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Pokémon Aeon Version is a main series Pokémon title being released July 9, 2020. The game is part of Gen VII (Generation 8) of the Pokémon series, following Pokémon Sun and Moon. The game takes place in the Opeure region, where the protagonist (either Ryan, Natasha, or Kai) travels across the region, trying to defeat all ten Gym Leaders of the Opeure League, all the while trying to end the dastardly actions of Team Aether. The game introduces a total of 151 Pokémon, as well as two new types that are set to appear exclusively in this game only.

The game was followed by Pokémon Temporal Diamond and Celestial Pearl as the Generation's pair of remakes.


New Gameplay Features

Returning Mechanics

  • The gameplay of Aeon returns to the Pokémon League format that was used every main series installment (barring Sun and Moon).
    • This marks the return of Gym Leaders, the Elite 4, and the region's Champion.
  • The option to ride a Pokémon through the air from ORAS returns, and can be done with Pokémon that know Fly. Soaring can be done by clicking Fly as an HM move; you can fly around the region and to different cities and routes, as long as you have visited them before.
    • A new mechanic is being able to catch regular wild Pokémon while soaring; this can be done by flying through clouds.
  • Riding Pokémon underwater returns with the return of the Dive HM; this can be done, as usual, by using Dive on a patch of dark water while surfing. Wild Pokémon can now be found underwater, too.

New Mechanics and Elements

  • Two new types have been introduced; Sound and Cosmic.
    • Sound is based around noise-related elements and Pokémon: it is super-effective against Electric, Bug, Fairy, but is also weak to Bug, as well as Steel and Cosmic.
    • Cosmic is based around spacial and cosmic elements: it is super-effective against Ice, Fire, Water, and Sound, and weak to Rock and Electric. It is immune to Sound-type moves.
  • The PokéPad is a new device given to you by Professor Hawthorne's assistant, Joshua, upon beginning your adventure; this is a tablet-like device that, similarly to the Pokétch in Gen IV, can have apps downloaded onto it to access them via touch screen. There are also buttons to switch between apps manually, akin to the said Pokétch.
    • Additionally, the Poképad is where the PokéDex is accessed in this game; it is one of the five apps already downloaded onto the app when you first receive it, alongside an analog watch, a calendar, a calculator, and a app that displays your current party. Other apps are downloaded by talking to specific NPCs, or through events.
  • A new status condition, Blindness, has been added. This blinds the Pokémon, hurting its eyesight and causing most of their attacks to miss; there is a 10% chance the attacks will hit, with the exception of no-miss moves. It is cured in 2-5 turns.
  • A new weather condition, Moonlight, has been introduced; this condition is triggered in a dark night area, or by using the new move, Nightfall. In Moonlight;
    • Fairy-type moves are 50% weaker, while Ghost and Dark type moves are 50% stronger.
    • Synthesis and Morning Sun only heal 1/8 of your max health, but Moonlight heals 1/3 of it.
    • Lycanroc's new hidden ability, Full Moon, changes it from Midday to Midnight form in Moonlight. This also means that, in Sunny Day, it changes back to Midday form.

Pokémon Changes

  • Some Pokémon are given new Hidden Abilities, all of which are newly introduced abilities in this game.
    • For example, Kecleon has the new Hidden Ability of Palette.
  • Castform now has a new Hidden Ability, Terrain Change, and three new forms; these are it's Misty, Grassy, and Electric forms. These forms are activated when Misty Terrain, Grassy Terrain, or Electric Terrain are used in battle, and a Castform with the Terrain Change is out in the battlefield.
    • Castform's typing will change to Fairy, Grass, or Electric in it's specific form. Castforms with this ability can learn Petal Blizzard, Thunderbolt, and Dazzling Gleam through a specific tutor, or through TM usage (Petal Dance is now a TM in this game). A specific Castform with the Terrain Change ability is awarded as a gift by an NPC in Bellora City.
  • Many Pokémon from generations 1-5 have been given evolutions to compensate for being weak, or just being in need of a regular evolution.
  • Many Pokémon have been retyped for the purpose of the new Cosmic and Sound types.

