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Pokémon Amber & Jade Versions
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Role-playing
Series Pokémon
Pokémon Amber & Jade Versions is a pair of Pokémon fan games created by AdamGregory03 (talk). AdamGregory03 stated that he has plans to create the game himself using the RPG Maker and the Pokémon Essentials.


See Gameplay of Pokémon.


See Pokémon Amber & Jade Versions/Main Characters.


New Battles

Pokémon Amber & Jade is planned to have a new type of battle, while still retaining triple and rotation battles from Black & White and it's sequels and sky battles from X & Y.

New Pokémon

Pokémon Amber & Jade is planned to have over three hundred Pokémon, both new and returning, and with new Mega Evolutions. For a full list, see List of Pokémon by Peteo Region Pokédex.

New Abilities & Moves

See Pokémon Amber & Jade Versions/New Moves & Abilities


Some aspects of the main series Pokémon games may be changed, such as certain Pokémon being retyped.

Retyped Pokémon

# Pokémon Old Typing New Typing
#200 Misdreavus Ghost Ghost/Fairy
#333 Swablu Normal/Flying Dragon/Flying
#429 Mismagius Ghost Ghost/Fairy

Move Changes

Move Name Type Category Power Accuracy PP Changes from Games
Special 50 100% 25 Chance of confusing target changed from 10% to 45%.

Type Effectiveness

Attacking Type Defending Type Old Effectiveness New Effectiveness
Bug Fairy Not Very Effective Neutral Damage
Flying Ground Neutral Damage Super Effective
Psychic Dark Immune Not Very Effective

New Items

Item Name Description
Burn Booster If holder uses a damaging Fire-type move, the target getting burned is guaranteed. Single use.
Choice Shield The holder's Defense is increased. However, it can only use the first move it selects.
Freeze Booster If holder uses a damaging Ice-type move, the target getting frozen is guaranteed. Single use.
Para Booster If holder uses a damaging Electric-type move, the target getting paralyzed is guaranteed. Single use.
Poison Booster If holder uses a damaging Poison-type move, the target getting poisoned is guaranteed. Single use.
Wind Rock If the user has Wind Chimes ability or Tornado move, the tornado will last for 8 turns instead of 5.




You think I should take the time to learn game making with RPG Maker and Pokémon essentials to make this?

The poll was created at 15:26 on June 29, 2014, and so far 4 people voted.

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