Pokemon - Quest for Lance is a Pokémon manga starring "Gold" Richards on his traves across Johto and Hoenn. More specifically, it is based on HGSS and Emerald. Although it was made in America, it was created simultaneously in both American and Japanese and came out in Japan first. This method allows localisation and translation to occur during development so there will not be too much wait before the volume comes out in America. It was created at the same time as Paper Mario vs. Bowser, which led to the characters from Quest for Lance appearing in a volume of PMvB


  • "Gold" Richards, the main character of the comic. His real name is not known, but he comes from a rich family. Despite this, his life has not been so lucky. Debuts in Volume 1.
  • "Silver" Engun, Gold's rival (and later friend). Silver also comes from a rich family, although he does not know much about it. At first glance Gold thought he was a troublemaker, but he later found out that Silver was working against Archer. Debuts in Volume 2.
  • Archer, the leader of Team Rocket. He found the last remaining members of the team crying about how their team had disbanded and they had nowhere to go home to because of their irredeemable actions. Archer reformed the team so they could go back to their evil ways. Debuts in Volume 4.
  • Lance, the namesake of the series. Lance met Gold at a young age, and from that day Gold vowed to defeat him in the Championships some day. Debuts in Volume 1.
  • "Ruby" Lincoln, a friend of Gold and Silver. They meet in Hoenn. Ruby also came from a rich family, who was the sister family to Gold's. Debuts in Volume 8.
  • "Sapphire" Kadon, a friend of Gold and Silver. They meet in Hoenn. Sapphire comes from a branch of Ruby's family, and she knew a bit about Silver's family. Debuts in Volume 8.
  • Maxie, the leader of Team Magma. Major villain of the second arc. Debuts in Volume 9.
  • Archie, the leader of Team Aqua. Major villain of the second arc. Debuts in Volume 9.
  • Wallace, the champion of the Hoenn league and Lance's old friend. Debuts in Volume 10.
  • Brandon, the mastermind of Team Magma, Team Aqua, and the Battle Frontier. Debuts in Volume 11.

Volumes and Chapters

Lance Arc

New World Arc

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