Item Changes

  • The list of TMs has been revised; there are now 120 TMs.
    • TM28 now belongs to Dig, instead of Leech Life.
    • TM60 now belongs to a new move, Ink Splash, instead of Quash.
    • TM76 now belongs to a new move, Stone Barrier, instead of Fly.
    • TM94 now belongs to a new move, Donation, instead of Surf.
    • TM98 now belongs to Petal Blizzard, instead of Waterfall.
    • TM101-TM110 now belong to new moves in this game; the exception is TM01, which now belongs to Flash, and TM09, which now belongs to Meteor Mash.
  • HMs have returned after being scrapped in Sun and Moon; there are 8 HMs, similarly to Generation 4.
    • HM01 is Hot Gale, HM02 is Strength, HM03 is Fly, HM04 is Surf, HM05 is Uproar, HM06 is Dive, HM07 is Rock Climb, and HM08 is Waterfall.
  • Two new PokéBalls have been introduced;
    • The Health Ball is a rare PokéBall with a 2x catch rate if no damage has been inflicted on the opposing Pokémon; otherwise, the rate is 1x.
    • The Sky Ball is a PokéBall with a 2x catch rate if used on a Pokémon is found by Soaring.
  • Two new plates — the Noise Plate and the Star Plate — can be found in the game, with the same effects as a regular plate (boost in move power by 1.5x), but on Sound and Cosmic type moves. There's also similar items in the forms of the Amplifier and the Space Rock, which boost the power of Sound and Cosmic-type moves, respectively, by 1.5x.

Newly Introduced Pokémon

A major component of Aeon is that the player has the entire National Pokédex at the start of the game. While a lot of the Pokémon that didn't debut in this generation aren't available until the post-game, as the main-game tries to focus on the newly introduced Pokémon, this means that every single Pokémon introduced as of this game are available without use of cheating, events, or trade.

