Pokémon - Rising Star is a Pokémon anime series made by Locked Arts, taking in a different region featuring new trainers and new locations. It is considered a spin-off of the series and not a part of the main canon. It is focused on a duo (and later a trio) of Pokémon Trainers as they want to become the Pokémon Master of the region.

The story, however, later changes into the team wanting to defeat a team that wants to use Pokémon as deadly weapons, known as Team Eternal, which also wants to conquer the region. There is also other arcs and the main plot is heavily underfocused.


Main Characters

Picture Name Description
EthanRP Ethan Originally a normal trainer from Scalding Springs, Ethan mostly uses water and grass type pokémon, with some exceptions.  He's a friendly trainer that is willing to help anybody, despite the size of the trouble.  Most of everybody he meets he befriends, but some that he doesn't befriend are poachers and wildlife destroyers.
TerezaRS Tereza To be filled by Hamclub13.
LockyRS Locky Once the gym leader of Penumbra City, Locky is the last of member of the main team to join in. He is a specialist on Dark-type Pokémon, but he also caught a Water-type and a Fairy-type Pokémon.


Picture Name Description
N/A The Beginning
written by Locky (tbc)
written by Fandor (tbc)

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