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During this approximately 200 episode saga through the Zenia Region, Ash and Pikachu meet new friends along the way such as Lima, a determined Pokémon ringer, Harry, a Pokémon archaeologist and Avani, the daughter of Gravley who is too young to start a proper journey. Along the way, Ash challenges the many gyms while Lima attempts to collect all 5 feathers from each ringer contest and Harry focuses on the past of Zenia as well as its legendries. Aside from that, the group also discover more about the legendries from Team Orbit who are recurring characters, as well as the legendries themselves who often come to the group members in visions.

This is a list of all the Pokémon Anime episodes based of the Pokémon games: Pokémon Ash & Dust Versions

Season 1: Ash and Dust

Code Screenshot Title Description
Ep 1
Making a Wild Entrance After a short introduction to Lima who aspires to be a Pokémon Ringer, Ash arrives in Dockane City in the Zenia Region where he begins searching for Professor Baobab's lab. However, when Ash and Lima get to the laboratory, things go wrong when a bunch of Flazards and Graptors go mad at Team Rocket disturbing them and accidently set the Filan Jungle on fire! And so the characters must work together to stop this disaster!
Ep 2
New Rivals for a New Region After the fire spread, the supposed "Araloughz" appears in the sun, putting the fire out and scaring the Graptors and Flazards away. A new trainer called Zayne then shows up to choose his starter: Volava. Lima also chooses her starter: Shrubud. Zayne then challenges Ash to a battle in which Zayne wins due to a bit of strategy. With that, Ash and Lima decide to travel together while they go to Gusandra City.
Ep 3
Going Shamanuts! Ash and Lima are passing through the Filan Jungle when they run into a tribe of Voocodoos and Shamanuts. They then meet Amboco who explains that the tribe worship the sun and moon legendarys: Araloughz and Kalthumia, and also lets them stay in his tree house for the night. However, another Voocodoo tribe attacks and the end result is that one of them evolves into a Tikoca. After Amboco tries to make sense of the events, a Voocodoo wearing a red ribbon decides to join Ash and so the group continue on their journey.
Episode 4.
Pideat My Dust! Ash and Lima run into some Pideaters who are practicing their wind-diving skills. But after Ash tries to catch one, it angers a Merocane who threatens Ash but then leaves. However, one of the Pideaters stay behind and wants to battle Ash. After the battle Ash catches Pideater but then, Team Rocket show up in a huge machine which they use to capture all the Pideaters and the Merocane, leaving only Ash's Pideater to save them. Seeing that Ash's Pideater was so brave in battle, the Merocane allows him to go with Ash.
Episode 5.
The Coming Storm of Evander Ash and Lima reach Gusandra City where Ash is determined to challenge Evanfer the gym leader and also Lima's dad. However, Evander explains that he can't accept their challenge because he's no longer allowed to run the gym, but he still asks Ash if he want an "unofficial" battle to test his skills. A 3-on-3 battle begins but Evander manages to defeat all of Ash's Pokémon with just his Leskyathen, although Pikachu does manage to harm Leskyathen quite a bit.
Episode 6.
Poached Eggstriches Ash and Lima come across an egg lying on the path when suddenly, the egg hatches into an Eggstrich! But then, officer Jenny shows up and accuses Ash and Lima for stealing it, but after some explaining she understands it wasn't them. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are in a cave where they try to capture the eggs of an ostrock but then see that the eggs have already been stolen. Ash, Lima and Jenny all work together to find the Pokémon Poacher who stole the eggs who later introduces himself as Baxter. After the battle where Team Rocket AND the Ostrock shows up, Baxter and Team Rocket are defeated and then all the Eggstrich eggs hatch in which the Ostrock is very greatful.
Episode 7
Harry Up! Ash and Lima are in the desert when they come across an injured boy who later introduces himself as Harry. Harry then explains that he was ambushed by Team Orbit who wanted some of his rocks he was carrying. Ash and Lima then escort Harry to Digoala Town but have a short encounter with a giant Swormongol along the way. Once at his lab, he talks about the research he's doing on Araloughz and Kalthumia and how it may relate to what Team Orbit wanted.
Swarming from Swormongol The giant Swormongol from the previous episode attacks Digoala Town, angry from its previous encounter. Ash, Lima and Harry then all work together to get Swormongol out of the town. They do this by luring it into the sewage system and then flushing Swormongol out through the pipes... with a little help from a curious Aquina that's following Ash... After seeing how well they worked together, Harry decides to tag along with Ash and Lima on their adventure.