# Pokémon Species Typing Abilities
001 Cubloom The Lion Cub Pokémon Grass Overgrow
002 Feliflow The Lion Pokémon Grass Overgrow
003 Petalione The Forest Royalty Pokémon GrassFairy Overgrow
004 Magmole The Digger Pokémon Fire Blaze
005 Volecano The Earth Pokémon FireGround Blaze
006 Choeruptar The Fissure Pokémon FireGround Blaze
007 Aquana The Iguana Pokémon Water Torrent
008 Reptidal The Iguana Pokémon Water Torrent
009 Tsunamodo The Komodo Pokémon WaterPoison Torrent
010 Hamscruff The Hamster Pokémon Normal Keen Eye / Pickup
011 Snuffuzz The Hamster Pokémon Normal Keen Eye / Pickup
012 Furrodent The Capybara Pokémon Normal Keen Eye / Scrappy
013 Tweef The Aroma Pokémon Flying Sweet Veil / Chlorophyll
014 Aeroma The Aroma Pokémon GrassFlying Sweet Veil / Chlorophyll
015 Sweeflock The Peacock Pokémon GrassFlying Sweet Veil / Chlorophyll
016 Sacore The Mosquito Pokémon Bug Compound Eyes / Annoyance
017 Mantisac The Mantis Pokémon BugWater Compound Eyes / Annoyance
018 Compoundew The Mantis Pokémon BugWater Compound Eyes / Annoyance
019 Arvizapp The Lemming Pokémon ElectricNormal Static / Outlet
020 Lighming The Lemming Pokémon ElectricNormal Static / Outlet
021 Artae The Sketch Pokémon Dark Protean
022 Calligrap The Calligraphy Pokémon Dark Protean
023 Excalibrush The Calligraphy Pokémon DarkFighting Protean
024 Pebbull The Horn Pokémon Rock Sheer Force / Rock Head
025 Bouldon The Bull Pokémon Rock Sheer Force / Rock Head
026 Stalagmadore The Stampede Pokémon RockDark Sheer Force / Rock Head
027 Sonoise The Noisemaker Pokémon SoundAeon Insomnia / Sound Barrier
028 Haruckus The Noisemaker Pokémon SoundAeon Insomnia / Sound Barrier
029 Jamborant The Noisemaker Pokémon SoundAeon Insomnia / Sound Barrier
030 Stufoll The Doll Pokémon Normal Adaptability
031 Plushuff The Plush Pokémon Normal Adaptability
032 Monstuff The Giga Plush Pokémon Normal Adaptability
033 Thornet The Stinger Pokémon Bug Poison Point / Swarm
034 Waspike The Stinger Pokémon BugPoison Poison Point / Swarm
035 Warrivice The Swarm Pokémon BugPoison Poison Point / Swarm
036 Torsqueedo The Bullet Pokémon Water Swift Swim / Battle Armor
037 Battaliacle The Battalion Pokémon WaterIce Swift Swim / Battle Armor
038 Vudoo The Dummy Pokémon Psychic Voodoo
039 Mindulm The Dummy Pokémon Psychic Voodoo
040 Acupunchure The Acupuncture Pokémon PsychicFighting Voodoo
041 Heartweet The Serenity Pokémon FairyFlying Cute Charm / Keen Eye
042 Quailove The Serenity Pokémon FairyFlying Cute Charm / Keen Eye
043 Maskaw The Crow Pokémon NormalFlying Early Bird / Nocturnal
044 Dreadaulo The Crow Pokémon DarkFlying Early Bird / Nocturnal
045 Reapenant The Reaper Pokémon DarkFlying Intimidate / Nocturnal
046 Mirelic The Artifact Pokémon Psychic Forewarn
047 Atigalia The Guardian Pokémon Psychic??? Relic Keeper
048 Sandigno The Dingo Pokémon Ground Sand Force / Reckless
049 Sphinxath The Regal Pokémon GroundRock Sand Force / Reckless
050 Puffrost The Puffin Pokémon IceFlying Keen Eye / Refrigerate
051 Fraterfrost The Snowfall Pokémon IceFlying Ice Body / Refrigerate
052 Carreed The Crop Pokémon Grass Naturalize / Frisk
053 Vegasta The Crop Pokémon Grass Naturalize / Frisk
054 Scaregrow The Farm Guard Pokémon GrassGhost Naturalize / Frisk
055 Belugazze The Beluga Pokémon WaterPsychic Ocean Soul
056 Trickeet The Sleight-Of-Hand Pokémon NormalFlying Magician / Own Tempo
057 Owllusion The Magician Pokémon PsychicFlying Magician / Own Tempo
058 Hootdini The Escapist Pokémon PsychicFlying Magician / Escape Artist
059 Venoar The Lionfish Pokémon PoisonWater Poison Point / Swift Swim
060 Toxiosis The Lionfish Pokémon PoisonWater Poison Point / Swift Swim
061 Cosmeow The Starry Pokémon CosmicAeon Illuminate / Own Tempo
062 Galaxynx The Constellation Pokémon CosmicAeon Illuminate / Own Tempo

