Pokemon - The Wild is a Pokemon-themed fighting game by ElectricMayhem. It has a roster made up of three legendaries, four different groups of starter Pokemon from multiple generations, and a few Pokemon characters who appeared in the Super Smash Bros. games. The gameplay is similar to regular Pokemon battles, except all characters have four specific moves, like Pokemon Stadium, but with the X and Y battle style and animations.


Default Characters

  • Pikachu - Thunder Shock, Iron Tail, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack
  • Jigglypuff - Sing, Pound, Double Slap, Water Gun
  • Greninja - Triple Kick, Hydro Pump, Water Gun, Pound
  • Charizard - Flamethrower, Ember, Bite, Fly
  • Lucario - Scratch, Final Gambit, Scary Face, Quick Attack
  • Pichu - Bite, Scratch, Quick Attack, Growl
  • Charmander - Tackle, Ember, Headbutt, Scratch
  • Squirtle - Growl, Bubble, Surf, Tail Whip
  • Bulbasaur - Tail Whip, Solar Beam, Bite, Poison Sting
  • Cyndaquil - Smokescreen, Ember, Headbutt, Scary Face
  • Totodile - Bite, Surf, Water Gun, Growl
  • Chikorita - Vine Whip, Tackle, Razor Leaf, Leech Seed
  • Torchick - Flamethrower, Peck, Scratch, Growl
  • Mudkip - Surf, Bite, Hydro Pump, Scary Face
  • Treecko - Double Slap, Headbutt, Razor Leaf, Tail Whip
  • Chimchar - Ember, Tackle, Scratch, Growl
  • Piplup - Water Gun, Bubble, Hydro Pump, Peck
  • Turtwig - Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, Leech Seed, Tail Whip

Unlockable Characters

  • Mewtwo - Ice Beam, Psychic, Hypnosis, Sing
  • Xerneas - Draining Kiss, Hyper Beam, Psybeam, Absorb
  • Yveltal - Night Slash, Dark Pulse, Beat Up, Hyper Beam

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