fighter. Fraxure's standard weapon is the Dragon Claw, which deals more damage the lower HP Fraxure has. Fraxure's secondary weapon is Dragon Pulse, which is a melee move with extended range, as its swiping attack projects a blade that travels outward.
Talonflame is the fastest, though weakest, fighter, with the unique ability to fly. Its standard attack is Brave Bird, which is a diving motion followed by a flaming tackle. Talonflame's secondary attack is Razor Wind, a small crescent of wind that is fired quickly to knock back, but barely damage, opponents.
Zangoose is a slower but very powerful fighter, who mainly specializes in melee. Zangoose's standard weapon is Crush Claw attack; a slow, powerful slash that deals great damage. Quick Attack is Zangoose's secondary weapon, which increases its speed drastically but lowers its attack- only able to damage opponents with weak claw swipes.
Toxicroak is a slower and extremely powerful fighter, the strongest in the game. Toxicroak's standard weapon is the Posion Jab move: a quick, poisonous jab that deals massive damage up close and will temporarily slow opponents attacked by it. Toxicroak's secondary attack is Venoshock, a small projectile that acts as a semtex grenade- sticking to walls or opponents before exploding.
Beedrill is a weaker fighter, though also the fastest among them. Beedrill's standard weapon is the X-Scissor attack, that swipes both of the Beedrill's blades in an X-like shape, before projecting an image of poison that floats in the air to deal damage. Giga Impact is Beedrill's secondary weapon, in which it charges quickly into an opponent before slamming quickly into any fighter it approaches.
Lopunny is a quick and powerful fighter, the most balanced of all of the classes. Lopunny's standard weapon is High Jump Kick, a flying kick that has a long start up but deals massive damage if it hits an opponent, dealing recoil if it misses, however. Bounce is Lopunny's secondary weapon, which causes a shockwave as sit bounces from the sky onto the ground to create shockwaves.
Octillery is a slow, tank fighter. Its standard weapon is the Octazooka, a small orb fired from Octillery that acts like an explosive shot. Octillery's secondary weapon is Bullet Seed, which acts similarly to a sniper shot.

Hero Classes



Zoroark is a hero-class fighter, obtained by getting a KO streak of 10. Zoroark's standard weapon is its Night Daze attack, which has Zoroark throwing a small orb of pitch black energy that temporarily blinds opponents it hits, deals damage, and has a small chance of exploding. Its secondary weapon is Foul Play, a punching motion in which Zoroark's claws become a dark colour and emit a black lightning as it swipes. Zoroark's hero trait is its Illusion ability, which allows it to take the guise of an Order fighter.


Multiplayer Levels


  • This is the first Pokémon game for the Wii U system that has two versions.
    • This is also the first Pokémon game to have versions on a home system overall.
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