Move Type Category Power Accuracy Points Move Description
Banana Slamma
Physical 100 100% 10 Signature move for Dinkong and Donkong. A simple physical attack that deals no additional effects.
Curl Up
Status N/A N/A 20 Signature move for Dillant, Dillaroll, and Bouldillo. The Pokémon curls into a ball and blocks the opponent's attack. It works exactly like Protect, except it raises the user's defense and special defense by 2 each time used.
Frozen Blade
Physical 95 100% 32 Signature move of Dagice and Lancicle. A damaging move with a high critical hit ratio. 35% chance to freeze target.
Ink Cloud
Status N/A N/A 15 The user surrounds itself in an inky black cloud, raising the user's evasion and lowering the opponent's accuracy.
Mystery Beam
Special 100 75% 15 This move automatically changes it's type to the type strongest against the adjacent target (for example, if the opponent is Bug/Ground, the move will become a Flying type move).
Spark Fire
Special 75 100% 20 Signature move for Flarsel, Flarselec, and Watteasurn. The user surrounds the adjacent target with sparks that chip at the target. This move has a 35% chance to burn it's target.
Tentacle Whip
Physical 50 100% 20 Signature move for Octus, Toxopus, and Squideadly. The user strikes at the adjacent target with it's tentacles. This move hits up to five times and has a 25% chance of poisoning it's target.
Status N/A N/A 5 When used, it brings the battlefield into the new Tornado weather condition. The tornado is active for 5 turns. While a tornado is active, the power of Flying-type moves is boosted and non-Flying-type Pokémon gradually lose HP.


Ability Description of Ability
Afterburner Gives all Fire-type moves 100% chance to burn target.
Bravery Attacks do more damage depending on how much larger the target is than the user.
Dragon Heart Boosts Dragon-type moves and allows them to damage Fairy-type Pokémon.
Free Spirit The Pokémon cannot be trapped.
Heat Absorb Restores HP when hit by a Fire-type move.
Night Vision Evasion and accuracy and boosted and cannot be lowered during night.
Sleepwalker Speed and evasion are increased while the Pokémon is asleep.
Thermal Coat Raises defense by 1 each turn the Pokémon is frozen.
Wind Chimes The Pokémon's presence creates a tornado.