D'ya Avani? On the way to Marrowanda City, Harry stops to investigate some "rocks" in the desert, so Ash and Lima go on ahead. Ash then goes to challenge the gym which is also a mine, but the battlefield hasn't been rebuilt since its last battle, so Gravley, Ash and Lima work to rebuild it. However, Gravley's daughter: Avani is reported to have wondered into the desert in which they rush out to find her. Meanwhile, Team Rocket attack Hamid but Ash and friends catch up in time to save him as well as saving Avani who is mad at Gravley because he won't let her go on an adventure.
A Gym Battle from the Ground up! Ash finally has his gym battle with Gravley which is tough but in the end, Ash wins. However, Avani still isn't happy about he not being able to go on an adventure like Ash is so, Gravley talks with Harry (who he knows and trusts) and so before Ash and friends set off, Gravley gives Avani his Shelless and tells her that she can go with Ash and friends to finally start a journey! In which Avanni is extremely happy.
A River runs through a Crazy Maze Cave Ash and friends make their way into Carnall Caverns where they also meet Zayne. But after Team Rocket show up, the group are separated and have to make their way to the river to find the exit. After some venturing as well as running from falling rock and such, the group are reunited with Zayne who all blast Team Rocket off.
Breaking from Battling Tradition After escaping the Carnall Caverns, Ash prepares to battle with Zayne, but Zayne objects and explains the idea of 3-Way battles and so he invite Lima to join the battle. A 3-way battle then takes place in which Zayne and Ash draw. But since Zayne still wasn't entirely satisfied since Lima only had one Pokémon, he asks Ash for a full 3-on-3 battle which Zayne wins. With that he sets of to Aquarama City where the next gym is.
I feel a bit Shelless Inspired by Ash and friends battling skills, Avani decides to start training up her Shelless. However, she soon sees that Shelless isn't so keen on listening to Avani's orders since it was used to training with Gravley. Harry then calls Gravley on his Holocaster in which he tries to reason. After some more training with other people's Pokémon, Shelless runs off and hides in which the group search for it. After Avani defends Shelless from an attack from some wild Pokémon, it realizes that it can trust Sia and so it finally starts listening to orders!
AD014 Ringering a Bell Ash and friends come across a Pokémon Ringer competition taking place, and after learning about the basics of it, Lima decides to sign up for it since her mum is a professional Pokémon Ringer. However, she realizes that she has no flying Pokémon so, she asks if she can borrow Ash's Pideater. However, during the competition, Pideater isn't too keen on following orders from Lima since she's not it's trainer, and so Lima looses quickly. Annoyed at her defeat, Lima goes for a walk and finds a friendly Breeznake who takes a liking to Lima, and so Lima catches it, and with it being able to fly, she immediately begins training.
AD015 Wave to Aquina! Ash and friends decide to stop at a fishing shack on the side of a river where they soon find out that everyone is trying to catch a mischievous Aquina because it's rare to find a wild starter Pokémon. Ash, Lima and Harry all decide to try catching and Avani decides to try as well. After some intense water battles, it's Ash who eventually succeeds and catches Aquina.
AD016 Scorchion and Scorpour: Binary Team! Ash and friends are travelling when they are challenged to a Double Battle by 2 friends called Luke and Lucy who use Scorpour and Scorchion. After Ash and Lima win, Luke and Lucy show them to their house and show them that they have bread their two Pokémon to make a Scaldroplet Egg which is due to hatch very soon. Upon hearing this, Team Rocket strike at night and steal the egg, but Ash and friends manage to track them down and battle them. During the battle though, the egg hatches into a Scaldroplet and makes Team Rocket blast off.
AD017 Shawn Ain't yawnin' As Ash and friends are travelling, they come across a young trainer named Shawn who is training with his Electrifly and Floweedaff. After Ash is challenged to a battle (which Ash wins), the 2 trainers have a slight squabble over who's the better trainer and so they begin practicing like mad. But at the end of it all, Ash and his new rival settle things and look forward to meeting each other again.