Newly Introduced Mega Evolutions

Newly Introduced Moves

Move Name Type Category Power Accuracy PP Description

Newly Introduced Abilities

Ability Description
Annoyance If a physical move dealt towards the Pokémon misses, the opposing Pokémon's speed is lowered by one stage.
Escape Artist All trapping moves have no effect on Pokémon with this ability. These moves include Sand Tomb, Whirlpool, Fire Spin, Wrap, Infestation, Mean Look, and Block.
Naturalize All Normal-type moves become Grass-type.
Nocturnal In the moonlight weather condition, Attack and Speed are increased by 1.
Ocean Soul All Water-type and Psychic-type Pokémon in the field have their Special attack increase by 1.5x. Doubles if a Pokémon has both types. Applies to a Pokémon with this ability as well.
Outlet Having another Electric-type out on the field with this Pokémon increases two random stats by 1 upon switching in to the battle.
Relic Keeper Affects Atigalia's typing based on whether or not it holds a Relic item; Relic Band gives it a Fighting type, Relic Crown a Dragon type, Relic Statue a Steel type, Relic Vase a Dark type, Relic Necklace a Fairy Type, and Relic Mask a Ghost type, and Relic Copper, Silver, or Gold a Rock Type. If it holds no item, than it will be, by default, a pure Psychic type.
Sound Barrier All priority moves lose their priority (except ExtremeSpeed).
Voodoo Knocking this Pokémon out will inflict damage upon every team member, determined by the base power of the last move used by the opposing Pokémon, and that number being divided by the number of team members the opposing team contains (EX: Hyper Beam used (BP of 150), three team members; 50 damage dealt to every member). Can knock Pokémon out, even if they aren't in battle. This does nothing if the last move used was a status or nondamaging move, and if the Pokémon faints of a status condition, weather damage, recoil, etc.

Legendary Pokémon Availability


OpeureRegion Outline

A rough sketch of the region made by TheFoxyRiolu (tbc).

The region of Opeure (based loosely off of the real-world country of England) is a large country of woodland and plateau, with caverns and beaches sprinkled around a few places. The most popular landmark is the entirety of Donelane City, a grand city with many amazing attractions for people of any region to enjoy.

There are several islands spread around the main country of Opeure; one is the Victor's Archipelago, home of Victory Road and, more importantly, the region's Pokémon League. Another is Chronos Island, where the Chronos Sanctuary is home to many young and peaceful Pokémon. Still another is the Eclipse Island, rumored to change shape depending on the time of day. There's rumored to be a fourth island west of the region, but no one still alive has ever set foot on it.


Route Name Description
Route 1 A pleasant meadow with a few streets lining the route, where people go on walks. There is a large lake on the right-hand side of the route, with patches of tall grass marking the area every few steps. Many low-leveled Pokémon rest on the main road, but crossing the lake to the other side has a few stronger Pokémon hiding in the dark grass.
Route 2 A calming plains area with tall grass and trees everywhere. Young, beginning trainers come here to battle other trainers with their newfound Pokémon. There is a plethora of Grass-types here, as well as Bug and Normal type Pokémon.
Route 3 A two-sided route, divided into two by the Seasurach Forest. Bug Pokémon are everywhere here, often finding comfort in the mossy parts of the forest, or the tall grass. Trainers looking for rare bug-type Pokémon often come here to search the grass.

Towns and Cities

Town Name Description

Other Landmarks

Area Name Description
Seasurach Forest A sprawling woodland whose trees' leaves change depending on the season. It's a place crawling with all sorts of Pokémon; ranging from a few Bugs, to rare Pikachus, to even a few Pokémon hibernating for the winter....if it's the winter, that is.

Newly Introduced Items




HMs return in Aeon, serving the same purpose it did in every main series installment barring Sun and Moon. Just like in Generations 3 and 4, there are a total of 8 usable HM moves in the game: these moves can be thought by Hidden Machines, can only be activated with a specific badge, and cannot be deleted from your Pokémon's learnset without use of the Move Deleter (located in Allomoka Town). These consist of six moves that have been HM moves previously (Strength, Surf, Fly, Dive, Waterfall, and Rock Climb) and two brand-new HM moves (Hot Gale and Uproar).

HM Function Location Badge Needed


Downloadable Apps


Major Characters

Character Description
Ryan / Natasha / Kai The playable character in the game; while the name is decided by the player at the beginning of the game, these are the default name options for the male, female, and gender-neutral characters in the game, respectively. The player character is at an unspecified (likely 15-18) unlike previous younger protagonists, and has lived in the Opeure region for all their lives; they currently live in Syphoria Town with their father, as their mother lives in Donolane City with the player's older brother.
Robert The player's father.
Erin The player's mother.
Joshua The primary rival of the game.
Professor Hawthorne The region's professor.
Norah One of the secondary rivals.
Thomas One of the secondary rivals.
Ambrose The region's champion.

Pokémon League

Team Ethereal

Other NPCs




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