Pokémon Aether and Nether Versions are two parallel Pokémon titles developed by Fritez Franchise that mark the beginning of the seventh generation.


New Features

New Types

The game promises to reavel two types, one of which being the new Cyber type, which represents strange technological Pokemon and even extraterrestial ones from space. Alot of pokemon are retyped to be purely Cyber, first or secondary Cyber.

New Weather


Weather Forecast

Training Battles

Camera Mechanic

Missing Pokemon

New Elements

New Moves

Pokémon Aether and Nether Versions/Moves

New Abilities

Pokémon Aether and Nether Versions/Abilities

New Items

Pokémon Aether and Nether Versions/Items

New Pokémon

Pokémon Aether and Nether Versions/Pokémon

There will be a total of100 diffrent pokemin introduced in generation seven.



Gym Leaders

Pokemon League


Version Differences

Pokemon Tether Version


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