AD018 Make Space for the Space Type! Ash and friends finally reach Aquarama City, but before heading to the gym, the group sit down for a quick bite to eat where they meet a woman called Stray who is training with her Staryu with its water abilities. She then shows the group her Galatron which fascinates the group at the discovery of its type. After she explains where the gym is and shows them around the city, but then, they find a suspicious someone using a Galatron as well, in which Stray's Galatron is attracted to it. The man arkwardly introduces himself as "Dave" and runs away when he gets the chance, but since Stray's Galatron wanted to see more Dave's Galatron, it chases them down. However, the group are shocked when they find Dave talking about a suspicious plan of his. Harry then recognizes "Dave" to be a member of Team Orbit, and so a battle breaks out.
AD019 Surfs up and Away! Ash and friends head to the beach to get a boat over to the gym. Only, there is no boats today because the waters are being used for surfing. After Ash and friends meet the gym leader in person: Cordielia, who is surfing, the group decide to try some surfing with their themselves with their own Pokémon. Throughout it, the group have races, surfing battles and just general training, until suddenly, the waves get scary and a storm comes their way. The group must then save their Pokémon and get out of there.
AD020 Washing through the Aquarama Gym! After the storm, Ash and friends travel to the Aquarama Cove by boat so that Ash and Cordielia can have their gym battle. The battle gets going and after some tough and strategic use of Pikachu's electricity and Aqunia's aquatic techniques, Ash emerges victorious and gets his second gym badge: The Cove Badge.
AD021 Electric Play! Ash and friends sit down for a snack, when a Lecuru starts stealing food and causing mischief. Though annoyed, Lima decides to try catching it due to how cute it looks, and so chasing and battles infuse. Team Rocket also jumps in at one point trying to steal the poor Lecuru.
AD022 Here Comes the Afulwa Tribe! Coming up to Afulwa Village, Ash and friends come across an unusual tribe of Maklad's who start performing wired ritual dances and start judging the group. They see potential in Lima, strength in Ash, mischief in Avani, but in Harry, they warn him that his life will shortly be in danger! Harry then ponders about what such a warning could mean...
AD023 Putting Plans into Orbit! In Afulwa Tribe Harry instantly goes off investigating some supposed rocks and ruins until he gets tricked and captured by Team Orbit who lock him up underground. Eventually, Ash, Lima and Avani realize that Harry is nowhere to be found and after some searching, they find a secret entrance to an underground ruins where they help out Harry and must find out what Team Orbit are up to...
AD024 Attempt to Ruin Team Orbit's Plans! Ash, Lima, Harry and Avani fight their way through the ruins from Team Orbit and eventually meet up with it's admins: Triton, Europa and Phobos, who hint at their plans by talking about the Zenia Legendries. But, after a huge battle, Team Orbit retreat because they couldn't find what they were looking for. After they leave though, Harry unintentionally finds a secret passage into the depths of the ruins where they find a mysterious Orb which assuming that Team Rocket wanted it, decides to keep and protect it.
AD025 Time to Yaramago! Ash and friends are travelling when they come across a tree with a Yaramago hanging from it. But then, the Yaramago hypnotizes Ash, Lima, Harry and Avani, but when they wake up, they've all been turned into Yaramago themselves. The group must then find a way to turn back to their original forms, as well as having to do some reasoning with their own Pokémon.
AD026 A Windy Day for Volava The group sit down for a bite to eat when their food gets taken by a mysterious wind. The wind then reveals itself as a Swishter, in which the group get angry and battle it, but it gets away with the food. The group later get attacked by it again by the same Swishter, in which they run and hide in a cave, where they find a hurt Volava. Harry helps it out, but then gets attacked once agin by the Swishter, but the Volava manages to reason that they're not harmful. At the end, Volava joins Harry's team!
AD027 Learning to Fly! Lima enters her 2nd Ringer competition, this time with Breeznake. However, while she's training, she is taunted about her skills by a young girl named Demi who is also entering the competition. After some training, Lima enters the first round and barely makes it through, which gets her scared for what's to come. Meanwhile however, James from Team Rocket is very intrigued with the competition and decides to join as he is an apparent skilled Pokémon Ringer.
AD028 Kicking the Competition Sky High! Lima passes through to the semi-finals and wins. Meanwhile, James is defeated by Demi and so she and Lima pass through to the final round where they face off, but with a good strategy, Lima just about wins. Demi isn't happy but shrugs it off anyway.
