Pokémon Battlefield is the latest Pokemon 3D-graphic game. It will be released for the Wii on December 7th 2011 in Japan, and it will be coming to other reigons in 2012. It features two modes; Story Mode, where you you must capture and purify Shadow Pokemon in the Yofa region, and Stadium Mode, where you can copy data of your Pokemon from Pokémon Black and White 1 and 2, and use them for battles.

Story Mode


7 years have passed since the events of Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. Half of the population of the Orre region (including some of the PKMN News Team from Pyrite City and some remmenets of Chiper and Team Snagem) have moved to the Yofa region(located in the same part of the Pokemon world as the Unova region). As wild Pokemon from the Unova region are shipped by a wild transfer orginazation to the Yofa region, Nine Pokemon of evil intent appear and attack the truck the wild Pokemon are on! Then, a Darkrai leading the pack grabs the truck with a Shadow move, and puts the driver to sleep with a Shadow version of Dark Void. News spread all over the Yofa Region about this. Meanwhile, a boy who lives at a new HQ Lab, travels to a pier in the river with his Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan and Hitmontop.



Wild Pokémon

  • Patrat LV. 10-20 Grass Pokéspot
  • Starly LV. 10-20 Grass Pokéspot
  • Pansage LV. 10-20 Grass Pokéspot
  • Ratata LV. 10-20 Grass Pokéspot
  • Pichu LV. 10-20 Grass Pokéspot
  • Snover LV. 10-20 Ice Pokéspot
  • Seel LV. 10-20 Ice Pokéspot
  • Swinub LV. 10-20 Ice Pokéspot
  • Snorunt LV. 10-20 Ice Pokéspot
  • Smoochum LV. 10-20 Ice Pokéspot
  • Sandshrew LV. 10-20 Desert Pokéspot
  • Drilbur LV. 10-20 Desert Pokéspot
  • Sandile LV. 10-20 Desert Pokéspot
  • Burmy LV. 10-20 Desert Pokéspot
  • Cacnea LV. 10-20 Desert Pokéspot
  • Magikarp LV. 10-20 Water Pokéspot
  • Azurill LV. 10-20 Water Pokéspot
  • Panpour LV. 10-20 Water Pokéspot
  • Poliwag LV. 10-20 Water Pokéspot
  • Feebas LV. 10-20 Water Pokéspot
  • Zubat LV. 10-20 Cave Pokéspot
  • Woobat LV. 10-20 Cave Pokéspot
  • Pansear LV. 10-20 Cave Pokéspot
  • Murkrow LV. 10-20 Cave Pokéspot
  • Beldum LV. 10-20 Cave Pokéspot

Shadow Pokémon

Gift Pokémon

Stadium Mode

In Stadium Mode, players can choose one of four modes. Then for the first three modes, players must choose if they want to do a single battle, a double battle or a triple battle. Players who have Pokemon Black and White and Pokemon Black and White 2 can copy their box data and use it to make up to 30 custom teams (Like in Battle Revolution).

Mt. Battle

Like Coloseum and XD, players can choose a team of six and use them for battle. There are three levels the player can choose, Easy, where the player must go up to 50, Medium, where the player must go to 100, and Hard where the player must go to 200.

Battle Mode

In Battle Mode, players can choose between Free Battle or Coloseum Battle. In Free Battle, players can use either the story mode team, a custom team or the party from a copy of Black and White. Up to 2 people can play Single Battle, 4 for Double Battle and 6 for Triple Battle. In Coloseum Battle, players can use either the story mode team or a custom team, and use them to battle 6 trainers in a row in a selected Story Mode Coloseum.

Wi-Fi Battle

In Wi-Fi Battle, players can connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and choose either the story mode team, a custom team or their party from a copy of Black and White, and particapates in battles with real people from around the world (Like in Battle Revolution).


In the Shop, players can spend points that they won in the other 3 modes for items, moves, costume items for thier custom team trainers or even Pokémon to use in either story mode or a copy of Black and White or Black 2 and White 2.