Pokémon Battle Royale is a Pokémon game made by Poisonshot. The game is actually beign made in Roblox.


This list contains all playable Pokémon. While there is currently very few Pokémon, the ultimate plan is the have all Pokémon in the game. Mega-Evolutions are also planned to be added.

Pokémon Picture Pokédex Evolution Moves
Bulbasaur 001Bulbasaur It stores it's energy in the bulb on his back. Ivysaur




Ivysaur 002Ivysaur It's legs are strong, to support it's heavy bulb. Venusaur RazorLeaf
Venusaur 003Venusaur This Pokémon absorbs sunlight, making it's attacks devastating. None SolarBeam
Charmander 004Charmander This fire-breathing lizard uses a flame on it's tail to live. It uses excess fire to attack foes. Charmeleon



Charmeleon 005Charmeleon Despite not beign Dragon type, it can breath dragonic fire. Charizard DragonRage
Charizard 006Charizard This dragon doesn't resist as many attacks as other dragons, but can survive lava-hot temperature with ease. None




Squirtle 007Squirtle It hides in it's rock-hard shell if it feels trouble. It swims quickly, but is slow on land. Wartortle




Wartortle 008Wartortle It is rumored one can live for hundreds of years. It is vunerable to poisonous plants, but resistant to fire. Blastoise WaterPulse
Blastoise 009Blastoise When attacked, it fires very cold water from it's cannons. It's shell is as resistant as a diamond. None



Caterpie 010Caterpie While it may seem innocent, it can spit very tough string and release a foul odor from it's antenna. Metapod



Metapod 011Metapod This cocoon seems defenseless, but it can spin quickly to make it's predators trip. Butterfree RapidSpin
Butterfree 012Butterfree Butterfree is a surprisingly fast Pokémon. It is able to use weak psychic powers. None



Pidgey 016Pidgey This small bird Pokémon is found almost everywhere in the Kanto area. Pidgeotto




Pidgeotto 017Pidgeotto After evolving, this Pokémon has gotten better wings and is able of much better flight. Pidgeot Fly
Pidgeot 018Pidgeot After evolving, this Pokémon has gotten better wings and is able of much better flight. None



Weedle 013Weedle Unlike the related Caterpie, it can't shoot string, but it is able to release poisonous powder instead. Kakuna



Kakuna 014Kakuna Kakuna can shoot sticky string in case of emercency, but otherwise just waits for evolution. Beedrill StringShot


You start the game as a trainer. You can then choose a Pokémon to control among the various Pokémon choices you have. Each Pokémon has various moves of it's own; usually 2-3 for stage one, 4-5 for stage two and 5-8 for final evolutions. You can press whatever move to use at the bottom of the screen, or with the number keys.

The Pokémon in the game can evolve. When they evolve, they usually get an HP and Speed buff(but as evidenced by Metapod and Kakuna, not always). They also optain new moves.


Forest Farm

A farm near the opening of a forest, hence the name. It seems to have been abandoned, and has since been inhabited by a small range of small Pokémon.

Gumball Grove

A forest where several Grass, Bug and Flying type Pokémon live. At the opening of it is Forest Farm. There are a few hills, but the area is mostly flat.

Beach of Blasts

A beach touched by a lot of sunlight. While it is mostly inhabited by Water types, some Ground and Grass type Pokémon live here as well.

Violin Volcano

A volcano with lava falling from it's ceiling. Some Fire-type Pokémon live here.

Tier List

  • OverUsed:
    • Butterfree: Fast. StringShot allows it to stop enemies from moving for a while. It has access to a close-range attack with RapidSpin and can use AerialAce to move very quickly while doing good damage. Psychic is also a very powerful ranged move.
    • Pidgeot: Quickest Pokémon in the game(yet). AerialAce allows it to move even faster. Wing Attack is a very good ranged move. Can dodge attacks easily with Tackle, Fly and QuickAttack.
  • UnderUsed:
    • Charizard: Has a lot of multi-hit ranged attacks, and is fast. Has FireSpin as a good melee attack. Can avoid attacks with Fly.
    • Blastoise: Has a lot of multi-hit attacks. Also has RapidSpin and WaterPulse as good melee attacks. Suffers from beign rather slow in comparizon to other final-evolutions, through.
  • NeverUsed:
    • Venusaur: Has three multi-hit attacks, which is rather good. Has no good melee attack, through. SolarBeam can deal a lot of damage if used right.
    • Kakuna*: StringShot can stop enemies from moving. PoisonPowder can hit multiple times, and thus is deadly combined with StringShot. However, it might be the slowest Pokémon in the game along with Squirtle. Tackle can dodge attacks if used well.

.*Evolution not implemented yet. The Evolution might be better.

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