AD029 Put a Camerupt in it! The group come across a group of Camerupt who are being taken care of by a man named Micky who explains he usually sets Camerupt rides up to Pompeak City but the Camerupt haven't recently been following orders, and thus his business isn't going well. The group investigate and find that one of the Camerupt from their herd has become trapped in a cave and the other Camerupt just wanted to help it by warning the people about it. The group then work together to free the Camerupt.
AD030 Aborang and Back! Ash and friends meet a trainer called Boomsly who uses an Aborang. After seeing Harry's Rergle's strength however, Boomsly challenges him to a battle. After the battle, Harry says he wants his new Volava to train, and so they have a battle too, but when they do, it appears Volava has a big problem going up against tuff opponents and is too shy to do anything. Harry then tries to resolve this problem.
AD031 The Sacred Elavant and "Evil" Hellephant The group reach a small village on the side of Mt. Pokimanjaro in which the villagers are worshipping a young Elavant who is confused. The villagers explain that Elavants are seen as being sacred, but then a Hellephant begins attacking a large metal door which the village setup precisely to keep Hellephant out. After Ash tries to persuade the village that Hellephant is isn't "evil" as they believe, Elavant takes a liking to Ash. But then, a small Volcanic eruption takes place near the village and the group must work together to keep the lave from the destroying the village. After it all, Harry realizes that Hellephant was just trying to warn them about this, and so Elavant joins Ash's team!
AD032 Boldolon-dash! The group reach Pompeak City where Ash is eager to challenge the Pompeak gym, but the gym leader is currently out because he went for mountain hike to the summit. So, Ash and Co. setup a hiking trip with the help of the instructor: Brande who uses a Boldolon to help climb the mountain. Once Brande realizes Ash just wanted to have a gym battle, Brande reveals himself as the gym leader! However, once near the summit, the volcano begins erupting due to something Team Rocket where doing, but Ash begins getting a headache due to the imagery of Araloughz he saw when the Volcano erupted, which intrigues Brande very much.
AD033 Burning With Ambition at the Pompeak Gym! Ash finally challenges Brande at the Pompeak City Gym, and in the end his Pokémon pull through and win!
AD034 The Feathers of a Peaclairv The group come across a worried Peaclairv who has lost a bunch of feathers to another Peaclairv who is somewhat of a bully to them. The group kindly help the Peaclairv train to fight off the Peaclairv to get the rest off its feathers back! Afterwards, the Peaclairv joins Harry for helping!
AD035 Kicked from the Picture The group reach a stadium where they meet Zayne, Shawn and Demi who are entering a competition held by prior Elite 4 member: Basil, who was defeated by a strong trainer. Ash, Lima and Harry then enter the competition and so the first round begins where, Ash, Shawn, Harry and Zayne all make it through, but will Lima make it through?
AD036 Competition Time! After a tough battle, Lima makes it through into the second round where Harry battles Shawn and and wins and Lima battles Zayne but looses. Zayne, Ash and Harry all then make it thorugh to the semi-finals, where Ash battles Harry and wins with his Pideater also evolving into Coracane. This means that Ash and Zayne make it through to the finals.
AD037 The Final is where it Counts! Ash and Zayne's battle begins, and after a tough battle, Zayne emerges victorious and so he gets the honour of battling Basil. But, Basil is much to strong and inevitably wipes the floor with Zayne.
AD038 A Shocking Succession! The group come across Elite four member: Nikola and her brother Brighton battling with a big audience. Harry also happens to be a big fan of Nikola's. After the battle though, Nikola takes a liking to Ash's Pikachu and Ash asks to have a battle. Nikola accepts and so they have a tricky battle between their electric types. However, during it, Team Rocket appear and capture Pikachu and Nikola's Howlectric. After some chasing and battling them down, Howlectric escapes, but surprisingly, Team Rocket get away with Pikachu...
AD039 Pikachu! Where are you?! The group who are joined by Nikola and Brighton all, make their way into the wilderness with the objective of finding Team Rocket and saving Pikachu. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are in their secret base and begin extracting Pikachu's electricity to use as energy for their new plan...
AD040 Team Rocket's Plan Blasts Off!
AD041 Nokkorn and the Secret Lake!
AD042 The Mysterious Mr. Mage
AD043 Flying at the Speed of Magic!
AD044 A Fairy Must be Caring!
AD045 Grotreeus Walks the Jungle
AD046 The Battle of What's to Come...
AD047 We Can't be Faylinn

Season 2: AD: Into Orbit

Code Screenshot Title Description
AD048 The Battling Aftermath
AD049 The First of the Verses
AD050 3-ways it Could End: Win, Loose or Draw
AD051 With Great Determination Comes Great Over-Determination
AS052 We Can't be Faylinn!
AD053 The Majestic Gym Battle!
AD054 Just a Fairy-Type Tale
AD055 You Gotta be Orkidding me
AD056 Ash VS... The Champion: Malden!
AD057 Race like the Winds!
AD058 Old as a Fossil Pokémon!
AD059 Unlocking Only Half the Secrets
AD060 The Lunar Passage of Brigidine City
AD061 The Praying Mentis
AD062 Ringing means Winning!
AD063 The Broken Dreams of Lima
AD064 Aquina's Evolutionary Refusal
AD065 Blind as a Blindra
AD066 Rocks, Gems, Crystals and More Rocks!
AD067 Rocking On and Off!
AD068 Where There's Caves, There's Mazes...
AD069 A Hikid in the Mountains!
AD070 Yes and Noel
AD071 A Warm Heart for a Cold Gym!
AD072 Were-Wolfrost!
AD073 Iglootoise and Mountain Stride!
AD074 Welcome to Frostatean!
AD075 Jay and the Nirvana Skies Part 1
AD076 Jay and the Nirvana Skies Part 2
AD077 The Evander is Near!
AD078 Cloudy with a Chance of Cryogonal!
AD079 Siskiing for the Gals, Snowbroad for the Bros.
AD080 Hemsedel's Farewell!
AD081 Raikou VS... Shrubud?
AD082 Leave a Message After the Lunatone
AD083 Jirachi Finds a Friend
AD084 Wishful Thinking is Blissful Thinking
AD085 Reach for the Stars!
AD086 A Collision of Evil Teams
AD087 In the Name of Palkia!
AD088 Enter the Inter-Stella
AD089 Aurinius City Pursuit
AD090 Operation: Stop Team Orbit!
AD091 The Gravity of Ambition
AD092 Araloughz and the Awoken Rage
AD093 Pandora's Implosion...

Season 3: Zenia Quest

Code Screenshot Title Description
AD094 Walking into an Albar
AD095 Ash VS Zayne: Take 5!
AD096 Different Location, Another Competition, Same Idea!
AD097 Through the Rings of Success!
AD098 The Altering Winds of Altorna
AD099 Vacleaning Up!
AD100 A Dazzling Return!
AD101 What a Brighton Idea!
AD102 Fame can Loose its Spark
AD103 I Will Serbine!
AD104 Lost in the Glorus Forest
AD105 The Lost Guardians of Spiritoise
AD106 The Secret of Glorus Manor
AD107 Team Quazar Appears! Part 1
AD108 Team Quazar Appears! Part 2
AD109 Shawn Not for Me!
AD110 Going in Circle Rings!
AD111 Soaring to the End
AD112 Do I Feel a Drafan?
AD113 Max is Back!
AD114 Getting Ready and Steady!
AD115 Gusandra Tournament BEGIN!
AD116 Taking the Battling Chance!
AD117 The Relentless Defeat
AD118 Great Trainers Think Alike!
AD119 Steel-ing the Gusandra City Gym
AD120 Steel VS Wind!
AD121 The Final Gym Battle!
AD122 A Battle to say Goodbye!
AD123 Meowth and the Twerps
AD124 The Poké-Rapper
AD125 The Next Step for Team Rocket
AD126 Preparation for the Confrontation!
AD127 Passing through the Final Ring!
AD128 Harry Meets his Match!
AD129 Sergon's Broken Slumber Part 1
AD130 Sergon's Broken Slumber Part 2
AD131 Gritly, Gravley and Avani: Family Reunion!
AD132 Zayne and Harry's theory...
AD133 Going on an Expedition!
AD134 Team Quazar VS Team Rocket
AD135 Team Quazar and the Mantal Chamber
AD136 The Deadly Tremors of Etremos
AD137 Harry and Etremos: Down to Earth Crisis

Season 4: Zenia Finals!

Code Screenshot Title Description
AD139 Same Region, New Lands!


Screenshot Title Description
Levarnia and Sergon: Tower of Bliss Ash, Lima, Harry and Avani reach Blissylon City where they are told about the Tower of Bliss and that it was built to reach the Nirvana Skies. However, while the gang are exploring the city, Sergon arises and begins climbing the tower in which people begin attacking it under Prince Barel's orders. But after Ash and gang realize that Sergon only wants to reach Levarnia so they may be reunited, the group must stop Prince Barel from attacking it, but once Sergon reaches Nivarna Skies, Levarnia becomes mad at the humans for attacking Sergon and so Ash and Friends must then calm it before it destroys the city below.
Etremos VS The Martian Trio!
Dunsung and Raboomid: Orbital Traitors
Ravoidius: Destroyer of Emptiness

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